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samoa-joe.jpegTNA former champion Samoa Joe posted today in MySpace:

Remembering a friend.

This morning when I got home I began moving old boxes of clothes out of my garage and I came across a designer Impala jacket that was given to me by Shinya Hashimoto. It was a simple gesture but one I remember to this day. There was no reason why he gave it to me it was just the type of person he was. I gotta admit I miss the man, pro wrestling as a whole died a little bit when he passed.

I was wanting to write a blog about some of my fondest memories but upon delving into my old livejournal I found one that I feel still best embodies the type of person he was.


**Originally posted July 11th 2005

Arigato Hakaio.
Yet another.
I won’t mince words and say that in my recent days that I have been fan of things that have occurred when the name Shinya Hasimoto is mentioned, but I always have respected the man.

When the news of Hashimoto’s passing reached me through several phonecalls through out the night, I found myself moved far more than even I would have expected. As of right now I am typing this entry from a hotel lobby in rural Weatherford Oklahoma broken down during a cross country drive taking myself and helping move my significant other back to California.

I sat in the parking lot last night and for the 1st time in a long time I thought back to my days with ZERO ONE and all of my experiences with Hashimoto. When I took the time to really recall these moments I realized what a dramatic impact he had made in my life and my career.

When I 1st started in Japan my knowledge of Hashimoto was limited albeit somewhat educated. It was only when I began to wrestle across the ring from the man that I truly realized what it meant to be a star. Hashimotos ambiance did not lie in a flashy gimmickry, trend setting re-invention or the intangible coolness, of his musketeer brethren. Hashimoto had foregone the pomp and circumstance of wrestling and simply sought to be the embodiment of an ideal. The ideal that was the founding principle of the dojo that produced him which was derived from the centuries old warrior customs of his culture. Hashimoto embodied Toukon, The Fighting Spirit.

Once at a preliminary training session, Hashimoto had quizzed a group of relatively clueless gaijin about the most important aspect of Professional Wrestling. Answers sprung forth pleading a case for “Technique” and “Psychology”, but Hashimoto simply pointed at his eyes and said “The Fire”. The fire, the burning spirit, the unyielding will, even in the face of insurmountable challenges. With a simple gesture and the most intense stare I had ever seen I understood all these things that I have just listed and nodded in compliance.

Hashimoto’s popularity was no accident as he represented the very essence of the much vaunted Samurais of old. He was a single ideal, by any means necessary, no questions asked, decisiveness personified. Enter the ring and destroy the opposition that is in front of you. Hakaio.

In his simplicity you could find his brilliance and the basis for his astounding charisma.

Outside of the ring Hashimoto was the polar opposite. Kind, gentle, and always ready to crack a joke or hear one, he enjoyed life and was always easy to smile. If you had never seen him in the ring you would guess him to be a late night variety talk show host complete with staged breakfalls and wacky accenting sound effects to enhance his often jovial demeanor. In my time spent in Japan with Hashimoto he was also generous. I remember one night I was sulking around the ZERO ONE offices harrassing boss Nakamura to hurry up and finish working so we could go out drinking and watching Samurai TV. Hashimoto came in to do some late night work in his office and he was astounded to find me sitting in the office bullpen pitching in and counting out tickets just to pass the time. He tried to express his gratitude as best he could in his limited english but I assured him that it was ok and I was more than happy to oblige.

The next week Hashimoto had caught wind that I was going out on a date. Remembering my very mild efforts the week before, he assigned his car and driver to me and paid for my evening in full. It was a gesture often unheard of in most workplaces but it is a gesture that will always be endeared to me. Also his words before I started my night
“Joe-san, tonight no fire in eyes, Tonight eyes clear. I teach you too much”.
I nodded in agreement and made my way to the door. As I approached the office bullpen packed to the brim with busy employees his voice stopped me again
Hai Hashimoto-san!” I replied
“If tonight you feel fire in your pants, please go to hospital!”
The office erupted in delayed laughter as the english speaking employees quickly explained to the others in between gasping chuckles. I turned around and faced the red visaged hysterical Hashimoto and bowed deeply


God bless you Hashi, Find happiness.

