The Score Update, Wrestlemania Tickets Sold, Sid Vicious Update, Kurt Angle Talks About Couture.

1sid1.jpgCanadian Sports Network The Score is going to move up Sunday’s edition of the WWE Experience to 1pm, and the 7pm edition will still air and will be head to head with the first hour of Wrestlemania.
WrestleMania has sold 66,000 tickets, and the HOF Ceremony has sold 7,500 at posting(with a total Arena space of around 10,000). Tickets for the Amway Arena(the HOF Ceremony takes place there) are still available for $55 via Ticketmaster, and keep in mind if you decide to go that business attire is requested.
Sid Vicious is once again talking comback, and this time it seems that he’s ready to commit to the Wrestling schedule etc; here’s what he said:
“I am ready to come back and dominate the industry. All of my peers have faded and or are on their way out. I was blessed with this injury because it has allowed me to rest and heal and now I am 100%. There is no one else out there who has what I have and I am ready to re-educate the wrestling world on who Sid Vicious really is.”
TNA Superstar Kurt Angle has come out and said that he has a summer date for a grappling match with UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture via the Pro Submission League out of Brazil, but its still not clear as to whether Couture will be allowed to fight due to his contract disputes with the UFC.

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