ROH Driven PPV Preview

rohbelt.jpgRing of Honor returns to PPV this Friday night, November 14th featuring the premiere of ROH “Driven” on iN DEMAND, The DISH Network and TVN cable systems.

The first reviews for this show are in.

Richard Gray of says “Ring Of Honor Driven is yet another outstanding effort from the company and its workers. ROH offers so much more bang for your buck than WWE or TNA pay-per-views that buying them should be a no-brainer. The final two matches of the show are two of the best matches that you will see on pay-per-view this year.”

Sean Radican of writes “I highly recommend this show. The crowd is red hot from start to finish. The last two matches pack a heck of a one two punch. The Steen & Generico-Black & Jacobs match is a sure-fire top contender for MOTY. In fact, it’s one of the most emotion packed matches I’ve seen in ROH or any company in 2008.”

Click here for a video preview of Driven:

Here is a schedule of showings on iN Demand over the first few days:

Debut airing:
Friday, November 14th at 10pm EST

Saturday, November 15th at 8:30 am, 2:30pm, 7:00pm
Sunday, November 16th at 11am and 8:00pm (traditional PPV time slot)
Monday, November 17th at 2:00pm and 6:00pm
Tuesday, November 18th at 3:00pm.

Here is the lineup for ROH “Driven” on PPV:

ROH World Tag Team Title Match
Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black defend vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico

ROH World Title Match
Nigel McGuiness defends vs. Roderick Strong

Tag Team Scramble Match
Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Vulture Squad vs. The YRR vs. Necro Butcher

Three Way Elimination Match
Bryan Danielson vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Go Shiozaki

Special Challenge Match
Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Hero

Grudge Tag Team Match
Brent Albright & Erick Stevens vs. Sweet N Sour Inc.

Sara Del Rey vs. Jessie McKay

Grudge Match
Austin Aries vs. Delirious

ROH has set the standard by giving you true professional wrestling on pay-per-view at an affordable price. Don’t miss the explosive action on the worldwide premiere of “Driven” on November 14th!!!

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*SPOILERS* TNA iMPACT! Results 11.13.2008

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*Spoilers* WWE Raw Taping Results 11.10.08


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TNA 2008 Turning Point Results 11.9.08

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Sorting out fact and fiction with Kurt Angle

xbox.jpegJosh Stewart recently wrote up an interview for with Kurt Angle on the MEM, friction with Jeff Jarrett and ask the question, “What exactly is the DAMN truth?” Here’s some hightlights from the interview:

Angle was quick to highlight where MEM will be different from NWO, which many credit to the demise of WCW.

“What I think is that the NWO became so popular that people wanted to see them, but they rarely ever went to the house shows,” Angle explained. “They rarely ever did matches on TV. They basically walked out, kind of [did promos saying] that they were really cool, people liked them, but they didn’t really work that hard. The MEM, the Main Event Mafia, all of our guys are willing to go out there every night and work our asses off. We show up at the house shows, we show up at TV, we have matches, we have great angles and matches set up, thank God. So it’s completely different because our guys—I’m the head of the Main Event Mafia, and if they don’t want to work, I’ll kick them out.”

“It’s our job to elevate the young guys in the company,” Angle said, complimenting the writing of Vince Russo along the way. “We want to be able to bring back the X Division the way it used to be. We want some of these young guys to become household names, kind of like most of the guys in the Main Event Mafia. So it’s kind of a team effort. We’re setting ourselves up to go up against the young guys, and in the end, we want the young guys to come out winners.”

Did Kurt Angle feel he went over the line in bringing Jeff Jarrett’s departed wife into the promo on TNA iMPACT! leading up to last month’s Bound for Glory?

