Andrew “Test” Martin found dead

andrewtest.jpgWe are saddened to pass on the news of the passing of Andrew “Test” Martin. Here is the official Tampa Police Department statement:

“At approximately 8:00pm on Friday, March 13, 2009, Tampa Police Officers responded to the Post Harbour Apartments, located at 725 Harbour Place Drive to check on the welfare of Mr. Andrew J. Martin. A neighbor reported that she could see into his apartment through a window and that Mr. Martin appeared motionless for several hours.

Officers entered the apartment and discovered Mr. Martin to be deceased. At this time there is no indication of foul play. The deceased was transported to the Medical Examiners Office for an autopsy to determine the cause of death. The date of the autopsy is undetermined at this time. The next of kin has been notified of the death.

Andrew “Test” Martin is a former wrestling champion with the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

Lieutenant William Ferguson

Tampa Police Department”

Andrew James Robert Patrick Martin (March 17, 1975 – March 13, 2009) was a Canadian professional wrestler who got his start training under Bret Hart and Leo Burke. He was best known for his appearances with the WWE under the ring name Test. Andrew most recently worked for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling as “The Punisher” Andrew Martin.

Martin was a former European, Hardcore, and Intercontinental champion with the WWE. In addition to singles success, Martin has won both the WCW Tag Team Championship and WWF Tag Team Championship with Booker T.

(source photo:

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TNA 2009 Destination X Poster


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Final lineup for TNA Destination X

200px-destination_x_2009.jpgTHEME BY HOOBASTANK: TNA Wrestling would like to give a special thanks to Hoobastank and all their fans for Crossing The Line and tuning into “iMPACT” on SpikeTV! “My Turn”, the theme song for Destination X, will be featured throughout Sunday’s Pay-Per-View! Watch the exclusive Hoobastank / Destination X Music Video below! For more info, visit their website at


This Sunday night, TNA Wrestling presents “Destination X” live on Pay-Per-View. It will be available on InDemand, DirecTV, Dish Network, TVN, Viewer’s Choice and more! Check your programming guide for availability.

Here is the final card for the event:

Kurt Angle vs. Champion “The Icon” Sting
Special Enforcer: Mick Foley
Special Referee: Jeff Jarrett

Chris Sabin vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed vs. Suicide vs. champion Alex Shelley

AJ Styles vs. champion Booker T

Team 3D vs. champions Beer Money, Inc

Sojo Bolt vs. champion Awesome Kong

Samoa Joe vs. “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner
Beautiful People & Madison Rayne vs. Roxxi, Taylor Wilde & The Governor
The Finals Of One Night With ODB


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Joseph Rogers screws Balls Mahoney and Justin Credible

ballsmahoneysmall.jpgFrom Chris Rougeau:

Indy wrestling promoter Joseph Rogers of the now defunct EWA wrestling promotion out of Butler, Pennsylvania, ran a show this past Saturday night with former ECW wrestlers Balls Mahoney and Justin Credible. During Mahoney’s match, the promoter took the money from the show and left the building without paying anyone including the building, video crew, ring crew, pizza delivery service and talent.

Wrestling agent/promoter Marvin Ward released the following statement regarding the ordeal:

Back in November, we were contacted by Joseph Rogers, in Butler, PA, about Justin Credible appearing on his March 7 show. He was a complete idiot from day one. He didn’t send the payment until 2 weeks before the show and had 1001 excuses on why, and the payment was in the form of a started check that I am amazed it didn’t bounce. He didn’t book the plane tickets until 3 days before the event.

The event was a joke. The crowd of 500 people which he claimed would be there was actually 69. When we got there, he expected for Justin to wrestle 2 matches in the horribly stiff ring that had no give whatsoever and to keep his gimmick money. Apparently, while Balls Mahoney, who was with us, was wrestling his match, the promoter left town without paying anybody. Justin Credible refused to wrestle after Balls got screwed, and most of the other talent on the show did.

We proceeded to go to this scumbag’s house, who obviously wasn’t home. He also f***** the building on rent, he stiffed the pizza delivery boy, and he screwed the video production crew also. This clown was also announcing his April 4 show, which will obviously not be happening now. Now, this idiot left in such a hurry, he forgot to take the ticket stubs, so we took them back to the hotel and counted them. There were 69 tickets sold, with a grand total of $1,039 being made.

There is being a class action lawsuit

filed against this clown so everyone who got screwed, will get what they are owed. This morning, Joseph Rogers deleted his MySpace and email account. His personal email account is

-Nathan Ward, Justin Credible, and Balls Mahoney


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RingDivas PPD DivaRumble update

rd_hotnews-001-030309.jpgFrom RingDivas,

We have felt the anticipation from the fans and we are proud to announce that the date for the return of the blockbuster PPD event DivaRumble™ has been set. Our very first champion was crowned after winning the DivaRumble™ and now you have a chance to witness history on Saturday March 14th as we find out who will win the opportunity to headline Divamania™ in the main event and get to challenge for the Womens World Championship!!!

