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ECW’s Joey Styles and Tazz are calling the battle royal, with the winner receiving an ECW world title match. Those announced for the match:

Brian Kendrick
Matt Striker
The Miz
Trevor Murdoch
Lance Cade
Chuck Palumbo
Mark Henry
Elijah Burke
The Great Khali
Val Venis
Jamie Knoble
Jimmy Wang Yang
Shannon Moore
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Hardcore Holly
Cody Rhodes
Kofi Kingston
Tommy Dreamer

It came down to Snitsky, Kane and Mark Henry. The final two in the ring were Henry and Kane. Kane eliminated Henry to earn the ECW title shot. The battle royal lasted less than 10 minutes.
– The broadcast starts off with airplanes flying over the Citrus Bowl. Lilian Garcia welcomes us to Wrestlemania XXIV. John Legend sings “America the Beautiful,” from his piano on the entrance ramp.

– Video hyping the show airs.

– Pyro goes off. The sky appears to be overcast. JR welcomes us to the show.

– Garcia introduces the first match, a belfast brawl. She is looking stunning tonight.

– They show a video highlight package for the Finlay vs. JBL program.

(1) Belfast Brawl: JBL vs. Finlay. JBL arrives in his limo. Finlay brings his shillelagh and the returning Hornswoggle to the ring with him. JBL attacks Finlay as he arrives to the ring, to start before the bell rings. The referee finally rings the bell to officially start the match. Finlay brings in weapons from the under the ring, and throw them in the squared circle. The ring is flooded with garbage cans, lids, cookie sheets, and the ring steps. Hornswoggle distracted JBL, which allowed Finlay to strike JBL with shillelagh and knock him out of the ring. Finlay brings in a table and sets it up in a corner. Finlay drives JBL’s head into the Raw announce table, which is ringside. Finlay dove at JBL on the outside, but JBL nailed him with a garbage can lid. Finlay recovers, and rams JBL into the table, but JBL kicks out at two. JBL wins the clothesline from hell at 8:37.
Kim Kardashian, backstage, talks about the Money in the Bank match. Mr. Kennedy comes in and says he’ll win the match for a second time.

(2) Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Mr. Kennedy vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Y2J vs. MVP vs. Carlito vs. CM Punk vs. John Morrison. They have several ladders set up in the entrance way. Wrestlers look up as the brief cake is hovering over the ring. As the bell rang to start the match, several wrestlers left the ring to attempt to bring in a ladder. All six announcers ringside have their mics open to call the action. Morrison did a moonsault with a ladder on the outside, taking out several of his opponents. Mr. Kennedy climbed the ladder early on to go for a quick repeat, but was unsuccessful. Sunset flip by Benjamin, knocked off Mr. Kennedy doing a suplex on Morrison, off two ladders. GTS by Punk on Benjamin, but Kennedy his a Samoan Drop on Punk onto a ladder. Carlito was one step away from winning, but stopped by Benjamin, and pulled off the ladder. Benjamin is knocked off a ladder in the ring by Carlito and Kennedy, which knocked him through a ladder on the outside. I did notice a plane with a banner flying over the Citrus Bowl, but I couldn’t make it out. Carlito did a back stabber on Jericho off a ladder. Matt Hardy runs in and hits the twist of fate on MVP as he was about to win the match. Hardy runs out of the ring and leaves through the crowd. Y2J went for the win, but Carlito spit an apple into his face. Mr. Kennedy knocked him off. Punk knocks off Punk. Code breaker by Y2J on Punk. Punk and Jericho climb the ladder, and battle for the brief case. Punk traps Jericho in a ladder, and grabs the brief case for the victory at 13:55.
Backstage, they show John Cena. Then they show Randy Orton, and then Triple H all in different locker rooms.

– They show highlights from last night’s hall of fame ceremony.

– Howard Finkel introduces the class of 2008 hall of famers. Mae Young acted like she was going to take her clothes off, but is stopped by Mike Graham. Flair’s kids represented Flair.

– Backstage, Todd Grisham talked to Snoop Dogg. Dogg brings out Festus, but is interrupted by Santino. Dogg rings the bell, and Festus goes after Santino. He said he got the bell from Mick Foley, who has Mr. Socko.
They show Freddie Prince Jr. sitting ringside.