“I said that I lost my world championship, I lost my gold medal and I lost my wife. But I’m not the only one to lose their wife,” Angle remembered. “Jeff didn’t know I was going to say that. When I got backstage, I was ready to fight. I figured he was going to come up to me and he was going to be really pissed. But I didn’t see Jeff. I didn’t know how he responded that night. I didn’t mean anything personally to Jill, God rest her soul. It’s just that Jeff and I were going at it, and it seemed like the right thing to say at the right time to get some good heat. The fans, all of our wonderful, tremendous, great fans, sympathize with Jeff for everything he’s gone through. And to throw that in like that, it was like, ‘What an a**hole to say something like that.’ You know? So I actually thought Jeff would want to fight me. But he if wanted to fight me, he’s in for quite a hell of a fight. I was ready for him to jump me. So I was getting ready. Jeff and I don’t see eye to eye. A lot of stuff you see on TV is very transparent on how we feel about each other.”

“We do have a lot of creative liberty, and we’re really responsible, because we network out to the young demographic,” Angle said. “We’re trying to get the 18-to-40-year-old range, but let’s not kid ourselves or anybody else. We are marketing to children, too. And they watch us, and [if we’re not] marketing to children, why do we have video games, why do we have actions figures, T-shirts, merchandise for kids? So we are marketing to kids and I think it’s our responsibility that we don’t go too far into the gutter. So there are things you can say, like when I said that about Jeff’s wife, God rest her soul, at least the young kids didn’t get it. They probably thought, ‘Well, maybe Jeff and his wife got a divorce too.’ Who knows? But I would never say, ‘I’m not the only one without a wife because your wife died of cancer.’ That would have been in poor taste. I only gave the smart people who knew about Jeff enough of that for them to understand and not for kids. You can only go so far, and if you go past that line, you have to remember that this is a family entertainment business, and if you appeal to kids, you have a responsibility to not go too far.”

Angle said he punched and broke an elevator after storming out of Mancow’s Morning Madhouse radio show, after Jarrett supposedly belittled him on-air over the phone in another Bound for Glory lead-up.

Angle swore that was 100 percent not a work. It’s hard to tell sometimes, but it certainly keeps things interesting. Angle is quick to remind a scribe that he’s the best wrestler in the world because he could wrestle a chair and make the chair look good. The ego is apparent, but the result, he swore, is success, despite the personality clashes.

“I’m a professional. I’m going to go out there and have a great match and I’m going to make Jeff Jarrett look good,” Angle said. “We had our pay-per-view, and if that match isn’t match of the year, it’s pretty darn good. But my job was to make Jeff look great because he hasn’t wrestled in two years. And we had an incredible match and I take my hat off to Jeff. He really stepped up and did an incredible job, but at the same time, when it was over, we were back at each other’s throats.”


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TNA 2008 Turning Point

tnaturningpointlogo.jpgThis Sunday, TNA will invite everyone to once again Cross The Line on pay per view. The lines drawn are between the veterans calling themselves the MEM (Main Event Mafia) headed up by Kurt Angle and the original TNA roster, the X Division, headed up by AJ Styles.

X Division Rankings Matches

All the X Division stars of TNA will be competing to determine the new rankings of the X Division. The highest rated star will have a possible shot at X Division Champion Sheik Abdul Bashir at a later date.

Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Rhyno

After Bashir defended his title successfully against Consequences Creed a few weeks back, the Sheik was heading backstage when he had a heated confrontation with Lauren who was in the back interviewing Rhino. After Rhino stepped in and warned the X Division Champion, Bashir attacked Rhino from behind.

At Turning point, Rhino will be defending the American Way against Bashir’s version of America.

Knockouts Tag Team Match
Amazing Kong (w, Raisha Saeed) and Rhaka Khan versus Taylor Wilde and Roxxi Lavoux

Kong is Knockouts Champion once again is on a rampage. Will Raisha Saeed and now Rhaka Khan by her side, Kong is now looking to take out the biggest threats to her reign, The Voodoo Queen Roxxi and former champion Taylor Wilde. If Kong thinks beating down Roxxi behind the arena will take care of Roxxi, then Kong’s underestimated Roxxi’s ability to take punishment and her vicious streak. If Rhaka Khan thinks she doesn’t have to watch her back after her heel turn on Wilde, she’s underestimated Taylor Wilde.
TNA World Tag Team Championships

Beer Money vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

The MC Guns will have a shot for the TNA Tag Title when they challenge Beer money at Turning Point. Since beating LAX for the title, Beer Money have been on a ramage, beating all challengers- including Team 3D. The MC Guns, who have been wrestling in ROH lately, represent an unknown quantity for Beer Money.

