Friday Night Smackdown Recap

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Friday Night Smackdown: TV Report
Fayetteville, NC
Crown Coliseum

-The show opens with Kane headed to the ring and Michael Cole saying we’re less than 48 hours away from ‘Mania. Coach is saying you can feel the heat, literally.

-Khali heads out next. They hype that the battle royal match is a “freeview” on on Sunday.

-Chavo is at the announce table and providing guest commentary.

-Chuck Palumbo comes out on his bike. Cole mentions to Chavo that all 24 men in the battle royal will be gunning for him. He said they should be, it’s the ECW title.

-Mark Henry comes out. Cole says he could be one of the 24 men that could be facing Chavo for the belt at ‘Mania.


-Kane starts battling with Khali and turns his focus to Henry. He hits a DDT on him then Palumbo takes him down. Kane sends Palumbo outside and he is eliminated less then a minute in. Khali and Henry go to work on Kane in the near right corner. They whip him into the far left corner and Henry charges at Kane. Kane moves and goes to work. He splashes Khali in the other corner and Henry catches him when Kane runs back over to him. Khali ends up hitting the tree slam on Kane. Henry picks Kane up and tosses him over the top about 2:00 in.

-It’s down to Henry and Khali then Khali hits a big overhand chop that floors Henry. Henry comes back and picks Khali up and throws him over the top to win.

***Henry wins the 4-man battle royal in 2:42.

-After the match Chavo jumps in the ring and starts kicking Henry in the legs. He heads up top and tries to hit Henry with a cross body, but gets caught then served a worlds greatest slam. Cole puts Henry over saying he might be the next ECW champ.

-They hype Edge’s “The Burial of Undertakers Streak” segment for later tonight.

-‘Mania is only 2 days away. Did you know that?

-Backstage Teddy approaches Michelle, Eve and Cherry. He reminds us all about the Smackdown Diva challenge. He tells them it’s time to see who has been eliminated. He pulls out an envelope from his suit jacket.

-Eve has been eliminated from the challenge. Victoria and Maryse show up and make fun of Eve getting eliminated. Teddy says the way to solve this conflict is in the ring. He says we should have a wet and wild water fight. He asks the ladies what they think and there is a long pause. Eventually they start bickering again, saying you’re on back and forth.

-CM Punk is headed to the ring for a MITB preview match. That means the case is hanging from the ceiling. Cole and Coach put over what the case means and Punk’s chances.

-Morrison makes his “rockstar’ entrance.


-They both stare up at the briefcase and then lock up. Punk gets in a standing waist lock, then Morrison switches into one of his own. Punk comes back with a hammerlock and Morrison takes him down. Punk gets back to his feet and rings the arm. Morrison elbows out of it and goes for a kick, but Punk catches his foot. Morrison flips and kicks Punk with his other foot.

-Morrison goes for a clothesline and Punk ducks, then comes back and hits a cross body that sends each over the top rope and they go to break about 2:00 in.

-Back from the break both men are down on the mat and Punk has a body scissors applied. They move away from the hold and Punk hits a flapjack. Morrison ends up outside and Punk gets on the apron and Morrison takes his feet out from under him. Back inside Morrison mounts Punk and delivers some punches. He throws Punk into the ringpost.

**BREAKING NEWS: The Mayweather-Big Show match must have a winner. Anything goes. You can win by submission, knockout, or pinfall.

-Yes that scrolled across the bottom of the screen on Smackdown. It’s nice that they just decided this today.

-Morrison has Punk in an arm bar and Punk ends up getting draped across the ropes. Morrison goes for a springboard kick and Punk moves. Punk hits a kick to the torso and Morrison comes back with one. Punk hits another and Morrison comes back again. Punk hits a big back body drop and now a monkey flip. Now a basement dropkick from Punk and he sends Morrison outside. Suicide dive to the outside on Morrison!

-Both men get back in the ring and Punk hits a powerslam for 2. Double underhook backbreaker by Punk gets a 2 count. Morrison comes back with his own variation on the backbreaker and that gets a 2 count. Morrison hits a couple of kicks, then Punk catches his foot and turns it into a GTS attempt. Morrison slides out and gets a roll up for 2. Punk comes back and hits the running knee and bulldog combo for 2. Punk perches Morrison on the top rope. He climbs up to the 2nd buckle and gets a series of forearms from Morrison. Punk goes back up top and hits a hurracanrana from the top rope! Punk never fully flipped and came right down on his head! That could have been bad.

-Punk goes for the GTS and Morrison counters, he goes for the corkscrew neckbreaker, and Punk reverses that back into the GTS and hits it. It’s over.

