Jim Ross says which TNA or ROH stars he’d like to see in WWE

200px-jim_ross_no_mercy_2007.jpgJim Ross has posted new Q&A answers at JRsBarBQ.com. Here are some highlights:

TNA or ROH Stars He’d like to see in In WWE.

“Bryan Danielson comes to mind of the guys that are still young and healthy enough to contribute immediately. Sting is just barely in that group as he is nearing the end of his active wrestling days I have to guess. Dr. Death (Steve Williams), young and healthy with a manager, could have been a viable opponent for Stone Cold (Steve Austin) before the ill conceived Brawl for it All ended those potential plans. Today I think manager Jim Mitchell, perhaps with a more contemporary make over/look, has the skills to really contribute as a mouthpiece for key talents as well. Samoa Joe has the skills and body type that remind me of Mick Foley way back in the day as far as being different and having a unique body type. Plus I like his physicality. These are not WWE opinions just my personal thoughts in trying to answer your question.”

Kurt Angle fighting Mixed Martial Arts.

Realistically the Kurt Angle in the UFC ship has sailed and it sailed long ago. Naturally if Kurt had pursed MMA right after the 98 Olympics he would have had a great chance to have become a star but I don’t know if he would have made more money than he made during his peak period in the WWE. If Kurt was just coming out of the Olympics in 2008, I would strongly urge him to train for the UFC and take advantage of what some of their main event stars are earning. I saw Kurt and Brock wrestle once one after noon prior to a TV taping and no one can truthfully said without reservation who actually won their match but Kurt did very well that day. Brock was new with the company and a little laid back. If they had done their exhibition to entertain the “boys” a year later it likely would have been a different story. I don’t know how good a striker Kurt would be, he might be great, but Lesnar is a deadly puncher. Kurt is a great entertainer and should focus on various forms of entertainment that he can thrive in such as pro wrestling and perhaps even comedy. Action adventure film roles would also seem like a nice fit for Kurt. I sort of feel that Angle will some day try and come back to the WWE to wrap up that phase of his athletic life. Only time will tell.

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WWE return likely for Christian

christiancage1.jpegNothing’s official yet, but it’s expected that former WWE Intercontinental champion and TNA heavyweight champ Christian Cage will return soon to WWE.

Christian (Jay Reso), whose contract with TNA recently expired, is banking on a much higher-profile status with WWE than the one he held when he left the company at the end of 2005.

Mired in mid-card territory, with little upward mobility in sight, Christian refused to re-sign a WWE contract three years ago when he felt he had gone as far as he could in that company. It didn’t help that WWE owner Vince McMahon didn’t recognize his star potential or view him as the main-event player others in the company saw him as. As a result he left WWE for TNA, went back to his old ring name of Christian Cage, traded his “Captain Charisma” moniker for “The Instant Classic,” and was given a bigger role in the smaller company.

Three years later Christian feels he has a good shot to make an immediate impact in WWE and, at age 35, this could be his last chance to deliver. Many top stars in WWE, including longtime friend Edge (Adam Copeland), strongly believe Christian can break into that rarefied realm and become a top-tier player.

While Christian enjoyed a good relationship with TNA brass, was assured of maintaining a strong position on the roster and had a more relaxed schedule with limited travel that kept him close to his family in Tampa, sources say Christian realized that this could be his final opportunity to prove himself as a main-eventer in WWE and establish himself as a future WWE hall of famer. And while Christian is one of the higher-paid performers in TNA, a long run in WWE could ensure long-term financial stability for the wrestler and his family.

Christian could resurface in a WWE ring as early as this month’s Royal Rumble when Jeff Hardy defends the WWE title against Edge at the Royal Rumble. He also is expected to be revealed as the person who attacked Hardy on the morning of the Survivor Series pay-per-view, according to prowrestling.net, setting up a possible Christian vs. Jeff Hardy match at Wrestlemania 25.

Christian Cage and Edge as tag team partners.

(source: Mike Mooneyham at www.charleston.net)

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Bobby Lashley wants to wrestle again

bobbylashley.jpgFormer WWE star Bobby lashley joined James Guttman on ClubWWI.com.

‘On the subject of professional wrestling, JG asked the question that almost everyone asks Bobby when they meet him – TNA. Any chance we could see Bobby tear it up in Total Nonstop Action? Lashley answered and was clear about his intentions.

“I’ll put it this way. I WILL be (professionally) wrestling again. So if there is anything going on with WWE and there’s people there who don’t want to see me wrestle anymore and I can’t be back in WWE, then there will be a TNA. Because I really, like I said before, I really would like to wrestle again. Whether it’s years down the line, whether it’s short stints now where I do matches here and there while still training to fight, I still want to wrestle. So whoever will take me, I’m willing to work.”

Bobby also spoke about no longer harboring any ill-will towards the company. He spoke positively about working with the McMahons both in and out of the ring, but also expressed a desire to wrestle TNA’s Kurt Angle.’

Bobby Lashley won his first mma match.

