Jericho fan incident at WWE RAW ECW Live event in Victoria

In Canada, if, in interacting with a person, you convince that person that he/she is in immenent danger of being battered, you may have committed the crime of assault. Physically touching a person without permission to do so is battery. That’s the legal definition of assault and battery in Canada.

Chris Jericho is a wrestler and works in a world where all disputed involve assault and all disputes are settled in the ring. Y2J steps out and starts walking to the ring, the audience is allowed to cheer of to jeer Jericho. If you lay a hand on Jericho, you’re going to get your ass kicked. That’s inside the arena. Out in public Jericho lives in the same world as everyone else. He’s a private citizen and you’d better treat him like you expect others to treat you, or- you could get your ass sued. You threaten Jericho in a parking lot and you attack Jericho and you’ll face criminal charges and you could face a tort of assault and battery from Jericho himself.

So, if you decide you just have to jump in front of Jericho’s vehicle and start smacking the hood with your hands, slam Jericho’s car door on his face when he tries to exit his vehicle and then physically and verbally assault Jericho- YOU ARE AN IDIOT! If you attack Y2J and he responds by pushing you to the ground, you are guilty of battery and Jericho is legally defending himself. If you think Jericho has to remain in a situation that puts him in danger until the police show up- you are wrong again.

So, to the gaggle of idiots who put Jericho in harm’s way after the WWE event in Victoria, we have some advice. Stop acting entitled, privileged or morally in the right. You are none of that. You are not in a position to lay charges. You are not in a positiion to sue. You should take some good advice, have a lawyer make a formal apology on your behalf to Jericho for acting like a jerk and then pray that Jericho forgets you ever existed.

As for security out in the parking lot- what was that cluster about? It appears that there wasn’t enough security in the lot to handle what was happening. Security should have kept the assaultants away from Jericho and his van. Security should have kept the crowd away from Jericho. They should have been doing their job and they clearly weren’t. Jericho was clearly in harm’s way and Jericho was forced to take measures to get himself out of an uncontrolled and dangerous situation. Oh, that’s also security’s job, for the record.

This whole situation is leaving a bad taste in our mouths.

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Mickey Rourke not wrestling at Wrestemania

matt_hardy.jpgMickey Rourke’s handlers have moved quickly to reign in their comeback star and keep him from tanking his Oscar chances by participating in Wrestlemania. On Wednesday, Rourke’s spokeswoman Paula Woods sent an e-mail to the Associated Press that Rourke won’t wrestle Jericho. Woods wrote Rourke “will not be participating in WrestleMania. He is focusing entirely on his acting career.”

So, what happens? Hollywood steps in and tells Rourke that if he tries wrestling for real, he loses his Oscar. Maybe he gets sent back to acting winter again and this time for keeps.

Or, is it all an angle and even Mickey Rourk’s handlers are in on it?

And there we have the beginning of a great WWE wrestling vs Hollywood elites feud. Rourke returned to boxing way past his prime just to see if he could do it. You’d better believe he wants to give wrestling a try. If Rourke wrestles at Wrestlemania for a lark, the crowd is going to boo him. If Rourke defies Hollywood and risks his acting career to wrestle at Wrestlemania because it’s something he ‘has to do’, does that make him a babyface? Are you fed up with Hollywood snobs looking down on wrestling? Well, that makes Rourke our babyface. If you don’t buy Rourke wrestling, then go cheer Jericho. Point is, this the right catalyst for a great Rourke- Jericho feud and…a great performance.

Some of the greatest hollywood stories revolve around the brilliant but flawed hero who can’t help but act on his convictions, even if it costs him his dreams. Some of our personal favorite examples would include, Robert De Niro as Rupert Pupkin in ‘The King of Comedy’ and Kevin Costner as Roy McAvoy in ‘Tin Cup.’ Rourke is definately a hero with ‘a fatal flaw.’

Byron Robinson for the Piledriver speculated recently that since the Oscars take place on Feb. 22, still about a month and a half before WrestleMania, a possible in-ring deal with Rourke could return to the table after the Oscars. We respect Mickey Rourke’s handlers for trying to give Rourke a bit of immortality by helping him win an oscar. We think if Rourke wants a legacy, he should act on his impulse, give Hollywood the finger and give the greatest performance of his life not in a movie, but in the squared circle. is now reporting a more subdued story, that Rourke will be attending Wrestlemania as a special guest of WWE, there to support the wrestlers. Rourke will not be there to wrestle, of course.