S. Joe

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*SPOILERS* TNA iMPACT! 12.18.08 has the results for next week’s iMPACT! for you today! Just click on more to view.

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2008 WWE Armageddon Card and Poster


World Heavyweight Champion John Cena vs. Chris Jericho

WWE Championship: Edge vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H (Triple Threat)

Batista vs. Randy Orton

ECW Champion Matt Hardy vs. Vladimir Kozlov

Finlay vs. Mark Henry (Belfast Brawl)

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk – Intercontinental Title Tournament Finals

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TNA fires Curry Man (again)

curryman.jpegIn what’s becoming a Feast or Famine tradition, Christopher Daniels as Curry Man fought hard at this past Sunday’s Final Resolution pay-per-view to collect a briefcase, only to be ‘fired’ once again from the TNA roster.

Official Post on


On Thursday’s “iMPACT!”, the “Feast Or Fired” briefcases were opened – revealing the fate for Curry Man and Homicide and Hernandez of The Latin American Xchange.

Homicide earned a shot at the X Division Championship, while Hernandez is in line for a TNA World Heavyweight Championship match! (“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal’s briefcase was opened at Final Resolution, revealing his prize of a TNA World Tag Team Title shot).

Unfortunately for Curry Man, he was the superstar who had possession of the “Fired” briefcase, meaning his career in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling is now over (although he didn’t quite grasp the concept).

TNA Wrestling would like to take this opportunity to wish Curry Man the best of luck in his future endeavors, which will likely include a return to his homeland of Japan.

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Official Preview for 12.18.08 iMPACT!

The war between TNA Frontline and The Main Event Mafia continues

This Thursday night, TNA Wrestling returns to SpikeTV with two hours of Total Nonstop Action as the road to the January 11 “Final Resolution” Pa-Per-View continues.

The below is a preview of what you will witness on the broadcast:

– How will TNA Frontline react to the brutal beatdown The Main Event Mafia gave Brother Ray this past week? In addition to an update on the Team 3D superstar, the Frontline will address the situation!

– A Double Main Event has been signed for the huge event, featuring members of The Main Event Mafia in action!

AJ Styles & Samoa Joe vs. TNA World Heavyweight Champion Sting and Kevin Nash

Abyss & Matt Morgan vs. Legends Champion Booker T & “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner

Also on Thursday’s “iMPACT!” on SpikeTV at 9pm ET:

– The X Division Championship Tournament continues with the following final quarterfinal bouts:
“The Guru” Sonjay Dutt vs. Chris Sabin of the Motor City Machineguns
Consequences Creed vs. TNA Japanese newcomer Kioshi
– Will the mysterious newcomer “Suicide” appear on the broadcast? Tune in and find out!
– “The War Machine” Rhino will be in action against Lance Rock of The Rock N’ Rave Infection
– A Knockout Street Fight: Christy Hemme & ODB vs. Rhaka Khan & Raisha Saeed
– Plus, TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett will speak out about his match against Kurt Angle at “Genesis”

All this and much more on Thursday’s “iMPACT! exclusively on SpikeTV at 9pm ET

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TNA iMPACT! results for 12.11.08

img_1457.jpgQuick Results
– Eric Young defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir by pin fall in the X Division Quarterfinal Tournament.
– Alex Shelley defeated Jay Lethal by pin fall in the X Division Quarterfinal Tournament.
– James Storm defeated Abyss by pin fall in a Beer Bottle on a Pole match.
– Christy Hemme defeated Sojournor Bolt by pin fall.
– Brother Ray and Kurt Angle fought to a no contest.

Starman’s Thoughts
Tonight’s show was a bit of a mixed bag in my mind. Parts of it were great while others stunk it up big time.

I am really digging the X Division Tournament. For the longest time the X Division has been a mere shell of its former self and I am optimistic that this will help put it on the right path. The first two quarterfinal matches were lacking and had some sort of shady finish, but it was nice to see the division given some attention and focus for once.

Although, I’d much rather see the Feast or Fired briefcases opened at Final Resolution, I am glad that they at least opened the cases tonight and not have it drag out like they did last year. After seeing that Jay Lethal won the shot at the tag team titles, it was fairly predictable on how the rest of it would shape out.

