Gillberg Interview

gillberg.jpgRecently, Gillberg, that’s right, not Goldberg(whose birthday was on Dec 28th, by the way), did an interview with Alex Marvez. Some of the more interesting quotes were:
“I was honored beyond belief when they let me come out last,” Gill said in a phone interview. “The crowd loved it. The Gillberg gimmick really was the highlight to my career.”
“He was pretty cool and actually took some pictures with me,” said Gill, who appeared in only one Raw skit with Goldberg. “But you could tell that night he hated my guts and everything that had to do with me.”
“They saved me,” a laughing Gill said. “That S.O.B. would have killed me because I’m a little guy (6 feet tall and 230 pounds).”
(This in reference to a Gillberg vs. Goldberg Main Event on Raw that never happened)

Gillberg still hopes that someday perhaps he’ll get another call-up for the WWE, but right now he’s happy with just being on the 15th anniversary of Raw.

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