Breaking News: WWE Releases Two Divas

Shelly Martinez aka ArielIn the “well, we sure as hell didn’t see that coming” moment of the day…WWE announced a few minutes ago that they have released WWE Developmental Diva, Angel Williams. Angel made her debut for WWE Developmental territory OVW just a couple of days ago, and was said to have had a great match with OVW’s Serena Deeb. No reason, of course, was given for the release. We will definitely be following this story as it progresses and will hopefully be able to get an interview with Angel Williams in the near future for all of our readers and fans.

And in the “damn, that sucks” (pun intended) moment of the day…WWE has also announced the release of Shelly Martinez, aka super-hot vampire babe Ariel, from ECW. Non-divas that also were on the chopping block include Scotty 2 Hottie, Nick Mitchell (former Spirit Squad member), and of course, Sabu earlier this week.

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