JB update on The UK Tour

We’ve got another great ‘behind the kayfabe curtain’ report by JB. Make sure you check out James Storm! While everyone else was just getting up to go to London, Storm was just leaving the hotel lounge.

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Eric Bischoff lays into Matt Hardy

matt_hardy.jpgEric Bischoff and Matt Hardy are feuding on their blogs.

It’s hard to justify talking about binging with your brother in one breath and being more responsible about your career than others before you in one breath. Eric was pretty direct responding to Matt’s recent blog by calling Matt ‘a friggin goof.’ Eric started by stepping up to defend previous generations of wrestlers, then he got a little off track. There’s no way either Hardy can be referred to as a ‘mid card talent’ at the end of their careers. Still, we admit the original post that started this was full of potential irony and we can see why Eric found himself compelled to respond.

Matt responded to Eric’s criticism by saying he didn’t know or care that Eric had a blog until he heard about Eric’s remarks. Matt responded by pointing out that he was at a New Year’s Eve party like the majority of the adult nation on the first occasion and with the whacky hours he keeps, he was simply wide awake on the second occasion at midnight. Matt says he will stand behind his remarks that this generation of wrestlers are far more financially smart than previous generations and have access to support programs today that didn’t exist back in the day for guys like Jake Roberts. Matt said indirectly that he isn’t his brother and the Wellness Program loves him. Finally, Matt pointed out explicitly that financially, he’s doing ok.

Matt’s biggest point we thought was to say that his brother isn’t his generation. This brings us to what we think is the catalyst of this feud. The generation gap.

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2009 WWE Royal Rumble

rumble.jpegWWE Royal Rumble Card

Ready for the 2009 Royal Rumble? Nothing compares to the anticipation of the biggest wrestling event of the year, The Royal Rumble PPV! Here’s this year’s highlights and with it, we ask, who do you thinks going to take what?

30-Man Royal Rumble Match

Mark Henry
CM Punk
The Brian Kendrick
Triple H
Big Show
Vladimir Kozlov
Shelton Benjamin
Randy Orton
Chris Jericho
Kofi Kingston
Rey Mysterio
The Miz
John Morrison
Cody Rhodes
Ted DiBiase
Santino Marella

ECW Champion Jack Swagger vs. Matt Hardy

Jack Swagger has the ECW Championship and Matt Hardy wants it back at their rematch at the Royal Rumble. Jack Swagger defeated Matt for the title and days later, Hardy defeated Swagger in tag team action on Smackdown.

World Heavyweight Champion John Cena vs. JBL

JBL has Shawn Michaels on his payroll and will this give him what he need to take the title from John Cena?

Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix vs. Melina

Melina’s had a good push to give her momentum going into Royal Rumble, but is it enought to defeat the Glamazon?

WWE Championship: Jeff Hardy vs. Edge

The other Hardy, Jeff gets to face off against the guru of the laddermatch, the Rated-R Superstar Edge who is looking to regain the gold.

Other Highlights at 2009 Royal Rumble:

Kevin Rudolf’s “Let it Rock” is the official theme of the Royal Rumble.

Rumble with Melina on the Live Blog

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin

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JR on Stone Cold, Kevin Nash, Victoria, Kelly Kelly, Mr. McMahon on RAW

jr.jpegIf I was asked once I was asked a dozen times who was going to induct Steve and I, for one, hope it is Ric Flair as that would be like Babe Ruth inducting Mickey Mantle into MLB’s HOF. Its not my call and who ever is finalized works for me because this matter isn’t about the presenter but the inductee.

The WWE TV folks did an amazing job on putting together the Stone Cold HOF video that aired last week. Amazing editing and great music. How one capsulizes Austin’s WWE career in a short video is essentially impossible. I can’t wait to see what the WWE comes up with for Steve for the HOF Ceremony.

My old friend Kevin Nash recently had his 27th surgery which is astonishing. I wish him a speedy recovery. Kevin is one of the wittiest and most intelligent guys in the business and parlayed being a former hoopster at Tennessee and a bouncer at the Cheetah Club in Atlanta to fame and fortune in the squared circle. Kevin was on the same high school All State basketball team in Michigan as Magic Johnson back in the day. I always think of Kevin when we visit Detroit which is his hometown.

I wish the WWE had a better opportunity to acknowledge Victoria wrestling her last match with the company this past Friday night on Smackdown. I had no clue that Victoria was having her last match until I arrived in Omaha the day of the event. Victoria has been one of the hardest working women in show business and worked diligently to perfect her in ring skills. I hope all the younger 8X10 type Divas will work as diligently as Victoria in learning their craft. Victoria had the challenge over the years with wrestling many Divas with far less in ring talent than did she but Victoria always made things work. I have great respect for her work ethic and her love of the business and wish her well in the next phase of her life. She had already started to get involved in other businesses over the past few years and she deserves nothing but happiness and success. Her exotic look always made my old heart beat a little faster. Hey, just because a happily married man is on a diet doesn’t mean he can’t look at the menu.