– Lilian introduces Teddy Long and William Regal for the GM challenge match. Long introduces Batista, and Regal introduced Umaga. This match is being called by Cole and Lawler.

(3) Umaga vs. Batista. The King says over 70,000 fans are in the building. There is group of guys sitting near ringside that are dressed like the Spirit Squad. Samoan drop by Umaga, but only a two count. Fans are flat for this boring match. Spinbuster by Batista, and hits the Batista bomb at 7:06 for the victory.
Ross and Lawler are ringside talking about the Mayweather-Big Show match. Mayweather is shown with his crew, as they do the tape of the tape. Mayweather is 159 lbs. and Big Show is 441 lbs. They throw it over to Joey Styles and Tazz. Tazz and Styles show highlights of the 24-man battle royal, with Kane going over to earn the ECW title match.

– Estrada introduces the ECW title match.

(4) ECW title match: Chavo Guerrero vs. Kane. Styles notes that this is the first time the ECW title has ever been defended at a Wrestlemania. Chavo turns around, Kane is already in the ring, and Kane wins with a chokeslam to win the ECW title in 10 seconds.

– Raven Symone is in the ring for the make a wish foundation.

– Career Threating match appears to be next. They show the Ric Flair tribute video again. They also show a video highlight package for the Flair/HBK saga.

– Before the match, Mike Adamle interviews Ric Flair. Flair said his gameplan is to be the man, whooo!

(5) Career Threating match: Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels. They showed a large “Flair Forever” sign in the crowd. Lots of fans have the letters cut out for Flair’s “W-H-O-O.” Flair got into HBK’s face and yelled “Old Yeller?” HBK slapped Flair, which appeared to bloody up his mouth. Flair went for an early figure four, but is kicked out of the ring. HBK attempts a flip from the ring, but misses Flair, and slams hard into the announce table. Ouch. It appeared HBK took the impact in his ribs. Charles Robinson is the referee. Flair’s standing vertical suplex on HBK got a good crowd reaction. HBK flipped Flair over the top rope, landing the Nature Boy onto the floor. HBK hit the moonsault onto Flair on the outside. Both men re-enter the ring as Robinson reached a nine count. HBK dropped an elbow from the top rope, and called for sweet chin music, but held up. Flair responded by putting HBK into the figure four leg lock. Michaels reversed the figure four, and Flair grabbed the rope. Flair chop blocked HBK. Another figure four by Flair. HBK grabbed the bottom rope for a break. The fans booed. HBK gets up and Flair walked into sweet chin music, but Flair got his shoulder up from a near pinfall. HBK tunes up the band again, and tells Flair to get up. HBK calls for sweet chin music again, but Flair doesn’t get up. HBK helps up Flair, but gets a low blow for his trouble. HBK kicks out though. Figure four attempt by HBK, but Flair grabbed the bottom rope. Thumb to the eye by Flair. Flair is being “the dirtiest player in the game tonight.” A series of chomps by both men. HBK hits sweet chin music to win at 20:21. Before the kick, he tells “I’m sorry, I love you.”

After the match, HBK walks away. Flair cries in the ring, as does his family at ringside. Flair is cheered by the crowd! Flair hugs and kisses his family. Flair walks away from the ring, and acknowledges the fans.
Backstage, Grisham talks to Edge. Edge says we’ll see more history tonight. Edge talks about being at ringside at Wrestlemania VI, and seeing his idol Hulk Hogan lose. Tonight he kills the spirit of another young fan when he ends Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak.

– More pyro goes off to mark the second half of Wrestlemania.

– Lilian introduces Snoop Dogg. Dogg drives himself down to ringside in a Dogg cart, with the divas following behind. The divas surround the ring.

(6) Bunny Mania Lumberjack Match: Women’s champion Beth Phoenix and Melina vs. Ashley and Maria. Santino escorted Phoenix and Melina to ringside. Snoop Dogg is sitting ringside in a big gold chair. Melina is tossed outside, the divas push her back into the ring. Fans are dead for this one. The lights went out at the four minute mark. They have a large flash light on the ring. Maria had Phoenix pinned, but its broken up by Santino. Lawler goes after Santino and hits him with a right hand. Phoenix pins Maria with a fisherman’s suplex at 5:57. After the match, Snoop Dogg clotheslined Santino, and kisses Maria.
JR says the next match will be the WWE title match.

– They show a video highlight package of this feud.