Kurt Angle vs. “The Monster” Abyss

Angle’s being pushing hard to get a rematch with Jeff Jarrett and instead has found himself going toe-to-toe with Abyss at Turning point. The point behind this match is a little foggy, but the size difference is going to be fun to watch.

Abyss has been doing fine lately, having just won a ladder match and a contract that guarantees he and his partner Mat Morgan will be challenging for the tag title at some point. Abyss has been conflicted between hardcore and his new gentler style. Which way will this match go?

TNA Legends Championship
Booker T vs. Christian Cage

Christian Cage has been under pressure to choose a side since the lines started to be drawn. Booker T has taken that pressure a step further, issuing a challenge to Christian Cage for Turning Point. If Christian Cage doesn’t win the Legends Championship, he will have to join the Main Event Mafia next week on iMPACT!

Double Main Event
Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Nash

After Nash’s interference cost Joe the TNA World Championship last month, events have been coming to a head that will culminate this Sunday at Turning Point. Jeff has claimed that Scott Hall blew off their match last year, saying Joe wasn’t worth the rub. Joe has been very clear in saying that he thinks it’s nothing but jealousy between the veterans and the young guns.
So, who’s going to make their point at the end of Turning Point?

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
“The Icon” Sting vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

AJ Styles will be challenging Sting for the Heavyweight Championship at Turning Point. Thanks to some comments from Sting about respect and AJ’s relationship from his father, this match has become personal.

Styles has a chance to regain a championship that he hasn’t held since the beginning of TNA and knock the wind out of MEM at the same time.

Consequences Creed clotheslines Kurt Angle.

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CM Punk Interview

cmpunk.jpegWWE is like watching a live rock band on stage beating each other up while at the same time performing an improv comedy routine.”
– CM Punk

Highlights from recent interview with CM Punk and review for Smackdown vs. Raw 2009:

“I’ve always been straight edge, I just didn’t know it,” says Punk. “I never smoked or drank or did drugs. Through music, I found out that there was this whole culture of people who were just like me and they called themselves straight edge. When I found out, I was like, cool, that’s me. It was something that made sense. I had a label for myself finally, and I ran with it. There’s a lot of pride in me with being straight edge. I have it tattooed on my body. And once I found out that there was a name for how I was, my life changed.

“I’m one of those old souls and I had just seen so much stupid stuff at a young age at parties. I always ran with an older crowd and my dad was an alcoholic, so I just never saw the reason to use a crutch. I’m a meet my problems head-on kind of guy. If there’s a problem, I want to take care of it. I don’t need to drink to forget about it or get high. That’s just not me.”

Punk, who grew up in the Chicago area wanting to be a wrestler, started pursuing his career with a dream and a computer, looking up local wrestling schools on the Internet.

“When I was 15 watching pay-per-views with my buddies, we’d go out in the backyard and roll around, goof off, and hit each other in the head with lawn chairs,” says Punk. “It’s just in my blood. I became obsessed with becoming a pro wrestler, then when I found a school, I ended up paying a bunch of money to get beat up every day. I was off and running.”

CM Punk on his finish move the Go To Sleep:

“The Go To Sleep is perfect for me because I use my feet and my knees unlike any WWE superstar in history. You pick that guy up, and the fans know what’s coming. You boost him over your head and knee him on the way down. It’s gravity. It’s poetic. You knock them out and they go to sleep. There’s just something about that that’s me.”

On the physicality of wrestling:

“Honestly, I don’t like getting hit with anything, but getting sent through a table is no picnic,” says Punk. “I think people don’t take into account how the table shatters, you get splinters, and you wind up chewing on wood for some reason. It’s like when you go to the beach and you get sand everywhere, after you get sent through a table, there is just wood everywhere. There are screws that end up sticking in your leg, so you end up bleeding. It’s not fun. People think the table just cracks and that’s it, but it’s a lot more painful than that.”