Kelly-Kelly just turned 22 which means in wrestle-speak that she is potentially on The King’s radar for only 3 more years.

Someone in Houston asked me what I thought about Mr. McMahon returning to Monday Night Raw this week from Chicago and I mentioned it would be akin to a “train wreck” which means it will be something most will want to see for whatever reason. I know I’m going to be watching because I am anxious to see the dynamic between the Chairman and his daughter Stephanie who is the Raw General Manager. I think the interaction should be compelling TV and Mr. McMahon’s return certainly adds more star power to Monday night. Monday Night Raw is getting plenty of WWE “love” which isn’t a bad thing and hopefully Friday Night Smackdown will get some of that TLC sooner than later.

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Ring of Honor shines in ‘The Wrestler’

rohbelt.jpgWe want to pass on this news story by Chris Gordon posted on www.app.com. It talks about the potential windfall ‘The Wrestler’ may have for ROH. In the early 80s, Vince McMahon used a recognizable wrestler who starred in a show you might have heard of, “Rocky III”, as the face for his business initiative to take over the wrestling industry. Hulk Hogan filmed his part in the film against Vince McMahon’s wishes and left the WWF for the AWA for a period afterwards. Vince had to wait until Gagne at AWA had completley burnt his working relationship with Hulk Hogan before Vince had his top face.

Vince doesn’t seem to have vision, but, he can recognize a good thing after the fact, and Vince apparently hates ‘The Wrestler.’ Why do we talk about this? Because we seriously are wondering if the ‘next big thing’ in wrestling is coming out of ROH- as McGuinness, or Necro Butcher, or if maybe, ROH is about to become the ‘next big thing.’ We’re wondering if Vince realises this, yet, or if he’s just got an uncomfortable rumble in his guts right now.

ROH is a hair’s breath away from a slot on TV and then we get to find out.

The filming of the movie “The Wrestler” initially didn’t leave a big impression on Ring of Honor wrestling champ Nigel McGuinness.

“There wasn’t much to it,” McGuinness said. “We didn’t know if it would be in movie theaters.”

McGuinness and his fellow Ring of Honor grapplers participated in several scenes of “The Wrestler” when the movie, starring Mickey Rourke, was filmed at the Dover Ballroom in Dover last March. Since then, industry buzz has grown around “The Wrestler” and Rourke’s performance, to such an extent that the actor just won a Golden Globe for his role.

“The Wrestler,” with a title song by Bruce Springsteen, is out in limited release and playing at the Montgomery Cinema in Montgomery Township.

McGuinness and the Ring of Honor crew come to the Inman Sports Club in Edison tonight.

“It was nice to see how movies get put together: that was exciting, and it was a fantastic learning experience,” said the British-born McGuinness. “I really enjoyed my time working on it, but I didn’t know if it would be released.”

McGuinness has a few lines in “The Wrestler,” which depicts the life of fictional wrestler Randy “The Ram” Robinson (Rourke), a journeyman grappler who wrestles in the Elizabeth area.

The attention that Rourke and “The Wrestler” is receiving just might draw interest to real-life wrestlers, like McGuinness, who aren’t in the big-ticket WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

“I don’t know if it will shed a new light on wrestling, but it will be a look under the rock of stigmatized portrayals that this sports entertainment, or whatever you call it, usually gets,” McGuinness said. “There’s a lot of people who work outside the WWE and struggle to make the big time.”

The Ring of Honor offers good, old-school wrestling action without the superfluous nonsense associated with other wrestling organizations. McGuinness, who’s the champ, The Necro Butcher, also in the film, and Jerry Lynn, whose career has many similarities to Randy “The Ram” Robinson, will see action tomorrow in Edison.

McGuinness, by the way, is a bad guy. When he comes out there’s “nothing but boos,” he said.

“You can’t pick your family and you can’t pick your wrestling fans,” McGuinness said.


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TNA House Show Results at National Stadium, Ireland

tnamaximumimpact.jpegTna held it’s first ever show in Ireland at the 3000 sold out National Stadium

Opening Contest-

Alex Shelly Retained his X Division Championship in a Triple Threat against Doug Williams and Eric Young when Alex pinned E.Y after a sliced Bread. Alex was WAY Over with the crowd.

Up next it was the Beautiful People against ODB and Taylor Wilde. Taylor takes the heat with lots of ODB chants. Velvet Pins ODB with her finisher after being sprayed in the face with hair spray by Angelina. Crowd well into the Beauties.

