Pictures of Rick Flair at the premier of ‘The Wrestler’

We have a couple of pics of Rick Flair posing with Mickey Rourke at the movie premier.rickflairthewrestler2.jpgrickflairthewrestler.jpg

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*SPOILERS* Smackdown Results for 12.26.08

christmastpic.jpegWrestling news as soon as it happens! Just click on more to view the quick results for this Frisday’s Smackdown!

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The Wrestler Official Song By Bruce Springsteen

For everyone getting stoked about watching ‘The Wrestler’, we have the official song for the movie written by Bruce Springstein!

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R-Truth detained at Canadian Border, Descision to make Jeff Hardy Champion

rtruth.jpegTroubles are chipping away at R-Truth. First, apparently R-Truth’s push has been ended for now while R-Truth works more on his in-ring fundamentals. Now, Mike Johnson reports that R-Truth aka Ron Killings was detained at the Canadian border for reasons unknown at this time and was sent home. Obviously, R-Truth will not be a tonight’s Raw/ Smackdown tapings in Toronto.

Dave Meltzer reports that the plan to give Jeff Hardy the WWE title at Armageddon was decided about two weeks before the pay-per-view. Vince McMahon had been opposed to giving Hardy the title, but when the issue came up again, actually favoured Hardy getting the strap this time around. Prior to the decision, WWE had planned on keeping Edge the champion until Wrestlemania.


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Former WWE and TNA superstar Tomko burning bridges

tomko.jpegFormer WWE and TNA superstar Tomko returned to World Wrestling Entertainment Monday night in Pittsburgh, PA. Tomko defeated Paul Burchill in a dark match, a match designed to make the returning Tomko look good and to help him get over with the Raw audience.

Our source is saying that Tomko’s return may already be over and he may be released at anytime.

John Laurinaitis pushed to have Tomko back to the company.Tomko resigned with WWE a few months ago, and was expected to work out with Florida Championship Wrestling until the company was ready for him to return to the road. Tomko lives about an hour from the training facility, but only showed up a couple of times. Tomko’s physical condition when he arrived was unimpressive and when Vince mcMahon got a good look at Tomko, Vince chewed Tomko a new one. Not only that, but Tomko blew up in his short two minute match.

What wrestler would seriously show up at WWE in less than excellent physical shape, with Vince’s well-known expectations on talent?

Tomko has apparently burnt his bridge with TNA. Our source is telling us that Tomko’s return to TNA is unlikely, as the general feeling is that Tomko hasn’t been honest with the company in the past.

Tomko did leave TNA to work in Japan, but with no steady offers he returned to TNA.


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*SPOILERS* Smackdown results for 12.19.08

smackdown1.jpgTNA brings you wrestling news as it happens! If you want to read the Smackdown results today, just click on more.

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LAX resigns with TNA, Kaz reinjured, Midway troubles, WWE hires Robert Zimmerman

xbox.jpegTNA decided to pass along by mobile text that Homicide and Hernandez, LAZ, have signed a new three year deal with TNA Wrestling. Hernandez’s deal with TNA was set to expire next month and now LAX is signed with TNA through 2011.

Kaz has apparently reinjured himself according to Jason Powell. Kaz apparently suffered a biceps injury and is expected to miss some ring time. Kaz has been wrestling as Suicide and apparently there is talk of putting someone else in the Suicide costume until he can return.

If TNA wants another iMPACT! video game, they’re going to need to push Suicide. In the latest of bad news for Midway, today the company laid off 25 percent of its staff and ‘suspended’ all of its 2010/2011 projects. Midway is still committed to a sequel for the TNA video game, but the value of its assets to debts pending is so bad that the company is being threatened with NYSE delisting.

WWE has named Robert Zimmerman as Vice President, Public Relations and Corporate Communications. Zimmerman will be a strategic member of WWE’s management team, and overseas business, consumer, financial and trade press relations and strategy.
Zimmerman brings 17 years of experience having worked for Dan Klores Communications and Edelman Public Relations Worldwide, among others. Zimmerman has headed corporate activities, media affairs and crisis management for such well-known brands and personalities as Michael Eisner and his new media studio, Vuguru; Howard Stern; Sean “Diddy” Combs’ The Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition; Ziff Davis Media; Donatella and Allegra Versace; Bill Hemmer; and Bill O’Reilly. From 1998 to 2004, Zimmerman served as spokesperson for FOX News as Vice President of Media Relations, where he developed and oversaw press strategies that supported corporate initiatives for the company’s cable news channel.

Congratulations, Zimmerman!

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TNA announces new TV series

Ongoing series to join “iMPACT!” and “Xplosion” as TNA’s leading broadcasts

TNA Wrestling is announcing the creation of a new one-hour television series, set to debut in early 2009.

“TNA Epix” will feature the most awe-inspiring and monumental moments, matches and superstars that shaped the face of TNA from its 2002 inception until today!

From the first TNA event in 2002 and the early Wednesday night Pay-Per-Views, to the Fox Sports Net era and the evolution of TNA on SpikeTV as well as the most recent wars inside the six-sided ring, the new program will include rare matches, archived footage, fresh historical commentary from the TNA superstars and so much more

“We are extremely excited about ‘Epix’ joining the TNA broadcasting universe,” said Kevin Sullivan, Director of TNA Television. “While ‘iMPACT!’ is undoubtedly the crown-jewel of our worldwide presence, ‘Epix’ will chronicle the amazing history of TNA and allow our fans to re-live some of their favorite moments.”

Check back to in the coming weeks for more exclusive news on “TNA Epix”.

TNA Television currently produces over 350 hours of programming annually, including “iMPACT!”, Xplosion, International broadcasts, DVDs, SpikeTV specials, online videos and much more. In addition to “Epix”, TNA is already exploring additional broadcasting opportunities in 2009.

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*SPOILERS* TNA results for 12.25.08

img_1457.jpgWrestling confidential brings you the latest wrestling news as it happens! Sometimes, like the results for next week’s TNA iMPACT!, we bring you the news before it happens!

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WWE 2008 Armageddon Results

armageddon2008b.jpegWe have the results for Armageddon. If you want to check out what happened, just click on more.

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