Linda Hogan Talks Divorce

linda-hogan-123.jpgThe Tampa Tribune newspaper is running a story about Linda Bollea and her divorce from WWE Hall of Famer, and American Gladiator Host Hulk Hogan. The story stated that Linda had accused Hogan of ‘legal shenanigans’ involving a ten million dollar sum that he had hidden from a real estate sale. According to Linda, Hulk tried to talk her into signing a post-nuptial agreement which she claims it was drafted by a Tampa attorney and Hogan himself before they went to visit him with her being under the idea that the whole meeting was just for real estate planning. Linda also said that she had taken over 1 million dollars from their accounts, but had not spent the money, and said that the money taken from the accounts are under an LLC corporation with Hogan’s close friend Eric Bischoff being the only man in control.

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