2009 TNA LockDown Results for 04.19.09

tna_lockdown_6_sides_of_steel_04.jpgWrestlingconfidential brings you the results for TNA’s Lockdown at the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Just click on More to view!

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Festus and Jesse at WrestleMania WrestleMania Axxess session

wm25.jpgWrestlMania 25’s come and gone, but Good Call/Bad Call at drockgoodcall.blogspot.com is posting a series of articles on their experience at WrestleMania. Here’s an awesome excerpt from their article about the ‘Corn-fed Colossus’ Festus and Jesse. Too bad WWE hates tag teams right now, because these two had a unique and hilarious gimmick. We can’t wait to read part two in Good Call/Bad Call’s ongoing series.

The other superstars that were on hand signing at this time were Goldust, Ron Simmons, The Honky Tonk Man, Candice, Jesse and Festus.

Speaking of Jesse and Festus, perhaps one of the funniest moments ever occurred when the first match of the day got underway. This match featured Paul Burchill and his provocative sister, Katie Lea, in action against ECW’s dancing duo, DJ Gabriel and Alicia Fox. You see, Jesse and Festus were signing autographs at a table. They had a pretty long line, too. We were nearby. Well, as soon as the bell rang to begin the match, we heard this wild racket. Guess who? It was “The Corn-Fed Colossus” Festus. He had heard the bell, and suddenly went bonkers at the meet and greet table. Festus stormed through the fans and over the barriers, towards the ring, but right before he was able to get inside, Jesse managed to ring the bell. Festus was calm, again. So Jesse took Festus back to the autograph table, where they continued to meet with the fans, until the match ended and the bell sounded. Festus flipped out, again, and made his way back to the ring. He got in there and roughed up Paul Burchill. Jesse rang the bell to stop him. Then, Jesse rang it, again, while DJ Gabriel and Alicia Fox were dancing to their music. I guess Jesse thought it needed more cowbell. Uh oh! Instead of doing severe bodily harm to both Gabriel and Fox, Festus started dancing! Then, he started doing some hoochie dancing with Alicia Fox. He was throwing that poor girl around like a sack of potatoes. It was hilarious! Very clever on WWE’s part to let Festus stay in character. Everybody got a kick out of it. Sim Snuka also wrestled Dolph Ziggler.

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2009 TNA Lockdown card, TNA signs two former world champions?

lockdown.jpgTNA issues two text messages announcing the signing of “a former world champion from another organization.” Today, TNA issued a second text message announcing “another” signing of a former world champion from another organization.

Tazz was teasing crossing the line and he’s completely fulfilled his contract and so is free to do what he wants so we’re thinking he’s one of the two, and we’ll post the second as we get more information.

Lockdown Final Card

TNA World Title Match
Mick Foley vs. Sting

Lethal Lockdown Match
Kurt Angle, Booker T, Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash vs. Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels

World Tag Team Title Match
IWGP Champions Team 3D vs. TNA Champions Beer Money

X Division Xscape Match for the X Division Title
Black Machismo vs. Consequences Creed vs. Kiyoshi vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Suicide

TNA Knockouts Title Match
Taylor Wilde vs. Angelina Love vs. Awesome Kong

Queen of the Cage Match
ODB vs. Madison Rayne vs. Sojo Bolt vs. Daffney

New Japan Jr. Tag Team Title Match
The LAX vs. No Limit vs. The Motor City Machineguns

Doomsday Chamber of Blood Match
Abyss vs. Matt Morgan

Special Online Pre-Show Match
Danny Bonaduce vs. Eric Young


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Human Suplex Machine Taz posts on leaving WWE

tazz.jpegGood post from Taz and uplifting in that it dispells rumours of burnout and shows that Taz is in a good place with a great outlook at this time. What was the end of the post going on about? Is that a tease that Taz is going to TNA to hang with Mick Foley?