***CM Punk wins in 13:22. (**3/4).

-They head to the announce table and hype Big Show vs. Mayweather. They play a video from a few weeks ago with Antonio Tarver and others talking about it.

-They run footage of the ‘Mania press conference at the Hard Rock café earlier this week. They show HHH, Orton, and Edge all cutting promos basically. Floyd and Big Show cut promos.

-They cut to Cade, Murdoch and The Miz already in the ring.

-Biscuits and Gravy! Jesse and Festus head to the ring. Cole mentions this a preview of the 24-man battle royal.

-Kofi Kingston gets his own entrance. Cole says he can’t wait to see him in action on Smackdown. Coach calls him charismatic.


-The bell rings, Festus flips and Cade runs. He gets caught in a body slam. Murdoch gets one too. The tag is made to Jesse who comes in and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Cade cuts him off and throws him into his corner. The tag is made to Murdoch who gets hit with a drop toe hold. Kofi now gets the tag in and he hits a cross body for 2.

-Jesse gets back in. He hits Murdoch with a boot in the corner, but Miz comes over and pops Jesse and sends him outside. Miz is in officially now and goes for a cover that gets 2. He puts in a reverse chinlock then tags in Cade. Cade keeps Jesse on the mat and tags in Murdoch. Trevor goes for a suplex and Jesse reverses it for one of his own. Festus wants the hot tag, but Miz comes in and cuts it off. Miz rubs his forearm on Jesse’s face while keeping a submission hold locked in. He goes back to just the chinlock and Jesse hits a jawbreaker. Murdoch comes in, but he gets a back body drop. Jesse crawls for festus and Miz cuts him off. He is able to get a tag to Kofi though.

-Kofi hits a series of kicks on the heels, now a russian leg sweep on Miz. He hits the two-legged leg drop. Festus gets in the ring and a double clothesline on Cadoch. Miz and Kofi are alone in the ring and Kofi hits the buzzsaw kick. That gets it.

***Jesse, Festus, and Kofi win in 6:17. (*3/4).

-They recap the ’08 HOF inductees and show the Gordon Solie video package.

-Back from a commercial they hype Jericho vs. MVP.

-Batista makes his way to the ring. Cole hypes the match with Umaga at ‘Mania. They said his opponent tonight is from Raw and picked by Regal. They acted and Batista acted like he didn’t know whom he’d be facing.

-Snitsky makes his way out. Cole said “uh-oh.” Batista seemed slightly nervous about it.


-Snitsky steps in the ring and is met by a spear. Batista hits the spine buster. He hits the batista bomb. That’s it.

***Batista wins in :20. Yes, 20 seconds.

-Batista grabs a chair from ringside and goes back in the ring with it. He drops it on the mat and gives Snitsky the Batista bomb on it. Cole says that’s him sending a message to Umaga. Cole says Batista is ready for ‘Mania and Umaga.

-They show the spear and Batista bomb again. For some reason they didn’t bother to just replay the whole match, which would have been quicker then how they set up the replays.

-They hype Edge vs. Taker at ‘Mania. They say Edge has never lost to him, but Taker has never lost at ‘Mania.

-They run a video package on Taker. It moves into a video on Edge that highlights his actions over the past 5 weeks. It then turns into a combined video of what Taker has done in the past 5 week. The typical good WWE video package to hype a match.

***2nd Hour.

-They hype the “burial of the undefeated streak” segment again for later tonight.

-Eve comes down to ringside and will be the special guest referee for the water fight.

-Maryse and Victoria come out first. Victoria is wearing a snorkel, flippers, and floaties (I think that’s what you call them). She’s awesome.
-Michelle and Cherry make their way out together.


-Water balloons are flying. Michelle and Victoria fight over a water gun. Michelle gets it and starts shooting. Maryse is posing. She then gets a bucket of water dumped on her. Water balloons are just flying everywhere. Victoria beats Michelle down with a super soaker. Victoria throws a bucket of water at Cherry, but she ducks and all the water hits Maryse. Michelle hits the wings of woe on Victoria and gets the win.

***Michelle and Cherry win in 3:13.

-After the match the face divas dump more water on the heel diva’s.

-They recap the titillating action. It wasn’t really titillating.

-More hype for Jericho vs. MVP.

-Coach and Cole run down the card for ‘Mania.

-Later tonight I will be posting my ‘Mania preview and predictions here on

-1,2, you hear the clock ticking? It’s MVP!

-He cuts a promo saying after ‘Mania they’ll be calling him, Money in the Bank. He’s better then everyone in the Monday in the Bank match and tonight he’s beating Jericho.

-They cut to commercial.