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TNA Spin Cycle Christmas Edition

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ROH December 30th Newswire

thewrestler.jpegDecember 30th: The Necro Butcher is coming off a tremendous performance in the highly anticipated film, “The Wrestler”, as well as at Final Battle 2008, and now he continues his quest for revenge on the Age of the Fall. On 1/16 in Manassas, Necro will face Delirious one-on-one. This match has another subplot, as Daizee Haze as pegged Necro as the one that can help her deliver Delirious from the mind control that she claims Jimmy Jacobs has been able to maintain over him. Will Necro be able to get through to Delirious? Will Jimmy Jacobs have anything to do with this match? Will Daizee Haze interject? We’ll find out on 1/16!

December 30th: Damien Wayne and Chris Escobar are highly respected by their peers in the Mid-Atlantic region and have made strides as a tag team in FIP. Now they will face their biggest test as January 16 in Manassas brings them the challenge of Brent Albright and Erick Stevens. Albright and Stevens are fresh off a street fight victory in NYC, and are preparing for war inside the steel cage against Sweet-n-Sour Incorporated. If Wayne and Escobar can pull the upset, they’ll solidify their status in ROH for sure. Or did they simply take a payday from Larry Sweeney to soften up the enemy?

December 30th: Speaking of Larry Sweeney, ROH officials have been in talks with him in reference to the actions of the American Wolves this past weekend. The blatant interference is one of the biggest factors that prompted ROH President Cary Silkin to award the Steel Cage match to Albright and Company. But even this may not be enough, as rumor has it that ROH officials feel that Richards and Edwards may need to face some specific music for their high-profile part in the Sweet-n-Sour’s most recent transgressions. More on this as it develops.

December 30th: The End of Year Sale has been extended until Wednesday at noon EST. Don’t miss your opportunity to save 35-40% Off your next order placed at www.rohwrestling.com. Details on the sale can be found here: http://www.rohwrestling.com/news/article.aspx?id=1682.

December 30th: It didn’t take long for the match to get signed, and the dawn of a new day is upon us. On January 17 in Edison, the answers to many questions should be uncovered as Tyler Black has signed to face his former mentor and AOTF leader, the maniacal Jimmy Jacobs. The history between these two men is well documented. The end of their relations came on what is considered to be ROH’s biggest stage. The blood has to be boiling in both men. Both Tyler and Jacobs were contacted for comments. Both men declined.

December 30th: The DVD “Escalation” from Dayton, OH on November 21st is now in stock and available for immediate shipping. This event features Nigel McGuinness vs. Tyler Black vs. Austin Aries in a Non Title Three Way Match; Bryan Danielson vs. Claudio Castagnoli; Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. Jimmy Jacobs & Delirious for the World Tag Team Titles. As a special bonus you can witness the Samoa Joe vs. Tyler Black match from Chicago Ridge, IL on 11/22/08.

December 30th: ROH officials have reached out to Austin Aries to see when he wants to exercise his title shot, which he earned by defeating Tyler Black in New York. ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness has stated that he’ll accept the challenge whenever mandated by the ROH Booking Committee, but did so with a bit of trepidation, as he questions Aries “mental state”. ROH Officials have also expressed concern, as Aries’ recent actions, both in and out of the ring; have prompted many to raise issue. From the heated blood feud with Jacobs, to the happenings this past Saturday in New York, and now with Aries refusing all forms of contact from the ROH office, no one is quite sure where Aries stands.

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WWE, TNA, ROH official response to ‘The Wrestler’

thewrestler.jpgWWE’s response:
“While ‘The Wrestler’ is a very engaging movie, it portrays how wrestling was conducted in some independent wrestling circuits, unlike WWE, which is a global brand with millions of fans.”

TNA’s response:

“We’re happy to see professional wrestling in the mainstream spotlight through the movie ‘The Wrestler.’ Mickey Rourke’s performance is nothing short of sonsational; Mickey Rourke is the movie. His portrayal of an over-the-hill wrestler struggling to fing his own meaning in life has already been talked about as Oscar-worthy, and rightfully so.”

ROH’s response:

“Jerry Lynn was in attendance at a private ROH screening recently, and (was) said to be very emotional about his career and its similarities to the career of Rourke’s Randy ‘the Ram’ Robinson.”

Movie Poster for ‘The Wrestler’

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WWE’s WrestleMania plans dealt blow by Batista injury

orton1.jpgBatista’s injury has botched WWE’s plans through to WrestleMania. WWE reports that Batista tore his hamstring in the same match that John Cena reportedly injured his neck and had been toughing it out until recently. Our sources suggest that the injury was in fact much more recent, but the effect is the same. Batista has had surgery to repear the tear and will probably be out of action until SummerSlam.

Raw ran a storyline last week that had Randy Orton gloating about a concussion he gave Batista when he kicked him in the head. It was a good segment that gives WWE a storyline for when Batista returns. Orton worked the mic in bizzarroland (Toronto) and was cheered by the audience, so it will be interesting to see how WWE handles their new anti-hero Randy Orton.

Batista had been considered as John Cena’s opponent to headline the Raw side of the card at WrestleMania 24. The two met last August at Summerslam in a match which was put together with little build and potentially could have reduced interest in a rematch if it was to happen at WrestleMania.