Curry Man being the one fired shouldn’t have been that big of a shock to anyone and although I enjoyed his act, it was time for him to move on. Hopefully this means that Christopher Daniels will return as his former self after being the unlucky one who was fired at last years Feast or Fired unveiling.

For those who like to keep score at home, that would make Daniels 2 for 2 when it comes to being the one with the briefcase that has the pink slip.

Finally, for the good things with tonight’s show, I found it interesting to see Mick Foley coming out of the Main Event Mafia’s dressing room with a huge smile on his face and being all buddy-buddy with them. It doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense in the sense of the current storyline, but it did gain my interest to see where they are going with all of this. Although, I really hope they don’t go the route of having a good owner (Jarrett) bad owner (Foley) route with all of this.

As I said before, it was a mixed bag tonight and for every good segment that took place, there was an equally bad one to follow it up.

With a few exceptions, Impact is primarily a taped show. I know their taping schedule, though, although I am wondering if the creative staff knows that Barack Obama won the election. Had John McCain successfully ran for office, the Sarah Palin skits probably wouldn’t be all that bad. Wait, I take that back, yes, they still would be that bad. Enough is enough already.

Then there was the horrendous match between Christy Hemme and Sojournor Bolt. I will say that Christy really is trying and will leave it at that as the match spoke volumes on its own.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the Beer Bottle on a Pole match made up for it, especially considering that Abyss and James Storm were fighting to reach a beer bottle that wasn’t even used in the outcome of the match. So, what exactly was the point of the match exactly?

It shouldn’t surprise me, however, as the creative team seems to have some unnatural obsession with pole matches. I have been coving and reporting on Impact now for 2 ½ years and I have every report I have written backed up on my computer. If I have some free time over the weekend, I may go through them and start a list of every pole match that TNA has used.

Maybe TNA will make it easy for me a release a Best of the Pole Matches DVD for their fans. That sure would be the ultimate Christmas gift.

You can read Starman’s full article at

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Joey Styles knocks out JBL is reporting that former ECW commentator Joey Styles knocked out former WWE Champion John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield during the Iraq tour. Styles heads up the division and was on his first tour of Tribute to the Troops. JBL has a reputation as every new wrestler’s enemy backstage at shows. JBL hazed Styles according to Mike Johnson and when Styles couldn’t take it anymore he did ‘what others wish they had done before’ and punched JBL in front of everyone, cutting him below the eye and giving JBL a shiner. JBL eventually stopped his jokes on Styles after the humiliation and the two continued the tour without any more incidents.

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TNA X Division Title Vacant!

Plus, witness the aftermath of “Final Resolution” on the huge broadcast starting at 9pm ET on SpikeTV!

Just minutes after the “Final Resolution” Pay-Per-View event, TNA Management Director Jim Cornette informed that as a result of the controversial outcome of the X Division Championship bout between Eric Young and Sheik Abdul Bashir involving referee Shane Sewell, the title is declared vacant and being held up!

Cornette also revealed that an 8-man tournament will begin this Thursday night on SpikeTV to determine a new champion, with the finals to take place at the “Genesis” Pay-Per-View on Sunday, January 11! The tournament bouts are below:

– Quarterfinal #1: Eric Young vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir (PPV rematch, taking place this Thursday night)

– Quarterfinal #2: Alex Shelley vs. “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal (Also this Thursday night)

– Quarterfinal #3: Chris Sabin vs. “The Guru” Sonjay Dutt (December 18)

– Quarterfinal #4: Consequences Creed vs. Japanese newcomer Akira Raijin (December 18)

Tune in this Thursday night on “iMPACT!” on SpikeTV to witness the start of the X Division Championship Tournament!


– The Beautiful People want to remind all of their fans that (allegedly!) former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin will once again be with them this Thursday night.

– The war between The Main Event Mafia and TNA Frontline continues! How will “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles and Samoa Joe react to The Main Event Mafia getting the win at Final Resolution? Will we find out more about why Kurt Angle brought Al Snow to the Pay-Per-View to play mind games with Mick Foley?