On Tommy Dreamer

“Tommy is a nut,” Punk laughs. “Fans would hand him steel pipes or sewer grates or whatever and he’d smack people in the face with it. Dreamer and I always joke around about how he’s my mentor and I’m his protégé. I’ve actually known Tommy for years and years and years and he’s always helped me out tremendously.”

On the ‘naysayers’

As for being called “greasy” and a “wannabe rebel”, the real Punk says he’s been called a lot worse in real life. How does he get past all the haters? “I think that has a lot to do with what I call PMA, positive mental attitude,” he says. “A whole bunch of people told me that if I went to WWE, I’d never make it. But it’s like I never heard them. I never listened. To me, I’m exactly where I belong. I feel like I was born to do this. Whatever your walk in life is, you pick what you want to be, then go ahead and be the best one.”

On Wrestlemania:

“Wrestlemania is extremely intense,” Punk tells me. Last year, Punk made a huge name for himself by winning the Money in the Bank ladder match in front of 80,000 people. “I came to the ring and there were still a couple of other guys who needed to do their entrances. I was trying to soak it all in, look at some faces in the crowd, get some focus points, and it was just so super cool.”

On his name, CM Punk:

Speaking of making a name for himself, it was time once again to play “What does CM stand for?” Punk loves messing with people about his name (he’s told fans it stands for everything from Cookie Monster to Charles Manson), and he always has a new answer for me whenever I bring up the topic. Last time we talked about it, he told me a story of how it stood for Chick Magnet. “I don’t know where you got that from,” Punk laughs, even though he’s the one who told me. “CM has always stood for one thing: Chicago Made. Chick Magnet? That’s preposterous. Girls don’t like me. I was born and raised in Chicago. The city made me. Punk is just because I’ve always been a smart-mouthed, wise-ass punk. I still am. I was the guy, if a bunch of football players were messing with one of my friends, I’d walk over there and spit in their face.”

“Are you just messing with me now?” I ask

“Could be,” he laughs.

The mystery continues (and he knows I’ll ask him again next time I see him).

Funny thing is, Punk thinks he has one of the worst names in wrestling. “I think CM Punk is one of the worst names in the business, but I am what I am,” he says. As for the other bad names in wrestling history? “I’m a big fan of unnecessary alliteration. I’m a big comic book nerd, so it always tickled me that everybody’s name is like Peter Parker or Lana Lang. So in wrestling, Duke ‘The Dumpster’ Droese was always a really good bad name.”

“Whose fault are the bad names, the talent of the creative team?” I ask.

“I think it boils down to being the wrestler’s fault. You don’t always have to say yes to everything. You can say: ‘No, I’m not a Rooster.’ It is intimidating and you don’t want to screw up or burn bridges, so a lot of guys, if they hand you something, they just try and take that ball and run with it.”


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tnaturningpointlogo.jpgSUNDAY NOVEMBER 9TH 8PM ET/5PM PT

On Sunday, November 9, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling presents “Turning Point” live and exclusively on Pay-Per-View from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. The Pay-Per-View will be available on InDemand, DirecTV, Dish Network, TVN, Viewer’s Choice and more! Call your cable or satellite provider for availability!

To attend the PPV: Tickets are free for guests of Universal and Islands of Adventure theme parks, as well as the public. For more information, call the Universal Orlando “iMPACT!” hotline at (407) 224-6000

Champion “The Icon” Sting vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash

Champion Booker T vs. “The Instant Classic” Christian Cage

Beer Money, Inc. vs. The Motor City Machineguns

Abyss vs. Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle

Grudge Match: “The War Machine” Rhino vs. X Division Champion Sheik Abdul Bashir

Plus, an X Division championship seeding match to determine the top contenders!

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*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Results for 11.07.08

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TNA iMPACT! spoilers for 11.06.08

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