Although plans for WWE’s biggest show of the year will likely change a number of times between now and next April, Batista’s injury makes the chances of a John Cena vs. Randy Orton main event in Houston, Texas the most likely option right now.

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2008 Impact Recap Review!

img_1457.jpgTNA used the final episode of Impact in 2008 New Year’s Eve to look back on an incredible 2008. The night’s main event featured the first title defense of 2009, as Beer Money Inc. defend the tag belts against LAX.

Mike Tenay and Don West start the show on the entrance ramp and hype what’s on tap for this reflection episode of Impact. They also tout the tag team championship main event match between Beer Money Inc. and LAX.

1) Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett – Guest Enforcer: Mick Foley

In this match from TNA’s Bound For Glory 2008 PPV, Jeff Jarrett returned to TNA and Mick Foley had his first TNA PPV. The match itself was really good, going back and forth throughout. After a ref bump and a few chair shots from Kurt Angle, Foley got involved, unleashing Mr. Socko on the Olympic Gold Medalist and sending him into a guitar shot that earned Jarrett the victory.

Winner Via Pinfall – Jeff Jarrett

After the commercial break, a package was shown on the TNA Knockouts division, as well as the feud between Awesome Kong and Gail Kim.

2) TNA Knockouts Championship Match – Awesome Kong w/ Riesha Saeed vs. Gail Kim (C)

This was from a January 2008 broadcast of TNA Impact. Gail Kim took three Kong Bombs in this match that left her titleless and with a concussion. Gail Kim also put up a hell of a fight.This match began Kong’s first reign as TNA Knockouts Champion.

Winner Via Pinfall and NEW TNA Knockouts Champion – Awesome Kong

3) TNA Heavyweight Championship MMA Rules Six Sides of Steel Match – Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle (C)

This was from TNA’s Lockdown 2008 PPV. For weeks leading up to the match, vignettes were shown of Samoa Joe training under MMA conditions for the MMA rules that the match was being contested under. This was an excellent match that was capped off with Samoa Joe landing a Muscle Buster on Kurt Angle and earning his first TNA Heavyweight Championship.

Winner Via Pinfall and NEW TNA Heavyweight Champion – Samoa Joe

Mike Tenay and Don West were shown in the ring, hyping the rest of the show and the TNA Tag Team Championship main event.

4) TNA Heavyweight Championship Match – AJ Styles vs. Sting (C)

This was from TNA’s Turning Point 2008 PPV. This match was built around the Main Event Mafia vs. Frontline feud which is currently still going on in TNA, making this an excellent selection to round out the recap portion of this Impact episode. After a hard fought match, Sting walked away with the victory and retained the TNA Heavyweight Championship.

Winner Via Pinfall and STILL TNA Heavyweight Champion – StingBack from another commercial break, a package was shown on TNA’s tag team division, as well as Beer Money Inc’s rising within the ranks and the return of LAX.

Mike Tenay and Don West hyped the TNA Tag Team Championship match, then pitched it to the ring for live action.

5) TNA Tag Team Championship Match – LAX (Homicide and Hernandez) vs. Beer Money Inc. (James Storm and Robert Roode) w/ Jackie Moore (C)

LAX was hot out the gate and took the fight right to Beer Money Inc, with Homicide hitting a Tope Con Hilo, then reaching into the beer cooler to grab some refreshments. Back from the commercial break, Beer Money Inc. had things going their way, distracting referee, Earl Hebner, and forcing a tag to Hernandez to go unseen. Eventually, Homicide made the hot tag and the match broke down, with both teams scoring several near falls. LAX had the match won, but Jackie Moore distracted Hebner, allowing Robert Roode to send Homicide into a steel chair shot that knocked him, giving Beer Money Inc. the pinfall victory.

Winners Via Pinfall and STILL TNA Tag Team Champions – Beer Money Inc. (James Storm and Robert Roode)

The show concluded with a highlight package that featured TNA’s greatest moments from 2008. All in all, a good episode that featured good match choices and served it’s purpose.

(source: slam.canoe.ca)

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“Wrestler” Gimmick Being Used In Ring Of Honor

rohbelt.jpgROH’s veteran wrestler Jerry Lynn sees a strong parallel between his career and Randy “The Ram” Robinson’s career in the new movie, ‘The Veteran.’ So much so, that prowrestlinginsider.com is reporting ROH has decided to create a storyline around the simularities.

The storyline began when ROH heavyweight champion Nigel McGuinness verbally assaulted Lynn after a match, then Lynn apologized for attacking him in response, saying he was wrong to do it and talked about how the wrestling business really didn’t exist for him anymore.

In the ROH storyline, Lynn will now play the underdog who doubts his own abilities but wants one more shot at glory.

The climatic finaly for ‘The Wrestler’ was filmed at a ROH event and frankly, ROH would have to be crazy not to exploit this exposure. If ‘The Wrestler’ really does well, could this lead to a TV contract for ROH?

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Bret Hart talks to Wrestleslam UK

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