Well, after leaving WWE recently, I would like to make my first public comments here on the page. I would like to thank the Pro Wrestling fan base for the support through all my years with ECW & WWE! I especially want to thank all of you on this Facebook fan page from all over the world! I try to read most of your comments and I am truly flattered on how many of you supported what I did in the real ECW and my broadcasting accomplishments in WWE. Lets face it, after my debut at MSG vs the great Kurt Angle their wasn’t much for me to “hang my hat on” as a wrestler during my tenure wrestling for WWE.

Now, I want to clear up some “true & false” for all of you….

-My contract expired the end of March and I had given my notice several weeks prior
-I ask WWE for my release to pursue other interest
-I offered to call Wrestlemania while I was not contractually obligated….and offered to call the show for free to the company.
-I have fulfilled EVERY obligation to the WWE, and pride myself on leaving the proper/professional way.
-On my way out, from Vince McMahon, Kevin Dunn & Stephanie ALL treated me great…which was cool.
-I APPRECIATE all of the offers for appearances but right now I’m just doing very few appearances (if any). I’m gonna chill out and watch my kid hit baseballs.
-I am done wrestling. At 41 years old, several neck and shoulder issues…not happening. I would be a former shell of myself.
-I too have hated the extra “Z”

-Burnout (If anything, I’m more inspired & motivated now than ever)

Hopefully that clears up some things people were saying in regards to my situation. Also, I have had the opportunity of becoming friends with so many talented & awesome people within the WWE while working there for nearly 10 years and will miss many of them! I would like to thank the writers, road & studio crew and all the talent…especially guys I have a closer friendship with.

I especially want thank three of the main play by play guys I’ve work with.

Joey Styles
-A dear friend whom I’ve been goombas with for 15 years and will stay friends with! I felt Joey never had a chance to truly be “Joey Styles” in WWE as an announce talent…that’s a shame. But the announce style is completely different than anything Joey ever really did in the business….tough to adapt.

Jim Ross
-The best of the best! True Hall of Famer and a man I respect and appreciate. I cannot thank him enough for all he has taught me as an announcer…as of recent JR & I were the Smack announce team and were doing a strong job in my view….we have shared some good times on many road trips as of recent…BOOMER SOONER!! And I’m a Nebraska Husker fan (lol)

Micheal Cole
-One of my best friends…a guy that truly gave me the confidence to excel as a color commentator years ago in WWE…Cole taught me how to get over the talent, the storylines and get over the brand! He was the only one that had the balls to flat out say to me “its not about you anymore”…I respect that. Amazing work ethic, always would try to find a way for me to get over on him…zero ego & underrated!
I been hearing that Cole has been getting bashed by some on-line fans lately- check this out, if you work at McDonald’s and your boss wants you to cook BicMac’s…you than go and cook BIG MACS! Anyway, I look forward to working with Cole in the future in some capacity be it TV or Radio.

I want thank World Wrestling Entertainment and the McMahon Family for all the years and all the opportunities…they allowed me a great ride which I truly appreciate.

In closing, I’ve been in the Pro Wrestling business for 23 years and I don’t plan on disappearing anytime soon.

I plan to make an impact real soon in this, the ultimate in businesses and keep it’s honor….lol….sorry for crossing the line with my sophomoric humor! Survive if I let you.

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Santino’s Casa April 16th Edition

No idea where this is going, it’s just funny. Santino lives at home with his mom and sister?

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*Spoilers* Smackdown for 04.17.09

wwelogo21.jpegWrestling Confidential has the results for this week’s Smackdown. Just click on more to view.

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Results for 2009 WWE Draft on Monday Raw

wwelogo21.jpegThe supplemental draft will run through Wednesday and be posted on wwe.com throughout the day.