Joe Defeated Bashir next after Sheik insulted the Irish(Cheap heat). Joe cleaned house with a Muscle Buster in a short enough match. Lots Of JOE JOE JOE and JOE’S GOING TO KILL YOU Chants. Joe looked like he enjoyed it.

Next was match of the night. Team 3D defeated Matt Morgan and Abyss in a number one contenderhips match for the TNA Tag Team Championships(Match to be held the following night in Dublin) In a “Dublin Street Fight”. Brother Ray announced this himself and both teams fought into the croed and into the bleachers. Finish comes with a 3D on Abyss. Brother ray again takes the mic and announces that this is Team 3D’s first ever appearance in Ireland,and proceeds at his attempt at Irish Dancing Mid Ring(Hilarious,Crowd and Team 3D loved it)

A twenty Minute Intermission followed and kids got to go backstage.

Borahs comes out and announces J.J to the ring. Jeff thanks us and says its an honour 7 years to the month that TNA held its first PPV In Nashville to be doing a show in Ireland. he then brings out Foley to a great pop. Foley blabbers on about his Grandmum being Irish(We got a Grandmum Foley chant going which he thanked us for). He mentioned Obama having irish roots and again said it was an honour. Kind of pointless promo,but hey we saw Foley!!

Next up was Beer Money INC against Creed and machismo for the straps. Great spot in this. Storm got in Hebners face alot in the opening minutes(Hebner was 50/50 with the crowd,lots of “You screwed Bret chants,followed bu Bret screwed Bret chants). Anyway Hebner exploded took off his Ref shirt,Creed put it on and ordered the match to restart. Hebner grabbed Storm in a headlock shot him off the ropes and he and creed double hiptossed Storm then Roode backed off. Hilarios got a HUGE pop. match then proceeded and finished when Roode hit Jay with a title while the ref was distracted for the 1..2..3. Great match.

Main even Saw Kurt Angle V AJ Styles. Not as great as i expected,but a good solid match with both hitting their signature moves and Angle hitting an Angle Slam for the finish.

Afterwards Angle grabbed a chair and intended to hit AJ. Foley came out to try and stop it and got a punch for his troubles.. This brough Double J out who sent Angle out of the ring. Foley then did his. “You not only hit a hardcor legend,you hit TNA’s majority shareholder speech and made a match for the following night between Angle and JJ which brough boos from tonights crowd. AJ then got an OLE OLE OLE OLE chant going after complaining he ddn’t hear it after hitting his “Soccer Kick” The Pele.

A Fantastic house show for their first time in Ireland. JJ said they would be back soon,and with the venue selling out both nights,i can see it happening.

Biggest Pops:

Aj Styles
Team 3D
Beautiful People

Biggest Heat:

James Storm(Calling us English)
Bashir(Also Insulting Us)
Doug Williams(Playing up the fact he’s from England)

(source: gerweck.net)

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Jake “The Snake” reviews RAW

jakesnake.jpegJake’s latest RAW review, for January 12, 2009

After some thought, decided to do best and worst of each show.

Although I’m sure that is subject to change.

Show starts same old way, but at least Stephanie fires Jericho. Just wish it would stick. But I’m sure with Father returning next week, just a bit of drama.

Regal and CM
Idea was if Regal gets DQ or counted out, still loses belt. In the day, this was a great stipulation if it had been worked properly. In this case, it stunk to high heaven. Began with no-nonsense chain wrestling which was great to see. Worked it into a headlock by CM. Steve goes for back suplex but did not give enough boost for CM to land on his feet. Which makes him stumble and fall out of position to shoot into corner, for high knee that Steve waited on toolong. Steve’s fault. Then, to make matters worse, CM it’s your responsibility to show guys how to take bulldog. Obviously you haven’t. So one stinker followed by another stinker. Then to make this match totally suck, referee DQ’s CM for low blow. Only problem … actually, there were several: 1, referee out of position to see it, 2, never happened, 3, when’s the last time you’ve seen a DQ? Give ME a break. You see folks, that is what happens when you go for something and try to produce an angle that should be simple yet in the past there is no DQ for anything other than lack of thought. This could have been a great thing, but I blame the wrestlers and the writers as time was not given to produce anything credible. Less than 2 minutes. Does that tell you anything about the investment they have decided to give to this angle? It does me.

Steve, OUCH. Hate to say it, but you brought yourself down on my ladder of respect with this performance.

Austin to HOF, and why not? Just announced Bill Watts. Sorry folks, I won’t be
there this year.

Thing w/ Orton, can anyone say “Tag Angle”?
Rhodes and Dibiase vs Manu and Snuka Jr.

Girls will be girls, period.

Wow, go figure. Champ signs next week for Royal Rumble–belt on line. But not
tonight. Don’t you hate it when a champ wrestles and belt isn’t on the line. You can always count on him losing, can’t you?