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J-Lo Brown coming to ROH

dlobrown.jpegMulti-Time Champion Headed To ROH

ROH officials have been speaking with one of the top names in professional wrestling about a possible engagement in Florida. More details to follow…

Earlier today, as part of the ROH Newswire, Ring of Honor made the preceding announcement. Now with the negotiations put to bed, we can officially announce which top shelf competitor will be making their way to ROH during the “Proving Ground ’09” weekend in Florida. It’s a weekend in which many different competitors will be given an opportunity to showcase their skills for the first time in Ring of Honor, and we are proud to announce the addition of one more name.

On February 7th in Orlando, FL, for one night only, D-Lo Brown will look to prove himself inside the ROH ring. D-Lo is a former WWF Intercontinental & European champion, a former NWA World Tag Champion, and a former GHC Heavyweight Tag Champion. Now he is looking to forge a name for himself here in ROH. “I hear how great the wrestlers in ROH are,” said D-Lo. “And I look forward to showing the fans that it’s okay to still be down with the brown. After the 7th in Orlando, I’m sure all of ROH will be too.”

The question remains: who D-Lo will face in Orlando? ROH officials will have that announcement next in the Newswire!

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JR on ‘The Wrestler’

jr.jpegJR spoke about The Wrestler recently while doing his Q&A,

‘A friend sent me a link to something some idiot said about me essentially saying that I only went to see the film “The Wrestler” because WWE management told me to. That’s one of the more stupid things I have read in a while. The Mrs and I watched the movie twice, at home on a DVD provided to me, if it matters. I still plan on going to see “The Wrestler” at a theater to enjoy it in that atmosphere as well and I encourage any fan to check out this compelling drama.

‘Mickey Rourke seems like a likable guy as depicted on The Larry King Show on CNN this week. I caught the replay while in Indianapolis and was entertained by Rourke’s laid back banter and mild rebuttal to Chris Jericho as the two of them discussed various possibilities at Wrestlemania 25. If Rourke and Jericho were ever to meet in a wrestling ring, I wonder how many die hard wrestling fans would boo the Golden Globe winning actor and cheer the controversial Jericho? Second question is, does it matter if there is a backside every 18″?’

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*Spoilers* Smackdown 1.30.09

logo2.jpgWe have the taping results for this week’s Smackdown! Just click on more to view.

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*Spoilers* TNA iMPACT! 1.29.09

tnalogo524.jpgWrestling Confidential brings you the latest news in wrestling. We have the results for this week’s iMPACT! taping for you. Just click on more to view!

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Mickey Rourke interview on the carpet

The interviewer’s reaction to Mickey Rourke’s announcement is exactly how we feel about Mickey doing Wrestlemania!

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WWE Randy Orton wins the Royal Rumble and cannot be fired by the Chairman

randyorton.jpegLast Monday, ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton laid the boot to the WWE Chairman so hard the rumour is McMahon had a concussion and a cut ear. Vince’s return (which gave RAW a 3.9) was cut short by the legend killer’s actions, which culminated the most entertaining RAW segment we’ve seen in months. This act would also ‘end’ Orton’s career in the WWE!

Randy dodged the bullet by earning a “guaranteed” WWE or World Title match at WrestleMania 25 by winning the Royal Rumble match! This means that Randy Orton gets to stay at least until WrestleMania. This victory also sets the stage for a great feud with the Chairman, as Vince is going to be pissed that he can’t utter his catch phrase, “You’re fired” and bury Orton. There plenty of room for twists in this feud, as there’s a good chance that one of Vince’s children will join Orton’s stable, pitting the McMahon family against each other and further jacking up the tension.

We think it’s a great development for RAW and will lead to some great episodes leading into WrestleMania.

Question we have is, can Randy Orton put on a program as engaging as Stone Cold Steve Austin versus the Chairman, as many fans are now raving?