WWE Champion Triple H, Batista & Shane McMahon def. The Legacy; The Game earned an opportunity to go one-on-one with Randy Orton on the next Raw

Chris Jericho (SmackDown) def. Tommy Dreamer (ECW); Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio drafted to SmackDown

Matt Hardy (Raw) def. CM Punk (SmackDown); Divas Champion Maryse drafted to Raw

Christian (ECW) def. Shelton Benjamin (SmackDown); Vladimir Kozlov drafted to ECW

Edge (SmackDown) won the Tri-Branded Battle Royal; Kane & Chris Jericho drafted to SmackDown

Kofi Kingston (Raw) def. The Miz (ECW); The Miz drafted to Raw

The Great Khali (SmackDown) def. Santino Marella (Raw); Mr. Money in the Bank CM Punk drafted to SmackDown

World Heavyweight Champion John Cena (Raw) def. ECW Champion Jack Swagger (ECW); Matt Hardy and WWE Champion Triple H drafted to Raw

Divas Champion Maryse, Michelle McCool & Natalya (SmackDown) def. Women’s Champion Melina, Mickie James & Kelly Kelly (Raw); Melina drafted to SmackDown

Kane (Raw) def. The Brian Kendrick (SmackDown); Big Show drafted to Raw

Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio (Raw) def. Evan Bourne (ECW); United States Champion MVP drafted to Raw

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JBL on WWE Draft and rumours

jbl1.jpegJBL posts a response to rumours of his leaving WWE on bad terms and family issues at home (his wife wasn’t at WrestleMania).

Monday Night Draft
Monday, April 13, 2009, 03:29 PM EST [General]

My first Monday off in about 18 years, at least off at night and not due to injury. Really excited about just being a fan again. Looking forward to watching the draft tonight and seeing what is going to happen. There is always a surprise or two in these things, so should be a fun night of WWE viewing for me.

I heard rumors that I left on bad terms with the WWE, could not be further from the truth. In fact, I don’t think I could have left on better terms. My wife not being at Mania had something to do with the fact that she is busy with her company, and in case you hadn’t noticed a huge financial meltdown in the world.

My time was awesome, and I said you can never say never. But I am on to the next chapter in my life, I will always be a WWE supporter no matter where I am.

Please check out www.custom-muscle.com Charlie Haas is working hard on making this the best web site in the world for nutrition, and we are proud of our association with him and Jackie. And, don’t just check it out, buy something there.

Also, got some time for my radio show now at www.webtalkradio.net.

It was really weird being back in NYC, I got in last night, with no wrestling gear. I have been on the road for so long that it seems nuts to not be in Atlanta today. But every life moves on.

I want to say thanks again for such great support from so many people, I worked hard at being an entertainer and loved every minute of it.

Again, please don’t believe the rumors of something being made of nothing. I am happy, retired, and going to watch Monday Night Raw tonight as a fan.

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Andrew “Test” Martin’s cause of death determined

andrewtest.jpgThe Hillsborough County medical examiner has announced that the cause of death in the case of Andrew “Test” Martinwas oxycodone intoxication, and ruled the manner of death was accidental overdose. Oxycodone is the addictive ingredient found in the painkiller OxyContin. The pill is also called Hillbilly Heroin. This drug has been widely abused and linked to hundreds of deaths in the US including that of Sensational Sherri Martel and Hollywood Actor Heath Ledger.

Martin was found dead at his apartment in Tampa, Florida on March. 14. The official report is that Martin’s neighbor could see into his apartment window and that Martin appeared motionless for several hours. Police say there was no indication of foul play.

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Larry Sweeney ROH update


Thursday, April 09, 2009

A message to all my intelligent uhressling fans! (iron shiek voice)…

Current mood: awake

Hey everybody,

Wow, hard to even start this one.

I have been learning to live with bipolar disorder since I first went through a bipolar cycle when I was 18, ten years ago. As I understand it, Bipolar disorder is an energy imbalance; call it chemical, call it what you like, but i am most comfortable with the term energy imbalance.

But mr sweeney, sir, you say, you are a perverer of such greatness!! So overwhelming is your awesomeness, that I could hardly ever think of a person of your stature as ‘imbalanced’! Who are these false profits that make this judgment of you, and why?

Calm down, wipe the nacho cheese off your face and fingers so that you don’t ruin mom’s keyboard, sucka, and I’ll tell you. But I’m going to be brief about it.

When I was 16 I wrapped a car around a tree and almost killed 5 people, myself included. I don’t remember this, at least in my conscious memory, so the parts of my brain where this trama is stored, well, when you do something like that at a young age, and of course you don’t mean to, but shit happens, right?, well, you’re going to be affected by that for the rest of your life.