-They televise Jericho’s full entrance. Cole hypes that for the first time in nearly 6 years that Smackdown is Jericho.


-It starts with a lock up, then a hammerlock by Jericho. MVP takes him down to the mat where Chris gets the advantage. He puts back in a hammerlock on the mat and MVP reverses it to an armbar. They get back to get back to their feet and MVP hits a kick to the gut and slaps Jericho across the face. Chris takes him down to the mat and MVP gets up on top. Jericho gets back to his feet and throws a couple of punches. Jericho hits a running back elbow off the ropes and MVP bails to the outside. Jericho hits a baseball slide and goes after MVP. He throws him into the announce table and gets back inside.

-They fight on the apron and Jericho goes for the springboard inside out dropkick and MVP gets a boot up. He mounts Jericho and throws some punches. Jericho charges at MVP in the corner and MVP moves. Jericho leaps into the buckles and flies outside. They head to break about 4:00 in.

-Back from the break MVP has Jericho down on the mat and Chris fights out of it. MVP comes back with a knee to the gut for 2. MVP now drops a knee on Jericho for 2. He throws right hands on the mat and goes for another pin that gets 2. Jericho comes back with a roll-up for 2. MVP went for the patented kick, but Jericho moved. He heads up top and hits MVP from behind with a big forearm to the back. Jericho comes back with a series of fists and chops. Now a big back elbow and clothesline that gets 2.

-Jericho runs the ropes and gets caught with a over the head belly-to-belly suplex. Jericho comes back with a northen lights suplex for 2. An enzuigiri by Jericho leads to a lionsault and MVP gets the knees up. MVP hits the running kick to the skull for 2. Jericho catches MVP and goes for the walls of Jericho and MVP pushes out of it. Now he hits the running kick in the corner and Jericho kicks out.

-MVP goes for the playmaker and it’s countered into the walls of Jericho. MVP quickly gets to the ropes. MVP bails outside and pulls Jericho’s legs out from under him. MVP grabs the US title and runs into the ring after Jericho. Jericho catches him with the codebreaker, but the ref calls for the bell.

***Jericho wins by DQ apparently in 13:50. (**3/4).

-After the match Jericho grabs a ladder from under the ring and brings it inside. He hits MVP in the head with it and celebrates.

-Edge makes his way to the ring. The ring has a black tarp on it. Vickie, The Edge guys and Teddy long are all with him. A casket is also in the ring and a couple of candle racks and a podium. Teddy Long introduces the Smackdown GM, Vickie and world champion, Edge. The fans boo, and a “you suck” chant erupts.

-Edge clears his throat, but the fans stay vocal. He says they’re gathered together this evening, not to honor a man, but the demise of Undertaker’s undefeated streak. Taker has established a level of dominance that may be never seen again. Jimmy Snuka, Jake Roberts, King Kong Bundy, HHH, Randy Orton, Ric Flair, Mark Henry, Batista, and the list goes on and on. Sooner of later everything must come to an end. Very soon in fact, this Sunday at ‘Mania he’ll bury Undertaker and his streak. However, with death also comes new life. All of what Taker has done will be eclipsed by the rated-r superstar.

-Vickie says that it’s her duty to be unbiased as Smackdown GM. She finds it difficult when it comes to this man. We know Edge as the champion, but she knows him as a man who is so much more. He was what men aspire to be. He’s talented, strong, determined, tender, loving, and sexy. She giggles as Edge may have been nibbling on her ear? They’ve made a ‘Mania preview just for Edge. She tells us to watch.

-For decades a monster has terrorized sports entertainment. On Sunday one man sets out to do what everyone else has failed at. When you think you know him, he changes everything. The video calls Edge a beacon of hope and a hero, who will become a legend. The crowd boo’s the video.

-Edge says it was awesome and he hugs Hawkins and Ryder. He doesn’t know what to say to Vickie. She is the love of his life, truly. We all just witnessed what will happen on Sunday when he retains his championship. It’s now time to bid farewell to the streak and to Taker once and for all. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

-Edge stares at Vickie and pulls a veil off of her face and makes out with her.

-Gong! The lights go out! Gong! The music plays. The Edge guys run up the ramp while Edge stands in the ring. The casket opens and Taker pops out. He runs at Edge and punches him he crawls over to Vickie and Taker grabs him. He chokeslams him into the casket. He goes after Vickie and she screams like crazy! She gets up out of the chair and runs away! Taker starts destroying the set. He chokeslams one of the Edge guys, and gives a tombstone to another. Edge jumps out of the ring and heads up the ramp.

-Cole says something will come to an end this Sunday. Either Takers streak, or Edge’s world title reign. Taker poses in the ring.

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