Cena vs Shawn.
Headlock takeover by Shawn was wrong and hurried. Love the forearm by Cena and the way Shawn sold it. Great stuff, it was solid like playing chess, and avoiding each others best moves. Actually made sense. Great chops by Shawn, although undersold by Cena. Shawn took great backdrop and worked hard at building Cena for his future. Only problem, Cena forgets to sell, all Shawn has given, which discredits the work done. Shades of Flair, with corner bump and figure four. Yet Cena won’t even register the damage. Oops, I was wrong. In fact, he oversells for 10 seconds, then forgets it. Cross face by Shawn, poorly applied and again Shawn producing spot for Cena to show his strength and power. Oh, well, then the break. Wonder where it will be when we get back…

Cena goes for the finish, Shawn hooking ropes. Smart move by Shawn and then the bearhug? Didn’t know that was part of Cena’s arsenal. Yet Shawn fights out, and sells better than ever, even goes to his trade-mark nip-up. They both go for finishes, used all of their signature stuff and then some. Superb false finishes, both men taking the time to do it right. Cena out of character coming off top (as I would be) thanks for the DDT, Shawn, don’t even have to say my name. Just use the DDT, that’s enough to make me happy. Cena ducking sweet chin music then hitting Shawn with his finish and a kick out. Shawn getting his kick in yet another kick out. Let’s apply the STF by Cena with JBL just gently leaning on the ropes, making it easier for Shawn to reach them. Great camera work, and idea. And Shawn is disgusted by JBL helping him. Shawn does not see the distraction by JBL, hits Cena with kick, and wins the match. Leaves ring immediately, leaving JBL, gloating over Cena. All to set up match at Rumble.

This, my friends, was one of the best Raws I’ve ever seen. Thanks mostly to the hard work and professional job done by Shawn Michaels. I enjoyed it and was proud to watch it. Thanks so much. Does anyone realize what a great job Shawn did selling everything he did? That is one thing Mr. Cena should watch and try oh so hard to accomplish. The proper way to sell makes the match and doesn’t waste the effort given. Wonderful.


Check out Jake’s MySpace Page

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New Japan Pro building relationship with TNA

newjapanpro.jpegThe Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that New Japan Pro Wrestling is attempting to build up their relationship with TNA. Yujiro and Tetsuya Naito are being taught English with the idea of having them go to the United States for an extended stay. New Japan wants Tead 3D to defend their newly won IWGP titles in TNA.

As we previously reported, New Japan Pro Wrestling is looking to strengthen their relationship with TNA. Here is the line up for the 2/15 New Japan show at Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan.

– Mistico vs. Mephisto

– Masahiro Chono & AKIRA vs. Beer Money (James Storm & Robert Roode)

– Tiger Mask vs. Jushin Thunder Liger

– Giant Bernard vs. Kurt Angle

– IWGP Tag Team champions Team 3D vs. Togi Makabe & Toru Yano

– IWGP Heavyweight Title: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

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Post-TNA Impact footage with Jeremy Borash


What happened after TNA “iMPACT!” went off the air on Thursday night?

Jeremy Borash is back with more stylistic reporting on the TNA scene. This time, Jeremy shows us what happened after TNA went off the air, as he tries to get comments from “Bog Poppa Pump” Scot Steiner and “Maple Leaf Muscle” Petey Williams! The close up photage and the angle of the shot is pure gold, people.

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Preview for next Thursday’s “Impact!”

tnamaximumimpact.jpegThe Total Nonstop Action kicks off at 9pm et exclusively on SpikeTV

On Thursday night, TNA Wrestling returns to SpikeTV for two hours of Total Nonstop Action as the road to the February 8 “Against All Odds” Pay-Per-View continues.

Check out what you will see on the huge broadcast:

– After what happened this past week, the featured bout will be Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle taking on his nemesis “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles in a Tables Match!

– Plus, how will the Main Event Mafia answer Team 3D’s challenge to the matches they want at the “Against All Odds” Pay-Per-View? Sources say the Mafia will answer Brother Ray and Brother Devon on Thursday night!

– Also, the Main Event Mafia attempt to get revenge as Legends Champion Booker T and “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner take on “Maple Leaf Muscle” Petey Williams and Eric Young in a tag team elimination match.

– In his first title defense, Alex Shelley puts the X Championship on the line against “The Guru” Sonjay Dutt, Sheik Abdul Bashir and his Motor City Machineguns partner Chris Sabin in a four-way match!

– In TNA Knockouts action, ODB battles Sojo Bolt of the Kongtourage

Plus, more matches will be announced for the “Against All Odds” Pay-Per-View! All this and much more starting at 9pm ET on Thursday on SpikeTV!

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