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-After the opening promo Joey Styles lets us know our main event tonight is, Punk vs. Burke vs. Benjamin in a #1 contenders match. The winner will face Chavo next week.

-Kelly Kelly makes her way to the ring. Tazz says you’d think she’d be stuck up, but she’s not.

-Her partner in this mixed tag match is Kofi Kingston. Kofi hugged Kelly once he got in the ring.

-The female half of their opponents is Layla and out she comes.

-Next is Marella.


-Kelly and Layla start it off, but Layla tags Santino right away. That means Kofi has to come in and he goes right at Santino with offense. Kelly and him hit a double dropkick and Marella bails. Back inside Marella hits a leg sweep and clothesline. He bows to a round of boos. Santino whips Kofi into the corner and taunts Kelly Kelly. He drives his shoulder into Kofi’s gut and works the arm. Kelly gets the crowd to rally around her partner, but no luck with it.

-Layla gets tagged in and she taunts Kofi and slaps him. Kelly comes in and hits a clothesline and big boot. She goes up top with a big cross body, but Marella pulls her off on the pin attempt. Kofi takes Santino to the outside. Kelly smacks her ass in Layla’s face then hits a fameasser for the win.

***Kelly Kelly & Kofi get the win in 4:00. Bad, bad match.

-Joey hypes “Bunny Mania” and Tazz sings the Peter Cottontail song.

-They go to the Maria playboy package from Raw.

-‘Mania is only 33 days away.

-Mike Knox has just made his way to the ring as we return from commercial.

-Stevie Richards is his opponent. The comeback continues, says Joey Styles.


-After the bell they lock up with Knox backing Richards up. A big forearm drops Stevie and the trend of opponents working his throat continues. Stevie comes back with some kicks, but gets hung up throat first on the ropes. Knox drives his knee into that throat. Big Mike pushes his throat across the ropes. He puts in a headlock as Stevie gets weak in the knees. The crowd rallies around him and Stevie drives the elbows into the belly.

-Knox drops a leg across the throat for a 2 count. Stevie comes back with a couple kicks to the chest then a Stevie kick! Knox runs at him with an avalanche, but Richards moves and hits one of his own, then another one. He goes for the Stevie T and hits it for 3.

***Stevie Richards picks up another win in his comeback in 5:00. (3/4*).

-Backstage Dreamer is talking to Delaney. Dreamer tells him to stand up. Your injuries are healing (bandages are disappearing). It comes from in here (pointing at the heart). He tells Delaney he can be a champion one day. Delaney asks if he becomes a champion if he’ll get his own entrance music? Dreamer looks puzzled.

-John Cena promo airs where he says, don’t do drugs.

-A video package of the McMahon, Finlay, Hornswoggle, and JBL soap opera is shown.

-At the announce table Tazz called Hornswoggle a great kid. Joey wonders if JBL is telling the truth. Tazz says he doesn’t know.

-Miz makes his way to ringside for tag team action.

-Morrison gets a separate entrance for the match. Joey says out in public women really do flock to Morrison and Miz.

-Dreamer and Delaney come out together.


-Dreamer and Miz kick it off and after some reversals Dreamer hits a bodyslam. Miz tags in Morrison who is met with an arm drag. He comes back with some forearms, but Dreamer catches him with a snap suplex. Delaney tags himself in! He hits some offense and gets a 2 count! Morrison comes back with knees to the face and then he runs at Dreamer with a forearm.

-Morrison tags in Miz and they double up Delaney. Miz puts in a chinlock and the crowd instantly rallies for Colin. Miz breaks the hold and runs Colin’s head into the turnbuckle. More tag team work as Miz catapults Colin into Morrison’s forearm. Then he comes over the top with an elbow to the back.

-Miz comes back in and puts the boots to Colin. A snap mare back into a chinlock. The crowd rallies for Colin again who gets a forearm to the face. Miz goes for a suplex and Delaney slips out and makes the hot tag! Dreamer comes in and hits a bulldog on the Miz. Dreamer sets him up for the tree of woe and hits the running dropkick to the face. A reverse DDT and big clothesline on Morrison that flips him inside out. Miz comes back in running at Dreamer who moves and Miz collides with Colin. Dreamer catches a dazed Miz with a DDT and gets the 3 count.

