Jake Roberts looking best in years, Hulk Hogan’s Wrestling with The Stars, The Rock turns 36, Tough schedule for wrestlers up North

jakethesnakeroberts.jpgJake Roberts was part of IWC Night of Legends in Franklin, PA, with Jimmy Hart, and Marty Jannetty. Word is, Jake “the snake” Roberts, who recently completed a rehab stint, looked the best he’s looked in more than a decade.

Word is Hulk Hogan’s got a new reality show, in which he will be training celebrities to wrestle. ‘Hulk Hogan’s Wrestling with The Stars’ is being produced by Eric Bischoff. The show will be in production 5/5, wrap up on 7/11 and will debut in the fall on Country Music Television.

Apparently Brook Hogan and The Rock have something in comon: their birthday. Brook turned 20 yesterday and The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, turned 36.

Jim Ross will be speaking soon to WWE developmental talent in Tampa, FL.

UFC is bringing both Brock Lesnar and Mark Coleman to Las Vegas, NV for its 5/24 show.

RAW, Smackdown! And ECW Superstars, along with the WWE crew have a brutal performance schedule up in Canada, putting on eight shows in just five days. These shows will be the first time WWE returns up North since the Chris Benoit double-murder suicide tragedy. All Canadian events scheduled to take place last year were canned to avoid any problems but with nearly a year gone by the company is back to entertain its Canadian fans. The tour will be having stops in Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario with one show Friday, two shows today (Saturday), three shows tomorrow on Sunday and then RAW tapings in Toronto and Smackdown!/ECW in London.

For an interview with Jericho & Edge, check out an article by Tim Baines from the Ottawa Sun. In “Jericho & Edge talk cheers & jeers, eh?” Chris Jericho talks about how pumped he gets when stepping into a ring in Canada. Edge, another Canadian wrestler and one of WWE’s top heel, is concerned about the reception he’s going to get.

Highlights include:

Chris: “The thing about the Canadian fans that’s really cool … if you’re from Wisconsin and you’re working in California, nobody cares … but when you’re working anywhere between Moncton and Vancouver, you get that, ‘Hey, you’re Canadian!’
“It’s Chris Jericho the Canadian, not Chris Jericho from Winnipeg. It’s always a blast to wrestle in Canada.
Edge: “Rather than come out and say: ‘I hate Canada and Canadians …’ we don’t force that on our audiences anymore.
“Everywhere else, the fans hate me, but it’s different here. This is home. It’s like my home town is the whole country.
“If it goes the same as it’s gone in Toronto, I could be cheered. The gauge will be this weekend in Moncton.”
For the complete article, go to slam.canoe.ca

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