The first competitor has been announced and its a blockbuster! Fan favorite RingDivas® Superstar Racquel Colon is the first choice to participate in the 2009 Diva Rumble. We got a chance to catch up with Racquel and she is extremely excited for the opportunity to compete and a chance to win and go on to headline Divamania to face World Champion Suicide for her Womens World Championship title. Stay tuned as we will be announcing new participants each day leading up to the rumble!!!


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Wrestlmania 25 watch, Monday RAW recap

wm25.jpgShawn Michaels talks to the crowd about wrestling Undertaker. Shawn says that Undertaker’s 16-0 streak is impressive. Shawn says he sent Undertaker some videos of his career highlightsthat to show Undertaker that he’s no slouch at show stopping performances. Shawn says he respects the Undertaker, but isn’t afraid of him.

The lights dim and an Undertaker promo runs on the screen. The cameras cut back to Shawn leaning on the ropes with Undertaker behind him! Shawn says, “Hello, Undertaker, I’ve been expecting you.” The two trade words in the ring and Undertaker promises to take Shawn’s soul at WrestleMania now that’s he’s opened Hell’s gates.

JBL defeated CM Punk to become the new Intercontinental Champion.

Randy Orton just couldn’t keep his hands off the Game. He and the Legacy attacked HHH and Randy kicked HHH in the head on last week’s SmackDown! On Monday’s Raw, Randy Orton was interviewed back him with his wife and says he’s quite proud of his self control to stop right there. Randy says he’s confident Triple H will show at WrestleMania and confident he’ll show at Raw. Randy warns that every time Triple H turns up, he will take a little more out of the Game, leaving just enough for WrestleMania. There’s more….

Vickie Guerrero has officially confirmed a 25 Diva Battle Royal at Wrestlemania featuring divas from Raw, SmackDown, ECW and past WWE Divas. The winner will be the 1st ever “Miss. WrestleMania”.

Edge and Big Show officially signed for the WrestleMania 25 World Championship Contract on RAW Out comes John Cena who promptly confesses his love for Vickie and then signs the contract and leaves the ring. Edge tells Vickie to snap out of it- Cena doesn’t love her, he’s confusing her- and Cena admits it’s true. Then Cena shows Big Show and Vickie sharing a kiss in the Office, taken courtesy of friends at last week’s show, which happens to be his home town. Edge is pissed and Big Show quietly leaves the ring to Edge and a crying Vickie.

We got to see the first Divas Champion vs. Women’s Champion match ever on Monday’s Raw. All the Divas from both shows are there. Maryse picks up a victory over Melina after a misstep by the Women’s Champion. Rosa Mendes goes for Melina after the match, leading to a brawl that ends with the faces inside and the heels tossed out of the ring.

Congratulations to former WWF superstar Koko B for being confirmed at RAW for the 2009 WWE Hall of Fame class!

Christian fans who are worried that Christian may not be utilized by WWE relax! Christian paired up with Rey Mysterio and Finlay to take on World Tag Team Champions The Miz and John Morrison and Kan on Monday’s Raw. We also have a spoiler for ECW- Christian has qualified for the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania 25 by defeating Chavo Guerroro Jr. on Tuesday’s ECW.

Did we mention that big talker Orton spent RAW safe back home with the family? Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase were schedules for a handicap match with an irate HHH- but the game no shows! Orton’s on the screen telling a celebrating Legacy they have nothing to smile about, as Hunter not showing tonight means he may not show for WrestleMania.

Then the doorbell rings.

Orten tells his very hot wife Samantha to answer the door and then tells her not to answer. Doesn’t make a difference to HHH with a sledgehammer! HHH smashes down the door and stalks Orton’s home, looking for Orton. Orton tries to ambush HHH with a golf club and gets slammed into a lamp, a wall and then Orton gets thrown through a window! The police arrive and arrest HHH while holding back Orton as the show goes off the air! That, is an absolutely awesome RAW finish!

The build up to WrestleMania continues!

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25 Diva Royal Rumble for WrestleMania 25?

wm25.jpgWWE has all but confirmed that there are plans in the works for a 25-diva Battle Royal to celebrate the 25th anniversary of WrestleMania next month. WWE has only 18 active Divas on the roster and a few of them are still pretty green to be wrestling at a Main Event at WrestleMania, so expect WWE to fill out the vacent spots on the card with former WWE Divas. That means, for everyone out there who thought that the WWE Diva division peaked in 2003, maybe here’s your chance to watch that most excellent roster meet in the squared circle one more time.

