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Cuban born wrestling Superstar and legend Carlos Ashenoff better known by his in ring name through out the world as ” Konnan ” is going back home to the City Of Miami and South Florida to take care of business, professional wrestling business that is.

Konnan who recently departed from TNA and is back down in Mexico running things for the popular Lucha Libre company, AAA ( Triple A ) has now aligned himself with a new South Florida wrestling organization, the IWZ ” Independent Wrestling Zone “, his involvement with the IWZ is deep, Konnan will be bringing his creative and vast experience to the IWZ along with another fellow Cuban who’s background is in the film, music and events promoting industry.

Combined they are looking to spice things up in South Florida while delivering events never before seen in the area by an independent company while utilizing professional sound, lighting, staging and special effects equipment and technology to better enhance their production value, while filming for Television.

” I’m going back to my hometown to set things off, Latino’s rarely are exposed to Indie wrestling, especially in the Miami Dade area, because most shows are held from the Broward County line, on up the state. ”

” We Latino’s have become a major buying power through out the world, we like the good things life has to offer and will drop C notes like nothing if we like and want something. ”

” But things must be slamming to attract a Latino to anything, and that’s what we plan on doing with the IWZ, making things bling, shine, and jump off like a spectacle, Latino style, wild and crazy and above all fun as hell with a solid product. ”

” And you know we’ll have the Chicas, gotta have them fine Miami Mami’s on this thing. ”

Said Konnan , who will not discuss any further details about the IWZ and his role with this new group.

You may see if Konnan speaks more about the IWZ over at www.WrestleZone.com

For more information on Konnan, AAA and the IWZ, please visit the following links.


Myspace.com/iwzone or www.THEIWZ.com and www.TripleA.com.MX

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