There it is. That’s my explaination.

It has been incorrectly reported that I have been battling depression. Not true. What do I have to be depressed about? I’ve made it further in this business and in life than I ever would have imagined possible, gotten to meet so many great people through this business, and have travelled the world. I love what I do and I’m not going anywhere.

A more proper explanation was that certain events led to an onset of mania for me in early february.While I love Ring of Honor and certainly hope to return, I am quite angry with how I have been treated by Mr. Silken and his company. Despite any personal troubles or turbulance I may have been going through, I never once showed up in a condition where I was unable to perform.

I do not have a drinking problem, nor a drug problem, but my brain gets a little bit coocoo for cocoa puffs sometimes. Really? In the grand scheme of life, that ain’t really a big deal. I’m certainly not complaining.But, the company treated me like a drug addict, not like a person with a medical condition. You see, if somebody shows up drunk or stoned to work and gets caught, then you can suspend or fire them… but in the eyes of the law, in such a crzy world, if any person has a bout with craziness and is seeking care, they cannot be treated the same way, at least this is what my lawyers have told me.

Cary Silken suspended me from pittsburgh and new york with less than 48 hours notice and did not pay me. Before that, the company shorted me on money for the first tv tapings… then I came to houston and, despite my sobriety and clarity, and willingness to fly myself down on my own dime, I was told that I was not welcome.

Since I have not recieved a release from my contract, I consider all monies owed for these bookings to still be owed to me, and I am sitting out, chilling down in the south, until the company makes things right with me. I would like to be there for all of the wrestling fans who enjoy my performances with the company, but I will still be appearing as much as I can, just for different companies. My relationships with CHIKARA and International Wrestling Cartel I consider stronger than ever, and I am very grateful for the care and consideration that Norm Conners and Mike Quackenbush, men who have known me a lot longer than anybody in ROH management, promoters who I have worked for for 4ish and 6ish years repectively, true friends… I am very gratefull to have them in my life as friends and employers.

Because, you see, what would larry sweeney do? (My real name is alex whybrow, sorry to burst your bubble…no, that does not mean that I’ll add you as a friend on facebook if I don’t know you personally, thank you very much, so don’t ask)…

WWSD? That is the question.I’m under contract until May 2. While I certainly would like to go back to work for mr silken and his company, until they make things right with me, I will not do, and I am retaining a team of lawyers in the mean-time.

Would I love to work with Ric Flair? Hell yes. Do I need ROH to do it? Fuck no.

When life tries to slap you like a bitch, you’ve got to stand on your own to feet and fight like a man.When somebody tries to fuck with you, you’ve got to be like marcellus wallace…. who doesn’t like to get fucked by anybody but missus wallace.

When somebody tries to treat you like a kid, kick em in the balls. When somebody won’t leave you alone, don’t be afraid to punch them in the teeth. Fuck the law. I’ll spend a night in jail, I really don’t care.

I decide what is right and wrong for me, nobody else. This is my life, and I don’t owe it to anybody, and that is true for each and every person on the planet.

Fuck the world, I’m taking over.

I’ve been in Houston since last Friday, and I love this town. I’m wrestling in Louisiana on Saturday night, doing a clinic on Sunday for Southern Pure Wrestling, and then wrestling in Houston again on Saturday the 18th.I will appear for ROH if they have made things right with me by that time, but quite frankly, I do not see that happening.

If somebody says they’re your friend, but then tries to fuck with your livelihood, for whatever reason, what does that make you? Your enemy. Enemy. Somebody who tries to fuck you, if you don’t want to be fucked? That person is your enemy, and there ain’t no doubt about that.

More details to follow, but before I take back to the streets of houston, I would like to thank each and every wrestling fan out there, because if it wasn’t for you, then I would be able to do what I love, and wrestling is most certainly what I love. Thank you for all the support, friends and fans alike.

12 Large,

-alex. (sweet ‘n’ sour ls)

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