Smackdown Spoiler

The show starts with Vickie Guerrero coming to ringside in a wheel chair. She says that Batista, Undertaker and Edge all have three matches tonight.
Match 1: Edge defeats Funaki with a spear. Short match(less than two minutes)
Match 2: Layla and Victoria defeat Michelle McCool and Kelly Kelly. Blame Chuck Palumbo who distracts Michelle McCool.
Match 3: Rey Mysterio defeats Kenny Dykstra. Mysterio 619’d for the win.
Match 4: Batista defeats Kane(Last Man Standing match). Both wrestlers are on the outside, Edge shows up and spears Batista who had just spinebusted Kane on the announcer’s table. The 10 count begins and Batista gets in, but not Kane.
Match 5: Festus defeats Miz. Festus finishes with the flapjack.
Match 6: Hornswoggle vs. Khali ends in no contest Finlay goes Shillelaghy crazy, but Rujin Singh grabs Hornswoggle, distracting Finlay and setting him up for Khali’s chokebomb.
Match 7: Undertaker defeats Mark Henry and Big Daddy V in three-way match. Taker wins with by choke slaming Henry. After the match the other two lay a beating on Taker,and Edge comes out to mock him.

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