Royal Rumble Results

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Flair vs. MVP-Flair counters the Play Maker into the Figure Four for the win
Jericho vs. JBL-Jericho nails JBL with a very hard steel chair shot to the head and gets disqualified. Jericho continues his assult on Bradshaw. He tosses the chair right into JBl’s face. Jericho goes under ring and pulls out a camera cord. He chokes JBL with it and then hangs him as the crowd chants Y2J.
Edge vs Mysterio-So far it seems the crowd is cheering for edge, and 50/50 with mysterio. Late into the match Vickie interferes, getting out of the wheelchair. Ray goes for the 619, but Edge spears him for the win.
Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy-Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Orton counters it into the RKO for the win.
Royal Rumble Order of entry: Order of entry: (1) Undertaker, (2) HBK, (3) Santino Marella, (4) Great Khali, (5) Hardcore Holly, (6) John Morrison, (7) Tommy Dreamer, (8) Batista, (9) Hornswoggle, (10) Chuck Palumbo, (11) Jamie Noble, (12) CM Punk, (13) Cody Rhodes, (14) Umaga, (15) Snitsky, (16) The Miz, (17) Shelton Benjamin, (18) Jimmy Snuka, (19) Roddy Piper, (20) Kane, (21) Carlito, (22) Mick Foley, (23) Mr. Kennedy, (24) Big Daddy V, (25) Mark Henry, (26) Chavo Guerrero, (27) Finlay, (28) Elijah Burke, (29) Triple H, and (30) John Cena.
Order of elimination: (1) Santino Marella, (2) Great Khali, (3) Tommy Dreamer, (4) Jamie Noble, (5) Chuck Palumbo, (6) Hardcore Holly, (7) Shelton Benjamin, (8) Roddy Piper, (9) Jimmy Snuka, (10) Snitsky, (11) Undertaker, (12) HBK, (13) The Miz, (14) John Morrison, (15) CM Punk, (16) Cody Rhodes, (17) Big Daddy V, (18) Mick Foley, (19) Elijah Burke, (20) Carlito, (21) Chavo Guerrero (22) Mark Henry, (23) Mr. Kennedy, (24) Umaga, (25) Kane, (26) Batista, (27) Triple H.


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