Mick Foley Update, Heel Turns Back To Face, ECW Commentary Change.

foley821.jpgMick Foley has a speaking role as an antique store owner in the upcoming pyschological thriller entitled “Anamorph” which stars William Dafoe.
D.H. Smith’s heel turn did not go well last week on Heat, as he has already switched back to babyface for the next set of tapings. For whatever reason, the heel turn did not go well at all.
Sources are saying that Joey Styles will no longer do commentary for ECW television shows and will be replaced by former American Gladiator’s host Mike Adamle who will start his new role with today’s tapings. Previously he was a backstage interviewer with RAw and the Pay-per-views. Its being reported that Styles will be moving to a new role within the company as he only recently(last november) signed a five year deal with WWE.

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