***Dreamer and Colin win the non-title contest in 8:00. (*1/2).

-Some hype for the main event and Joey says Chavo will join them at ringside.

-Some Chicago White Sox players are in the crowd. I thought AJ was a TNA fan? Aren’t they supposed to be training?

-They run a video package of the press conference from yesterday.

-Miz and Morrison are bickering backstage. Lena Yada shows up. She says the rumor is they’ll have to face Dreamer and Delaney next week in a title match. They say the chances that they get beat by them two weeks in a row is as good as Mayweather beating Big Show at ‘Mania.

-Main event is next.

-1 hour and 52 minutes of ECW television since No Way Out and their champion, Chavo makes his first appearance! He joins the announce team.

-Shelton Benjamin comes out first.

-Out comes Burke.

-Then CM Punk.


-The bell rings and “CM PUNK” chants erupt. The three have a stare down and Shelton hits Burke with a big heel kick that sends him outside. Benjamin runs the ropes and Punk hits a leg lariat. Benjamin comes back to run the ropes again and Burke yanks the ropes down and sends him outside. Now Burke and Punk are inside and Burke gets the upper hand. He drives his shoulder into the gut of Punk in the corner.

-More “CM Punk” chants. Burke with a knee and clothesline. Punk comes back with an over the head belly-to-belly suplex. He hits a springboard dropkick on Burke and sends him outside. Benjamin runs back in the ring and hits the inverted bulldog DDT on Punk. He goes for the cover, but Burke pulls him outside and nails him. All 3 men are down as they head to break 3:00 in.

-Back from the break Punk and Burke are in the ring. Benjamin is pacing around outside. Punk is on the apron and Burke is in the ring. Their battling for control on a suplex attempt then Shelton runs into the ring, sunset flip from over the top to the outside into a powerbomb! Burke takes out Benjamin then hits the handstand elbow in the corner on Punk. He goes for a pin and Shelton jumps back in to break it up.

-Punk is down in the corner as Burke and Benjamin trade forearms. Burke hits the 4-up then goes up top as Punk gets up. He tries to throw Burke off, but he gets pushed down. Benjamin goes running and leaps in a single bound to the top rope and belly-to-bellies Burke off the top.

-Punk whips Shelton into the corner and hits the running knee. Burke hits a dropkick to Punk’s back as he was about to go for the bulldog that gets Burke a 2 count. Burke goes for the handstand elbow on Benjamin, but he stands up and catches him. Benjamin slips out then gets kicked to the outside by Burke. Punk then catches Burke and hits the GTS and picks up the win.

***Punk wins and becomes #1 contender in 11:00. (*3/4).

-After the match Chavo and Punk have a staredown. They’ll be facing each other for the belt next week.

OVERALL: This was another one of those standard and OK editions of ECW.

The opening tag match was terrible, but again the point is getting Kofi over. The rub of Kelly Kelly probably didn’t make much of a difference. Really, the point of the match’s existence didn’t make any sense either. Kelly supports Maria being in Playboy? Layla objects and so does Santino? What does Layla care? Where does Kofi fit into this? Is Kofi excited about Maria being in Playboy? Would he find that to be paradise?

The Delaney story is progressing nicely. The backstage bit between him and Dreamer was fun. Now that they finally gave him a contract I’d expect his build to be a little stronger. Winning the tag titles next week though? It wouldn’t surprise me, but I’m sure they’ll let this brew a little longer before that.

The video package repeats from Raw are beginning to take over the show. I’d be shocked if anyone that watched ECW didn’t watch Raw. They don’t show these constant recaps of ECW and Smackdown on Raw, or what happened on ECW on Smackdown either. It kills valuable time where they could be showcasing another new talent or adding time to another match. They probably waste a good 5 minutes each week with it. That’s a good squash match there.

The main event was a disappointment based on the talent in the ring. A lot of uncertainty plagued the match. The planned out spots were good and went off without a problem, but the between spots were sloppy and at times the wrestlers looked just plain confused as what to do. The fact that everyone knew Punk was going to win didn’t help.

Next week should be a big show with two title matches though. Hopefully neither match will disappoint and WWE will hype the show well and give each match 15 minutes. After all when was the last time Smackdown or Raw had two title matches? Titles are supposed to mean something.

***That wraps up the coverage of ECW here on Hope you enjoyed it.

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