– They have a college marching band and cheerleaders around the entrance area. The band played the entrance theme for Cena, as he was first out. He came out wearing a college jersey.

– In text voting, 52% predicted Cena to win, 40% for HHH, and only 8% for Orton.

(7) WWE title match: Randy Orton vs. Triple H vs. John Cena. This is no-DQ, no countout. Early on, Triple H brawled with Orton into the ECW announce booth. Orton did a double DDT on both of his challengers, but could only get two counts on Triple H and Cena. Cena blocked an RKO attempt, and dropped him hard onto Hunter. At 7:30, Orton hit a RKO on Hunter, but he was able to roll out of the ring. STFU by Cena on Orton, but Hunter pulled Orton’s hand out to grab the bottom rope. Hunter slams Cena into the ring steps. People ringside have on “we hate Cena” t-shirts. Triple H put the crossface on Cena, but Cena grabbed the bottom rope. Five knuckle shuffle by Cena on the Game. Spinbuster by Hunter on Cena. Hunter hits the pedigree, but Orton makes the save and pins Cena himself at 14:09 to retain the WWE title.
Backlash promo airs featuring The Undertaker. The PPV is 4/27.

– Backstage, they show Big Show walking around.

– Video hype package for Big Show/Mayweather airs.

– When Mayweather came out, they dropped dollar bills from the sky.

(8) No Holds Barred: The Big Show vs. Floyd Mayweather. Pinfall, submission, or a knockout is to determine this match. Mayweather is wearing gloves. Mayweather has landed a few jabs. Mayweather tooks a drink from a joust, but Big Show knocked it to the floor. Big Show chopped one of Mayweather’s men. Big Show attempted to stomp on Mayweather’s hand, but he moves just in time. Mayweather jumped on Big Show’s back, as fans boo-ed. Big Show stomped on Mayweather’s left hand. Big Show chopped Mayweather. Big Show put his weight across Mayweather’s back and Show smiled. Big Show side slammed Mayweather. Big Show walked on Mayweather. Big Show headbutted Mayweather, and then dropped an elbow on the boxer. Mayweather’s crew pulled him out of the ring, and started to walk away. Big Show runs after him, and brings him back to the ring. One of Mayweather’s handlers hits Show with a chair, but gets a chokeslam. Mayweather uses a chair on the Big Show. Low blow by Mayweahter, and more chair shots. Mayweather hits Show with brass knux. Big Show doesn’t answer the ten count, so Mayweather wins via knockout at 11:36.
They announced that next Wrestlemania 25 will be at the Reliant Stadium on 4/5/09.

Kim Kardasian is in the ring to announce the attendance at 74,635. Cole says it breaks the Citrus Bowl record.

– They show an Undertaker highlight package.

(9) World Heavyweight title match: Edge vs. Undertaker. Teddy Long wheeled Vickie Guerrero to the top of the entrance ramp so that Edge could kiss her before he walked down to the ring. Undertaker attempted the top rope walk, but Edge, followed by an Undertaker counter. Coachman and Cole are calling the main event. Edge stayed on the offensive in the early stages on the match. Taker did the dive over the top rope onto Edge on the outside. Vintage Undertaker as he drop kicks Edge on the edge of the ring. Edge dropped The Undertaker over the guard rail. On the mat, Edge worked on The Undertaker’s leg. Snake eyes by Undertaker, but Edge countered with a drop kick, and a two count. Edge countered a chokeslam attempt with a DDT, but Taker kicked out. Chokeslam by Undertaker, but only a two count. Superplex by Edge. Edge countered a last ride into a neckbreaker. Last ride by Taker, but Edge kicked out. Edge blocked a tombstone attempt. Old school top rope walk by Taker! Referee bump. Edge low blowed The Undertaker with the referee down. Edge goes outside and gets a TV camera, and nails Taker with it. Edge went for the referee, but pushed him out of the ring. Tombstone piledriver by Taker. Charles Robinson runs down the ring, but it allows Edge to kick out. The Edge heads run down the ring, but Taker chokeslams one into the other. Spear by Edge, but Taker kicked out. Another spear, but Taker slapped on his submission manuever. Edge taps out at 23:51, so Undertaker wins via submission and captures the World Heavyweight title. 16-0!
Taker neals down in the ring with the gold belt, as pyro goes off!


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