Triple H News, Mistico News, Hi-Def Pay-Per-View

tripleh201113.jpgThe news coming out of the WWE for the reason why they switched the outcome of the Triple H-Jeff Hardy result at the Armageddon was due to Triple H preferring to get his title shot at Wrestlemania, instead of at the Royal Rumble.
For the second time there are rumors coming out and suggesting that WWE is interested in CMLL SuperStar Mistico. He’s known to work a crazy schedule in Mexico, one that’s even more demanding that WWE’s.
WWE’s Royal Rumble Pay-per view will be the first WWE broadcast ever in high-definition. The date is set for January 27th, and the event will be in 1080i. Some speculate the move to HD was pushed as UFC has been broadcasting in HD for almost a year, and both seem to subscribe to the same demographic.

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