– As a result of the “Feast Or Fired” match, three TNA superstars will get title shots – while one will be fired! This Thursday night, all of the briefcases will be opened, revealing the fate for Hernandez and Homicide of The Latin American Xchange as well as Curry Man! (Jay Lethal’s case was opened on Sunday to reveal a Tag Team Title shot). When “iMPACT!” ends this Thursday, one superstar will be fired and gone from TNA!

– Will we learn more about TNA Wrestling newcomer Suicide this Thursday night on SpikeTV? Suicide made his surprise debut at Sunday’s Final Resolution, attacking the Motor City Machineguns. What’s next for Suicide? Tune in and find out!

All this and much more this Thursday night on “iMPACT!” on SpikeTV, including news on the upcoming “Genesis” Pay-Per-View epic event on Sunday, January 11!

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TNA Final Resolution PPV Results – 12.07.08

tnalogo524.jpgWrestling Confidentail has the results for TNA’s latest PPV Final Resolution. Just click on more to view.

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Jake Roberts ECW Review for Dec. 2, 2008

jakesnake.jpegHabits are hard to break, so once again they start off just like the others on the microphone. Yet only used 5-1/2 minutes but that’s all relevant to a one hour show, isn’t it? Disappointed with their main event, the Champ Hardy vs MVP. Maybe I’m wrong, but don’t see anyone holding their breath for that one. But then again, haven’t watched the show.

Jack Swagger vs Ricky Ortiz
Both undefeated, and RO fresh off getting guest appearance on TV program called “Chase.” Which I thought was brutal. But that is how Vince does it, he creates stars by involving them in TV shows, singing and dancing ,yadda, yadda … anything to give the talent the aura of stardom. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it works too damned well. Example, Rock. Ortiz, on the other hand, a grain of sand. Has a great look, but seems a bit slow. JS, on the other hand, has a lot of quality, looks like he might be offspring of someone that knew what the hell they were doing. What I did like about all of this, no not making fun of someone with a speech impediment, cause it might be cute, but is that really what a baby face does? By the way, it was RO’s biggest pop. From there he went down hill.

Seemed to be 1/2 speed and when it was time for comeback, it takes more than silly faces and floppy hair. No fire, and your splash, or big O, as it was called, was 1/2 assed at best. Have no idea why you would roll out of the ring or is that just to complete the next spot. Yeah, the one where you got clotheslined. Bottom line no fire, intensity, or quality moves executed. Jack Swagger, does have it going on though. Am sure will see more of him climbing up the ladder. At least I hope so. Yet, I did enjoy this match, as there was more wrestling holds applied, reversed, and executed properly in just this first match than a two hour show of Raw. So I thank you. And it was only 5 minutes, folks, so there is time to wrestle.

Mr. Kennedy movie. Again, Vince raises another one up for the world to believe in as a bona fide superstar. By the way, Shannon loves Kennedy, Kennedy.

Mark Henry, Tony Atlas interview and challenge for Finley and Hornswoggle. Please. What the hell is this horseshit? So, as a Father, Finley, you will let your son take you to
crucifixion. Does anybody in their right mind believe that any Father would sacrifice their own sons in such a ridiculous and odds against situation. Granted, Hornswoggle’s not that cute, but he does look like you! Then again, this is TV, isn’t it. What to expect. No doubt, nothing that makes sense. This is the first hint of Raw.

One minute commercial to push Smackdown cage match on Friday with Taker and Big Show. That should help the ratings. Bet Sci-Fi likes them pushing the other channel though. There was a day when that was unheard of. Look for Taker to go over as that horse has been beat enough. Who’s next? Possibly the Russian, keep your fingers crossed, Taker, that I’m wrong.

