Big Show Update, JR Blog Update, WWE Divas New Venture

victoria832k.jpgIt seems that the Big Show is going to be a WWE Smackdown superstar. His profile was posted at under the smackdown roster,thus ending speculation about which program he’d be under.

Recently JR updated another blog entry and here’s some of what he said:

Speaking of the WWE Hall of Fame, tickets become available to the general public this weekend if I am not mistaken and I strongly encourage all wrestling fans who can to attend. Seeing Ric Flair inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame will be a once in a lifetime moment and hearing Ric’s acceptance speech will be a life time memory for many of us. Who do you think will end up presenting “Naitch?” Interesting question. Stone Cold inducting yours truly last year created memories that I will never forget and we have a cool Hall of Fame, framed display at J.R.’s Family Bar-B-Q to memorialize the moment.

Not that I wouldn’t pay big MMA/PPV money to see it, but the likelihood of a Kurt Angle vs. Randy Couture fight is about as likely as yours truly being included in Mr. McMahon’s will. This fight is another attention grabber on the ‘Net which will never happen.

I have read on several Internet sites this week that there may be a partnering of resources on a Mixed Martial Arts venture between The McMahons and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Cuban even made a comment about such a collaboration this week as it being “a possibility.” This is all new news to me, but I could certainly see a significant and marketable dynamic between the two entities, if it were to occur. MMA fans should stay tuned on this matter. It may be simply speculation but one never knows these days.

WWE Smackdown Diva Victoria recently posted on her MySpace blog,and here’s what she had to say:

I am about to open a custom car shop in Louisville, KY. I am hoping to have the doors open sometime next month. We just finished our first build, which was customizing my Chrysler 300C. I entered it in a national contest, put on by YouTube and Chrysler, and we are one of 25 finalists. The voting is going on right now, so if you get a chance, you can go to and learn how to vote for my car.

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