Trish Stratus will most likely be involved. Torrie Wilson confirmed that WWE asked her to be part of the event. Torrie Wilson also confirmed in her myspace blog that former WWE diva Victoria has been contacted to wrestle. This may be a great way to have Gail Kim reintroduced. We would love to see Gail repeat her first WWE debute by winning the Rumble and begin feuding with Maryse for the Divas Championship.

There’ll be no keeping WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young from being there.

Women wrestling fans are speculating that Molly Holly, Tammy “Sunny” Sytch, Jazz, Amy “Lita” Dumas, Ashley Massaro and Chyna and others will be approached over the coming days.


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Bret Hart not returning to WWE, RAW heel heat

bret.jpegBret Hart recently commented that he would never appear on another WWE broadcast. Bret didn’t slam the product and said that he sees good things in the Orton-McMahons feud and thinks there are some talent that wrestle pretty good.

Bret Hart said, “”I don’t ever want to be in a position where I have to work and actually expect to make a check from (WWE). I’ve already made a contract with them that they broke, and I don’t think you can really do business with them after that. I don’t want to be a character in wrestling at all. I don’t want to do that again anymore.” Bret says he hasn’t talked to Vince since his book came out, but believes he’s on cordial terms with Vince these days.

Raw had two great heel spots today- Jericho using a mock ‘Piper’s Pit’ to interview, attack and humiliate Jimmy Snuka. Jericho taunts Snucka about a beatdown by Piper in the old pit with a coconut. Jericho starts throwing fruit at Snuka until Snuka snatches a coconut out his Jericho’s hands and chases him off with it. Snucka has time to make a classic pose on one knee to his music and ‘wham’, Jericho knocks down the stage, attacks Snucka and shoves a banana down his throat! That’s some serious heat leading into Wrestlemania. Mickey Rourke’s not going to wrestle, but he’s taken the liberty of walking around with a title belt around his waist…but he’s not wrestling (note the sarcasm: he’s goinna wrestle!). These disperate threads are going to tie together down the line, you betcha.

Orton’s a dangerous heel, Orton’s Shane McMahon’s b*tch, which one is it? Orton’s walking around with his own entourage of third generation wrestlers, lawyers and security gaurds. This time he’s going to stare down HHH in the ring, mad as hell at Orton for laying hands on his wife, Stephanie McMahon. Orton says that he’s going to get Legacy thrown in jail for assault with a deadly weapon. HHH comes out with his sledgehammer, then drops it and enters the ring. HHH cuts a good promo where he works his way under Orton’s skin, telling him he’s afraid to meet him again, but something he has to do ‘to avenge the past.’ Nice work. Orton’s temper flares and he goes from not meeting HHH at Wrestlemania to game on! Orton throws out the ‘can’t touch me until Wrestlemania’ clause unless physically provoked or he goes to jail and then gets in some game time of his own. Orton says that it felt good to kick the old man in the head, kicking Shane was even better, but it felt like nothing compared to delivering the RKO to Stephanie. This brings HHH back to the ring for a staredown. So, who’s going to physically provoke the other first, the Game or the Legend Killer? It’s good drama waiting to see it happen, as there’s no way this truce is going to last to Wrestlemania.

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Jim Cornette talks about Christian’s return to WWE

This is a pretty entertaining interview with Jim Cornette. We love Jim’s comments about Vince McMahon at 3:20…

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JBL post in the WWE universe

jbl.jpegIt’s strange to read JBL’s post that mixes his two disparate careers together. JBL the wrestling ‘Boss Hog’ and JBL the financial adviser.

Friday, February 27, 2009, 03:50 PM EST [General]

Well, I no longer have Shawn Michaels and somehow now I don’t get to wrestle Undertaker at Mania. Well, I still believe I am destined to do something great at Mania so-tune in Monday Night and you will see my plan start to unfold.

So when did the government start giving out free pizza? They have done everything else. At some point they are going to have to quit spending so much money. The new administration disliked the old one’s fiscal irresponsibility, well they have taken it to a new level.

There is $200,000 for tattoo removal in the new stimulus package-why is the person who put this in the stimulus package not going to jail. If we were dishonest to the government, we get in trouble-but if they do it, it is just called ‘pork’. Unreal.

Really sad to hear abou the events regarding Mr. Gagne. I really wish him, the other family and his family the best in the tragedy.

I am setting up shop in Nashville with our new distribution company, you can see our products at or we are partnering with Fox 17 there and really enjoying my time with the legendary Charlie Chase and Kelly Sutton every Thursday morning.

Kellly was very selfish and will miss part of the spring while having a baby, she really needs to think more of Charlie and I.

Big news this week that my wife has started up her own Wall Street firm, I am now working for my wife-didn’t think that would happen, but I am happy. We are looking forward to building a firm that will rival the biggest and best on Wall Street. After all, what else would you expect from JBL?

Got a new venture to bring up next week, but it won’t be up and running till Monday. I will keep you posted.

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