Hogan MMA News, How’d Vince McMahon Do On Apprentice, WWE Champs Popular, Stephanie McMahon On Jeff Hardy

mcmahon302.jpgThere’s a nice article on Hulk Hogan’s connection with MMA at The MMA News. It seems that his cousin will be debuting in February. Just click the link above or here
Vince McMahon was on the Celebrity Apprentice last thursday, and it averaged a 5.8 rating(third out of five networks, but first among 18-49). The previous week averaged a 5.9 so it seems that Vince appearing on the show didn’t help much.
WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz and John Morrison are more popular than i’d originally thought. Its estimated they drew between 500-600 fans to their autograph signing yesterday, and when they left onlookers said that fans swarmed their limosine, screaming, rocking it, and even chasing it down the street. Wow.
The wrestling observer is saying that there is one person backstage in particular who is against a Jeff Hardy title run, and that person is Stephanie McMahon. Could it be that she’s protecting her man Triple H, and his run in the WWE?

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