Randy Orton earned the victory with the final elimination of Triple H. The final four were Orton, Hunter, and Legacy members Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes, eliminated by Hunter before Orton snuck in behind Hunter and eliminated him. WWE has sent a strong signal having three young faces in the final four for the Royal Rumble. By the way, Randy was WAY OVER with crowd.

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Mickey Rourke stepping in the ring for WWE?

thewrestler.jpegWe couldn’t believe this when we read it. Access Hollywood is actually reporting that Rourke will be participating in WWE’s “Wrestlemania 25” in Houston on April 5! This is simple the most awesome story to break wrestling in years!

Okay, can we believe Rourke would be willing to step into a ring and wrestle? Hell, yeah, he would!

Here’s the problem this presents for Rourke’s handlers. Many biographers state that what finally tanked Rourke’s career in Hollywood was Rourke return to professional boxing. Soft porn? Sure. Boxing? Hollywood considered an actor who slummed around in sweaty boxing rings just too sleazy to gamble on. Now, Rourke has been pushed like crazy, with comments like, “the resurrection of Mickey Rourke” and Hollywood has embraced Mickey Rourke’s powerful and moving performance as Randy “The Ram” Robinson. Now everyone’s re-examining Rourke’s impressive performances over the years in a new light. Mickey Rourke is being offered the honoured distinction of entering a private, elite Hollywood circle of accomplished career actors.

Rourke acting like a wrestler has given him Golden Globe and Oscar buzz. Rourke actually wrestling in the dirty world of WWE is going to tie his fairweather supporters up in knots!!! This is like Barbara Pierce Bush (the elder twin) marrying a broke redneck from the bayou! To Hollywood (not us), this is the equivelant to putting a drunk in a new suit and calling him a doctor, only to later see him looking through a garbage can for a crust of food! Hollywood has been looking down of wrestling for years as a ‘poor man’s entertainment.’ Now, one of their own is going to wrestle professionally? Can the glamour of Hollywood survive slumming with the masses? Can you imagine Jack Nicolson sitting front and center at Wrestlemania?

What other trained actor in existence has the background Rourke has to step into a ring, wrestle and perform for the crowd on all levels? There is actually a chance here of Rourke forcing Hollywood to consider wrestling as a legitimate kind of performance, to be evaluated and contrasted to other mediums, like Broadway. Wrap your head around that concept! Robert Ebert, critiquing Wrestlemania 25!

The danger to Rourke in wrestling in the WWE is that this move can send him back into the cold in Hollywood as fast as he came in from the cold. The Hollywood clique may become extremely pissed at Rourke. That being said, Rourke’s going to live his life his way and if you like Rourke, just accept it’s part of his package. We have no problems with it. Mickey Rourke is simply our friggin’ hero!

Highlights from the acticle,

“Mickey Rourke has received critical acclaim for his comeback role in “The Wrestler,” where he plays a former pro wrestling legend who falls on hard times.

And on the red carpet at the 15th Annual SAG Awards on Sunday night in Hollywood, the actor revealed he’s about to get in the ring in real life.

“The boys from the WWE called me and asked me to do it,” Rourke told Access Hollywood. “I said, ‘I want to.’ I’m talking with [WWE legend] Rowdy Roddy Piper about it.”

In fact, Rourke, whose role in “The Wrestler” earned him a SAG nomination for Best Actor (as well as an Academy Award nomination and a win at the Golden Globes earlier this month), said the professional wrestling industry has been extremely supportive of his portrayal of the sport.

“The nicest thing has been the whole wrestling community embracing us,” Rourke said on the red carpet. “The movie was about their world.”

And when he does jump into the ring with WWE, it appears the actor may already have his sights set on an opponent.

“Chris Jericho, you better get in shape,” Rourke added. “Because I’m coming after your a**.”’

‘Nuff said.

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TNA UK tour success, TNA UK PPV announced

tnaimpact1.jpegTNA talent must be walking on air right now with another high-energy, highly successful tour in the UK. TNA has an upcoming show in London that could be the largest crowd in the company’s history, with 8000 fans in attendance. The TNA roster has been treated like rockstars everywhere they’ve gone.

TNA did a production shoot for Bravo in the UK to promote iMPACT! on the network.

And the biggest news to come out at the tour is Dixie announcing a planned UK PPV. We’ll report more on this!

Joe listens to the crowd as he is way over in this match against Bashir.

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