Again, another taste of Raw as we are blessed with 1-1/2 minute of dancing. With DJ Gabriel and Alicia Fox, wow. That sells tickets. DJ has a great look and they are pushing a solid background. They are claiming another British star. I don’t know, wrestles, Josh Daniels , a strict enhancement match, and not too bad. Typical Vince with not giving DJ anything other than some solid forearms, and showcasing DJ’s work. This is one I always have problems with, and had my butt chewed many times by Vince himself. His idea was to squash. My idea is to make a star shine, and then jerk it down, out of the heavens, and put it out. It always seemed so ridiculous not to give them anything. Maybe that’s the reason I’m not there. DJ, showed a lot of promise, except in dancing. I always , ah, maybe this is it! Hated a guy who could dance. Does anybody else think DJ is built like a Mr. Peterson of old? Just a thought. IF so, one of the old brains thought of it, as none of the current would know DJ Peterson. Although more time spent dancing than wrestling I still find this show more palatable than Raw.

Now we get a Raw commercial! Again, Sci-Fi must love it. Probably as much as I would if I were to watch the 3 hour special next Monday, which includes the Slammys.

Now we get another commercial for the IC DVD. Sincerely, fans, buy it. If only to see Steamboat’s work. No doubt one of the very best of all time. There was absolutely none better at selling as a baby face. Steamboat, got a question for you. Did you ever want to turn heel? If not, why? I think that might have been interesting to see. There are some other greats on there also, but watching Ricky will be worth the price of the set.

Main Event.
Matt vs MVP
Maybe my earlier comments were a bit strong so if I offended, sorry. But I still think I’m right. I understand there is a lot of history with these two, but at the same time announcers bringing up MVP’s one loss record and correct me if I am wrong, but hasn’t won a match in 4-1/2 months. Wow. That’s the way to build somebody.

First thing that I didn’t like was hammerlock reversal by MVP, even though Hardy ducked elbow to face. They took this match, back and forth, so I guess that was the point they were trying to make, that both knew everything there was about the other. What I saw just told me, sloppy, as if someone’s going to reverse out of my headlock, I would at least make them deliver an elbow to mid section or a few forearms to the back, or pull hair, tights, or even shove a finger up my … oh never mind…then you can reverse, or pull out. Just seemed to easy, which is what happens when choreographed. Ga-ga starts to run its course. Trying to get to the next spot, and overlooking the fine tuning. Too many false starts and too many times that you outsmarted each other, supposedly due to the picture they were trying to paint, which was knowing each others’ style. Granted see-sawing back and forth can make it look like opponents are evenly matched. And nothing wrong with that. Unless you do this the whole match. Point is MVP never set heat and let the fans in building and at home, desire to get involved. Guys, remember and granted there are many in the back, that should be sitting in the audience, but those chairs should be for fans. And they should be catered to. Forgetting about them, is forgetting about what you are doing. Both of you guys worked very hard but have you ever heard the expression, “less is more.” Again, never set the heat never had a true comeback, yet 10 minutes was given and plenty enough time for all. Hopefully we aren’t pissing anybody off, and if I do, then you are guilty. It was great to see a great talent in the ring, yes Mr. Armstrong, you are from a family of great talent. When all is said and done, they may talk about the Von Erichs, the Gagnes’, the Smiths and Roberts, Race’s, Valentines, Rhodes, Dibiases, Harts, yet I’m here to say the best damned family of workers in my mind are the Armstrongs. Brad, who I felt was worthy of a strong push from any organization, simply wouldn’t give up his family life for that push. Damn you piss me off, Brad. Ever since Cincinnati, hey folks, get him to tell you the story, either that one, or the hard way attempt in locker room. But then again, those are stories you can all get if you buy into Snake Tales.

Hopefully the reason I liked this show wasn’t because it was shorter, and I’m sure that’s not the reason. What I did like was actual wrestling even though sometimes sporadic but overall much more than I’ve seen on any other programs. We’ll be jumping around and doing different reviews as no one should have to watch all three. I know many of you would like to have reviews on each program weekly, and PPV’s, and TNA. Truth is, I do spend a lot of time just doing one. As its not something that I just spit out. I would like to get in more depth but if so, it creates a need for even more time. So in future, look and see what I’m doing as I’m toying with idea of continuing jumping around but going in depth and dissecting a match move for move. So, if that isn’t’ what you want look somewhere else. Cause as much as I love you guys, I love this business more. And I do it in hopes that someone will read this and change what we are seeing.

See you soon.


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