Hogan VS MMA Fighter?


Months ago, MMA fighter and Xero Underground star, ‘Green Dragon’ Jason Pharo issued what is now known as ‘The Challenge’ to ANY professional wrestler to get in the ring and fight him in a MMA exhibition. This “Challenge” crossed all promotion lines and is a LEGIT, non-scripted, challenge. “I wanna see how many of these rasslers can fight…They claim they are SOOO tough, let’s see how tough they are without a pre-determined outcome!”
Ah, now comes one of the BIGGEST superstars in history, someone Xero officials never would have dreamed of, actually mentioning not only Xero Underground, but Jason Pharo specifically. A few weeks ago on the Bubba The Love Sponge Show, Bubba asked HULK HOGAN about Pharo’s “Challenge”. Hogan then replied, “Who is Pharo? I would just shove him out of the ring and it’d be over”. With that shot, Pharo has PUBLICALLY challenged Hogan, and it’s not just for publicity….”I DARE Hogan to show up! I want him to, one thing I will say, out of all the people that have read and heard about this Challenge, his is the ONLY one to step up. Let’s see if he can backup his words with some action” said Pharo.
People are saying there’s a snowball’s chance in hell Hogan will show up to Aberdeen, MD on Feb 23….”The Challenge” has been issued, Xero officials are welcoming Hogan with open arms and so is Pharo. Will he show up? Or is he too scared? Or too busy with this ‘New Fed’ he is working on ;-)?
We will find out, BROTHER!


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