Lesnar Makes MMA Debut, Bill Goldberg Commentates

Source: Wade Kellar/PWTorch

Below is my match report for Brock Lesnar’s long-awaited, much-anticipated MMA debut in Los Angeles, Calif. tonight. The full report on the show, which included Royce Gracie, Kazushi Sakuraba, and former NFL player Jonnie Morton, plus two really good mid-card fights, check out my detailed full-PPV report at MMATorch.com.

BROCK LESNAR (29, 6-2, 262) vs. MIN SOO KIM (32, 6-1, 255)

PRE-MATCH: The announcers acknowledged Lesnar’s strong showing at Vikings training camp as Lesnar made his way to the ring. Goldberg provided great perspective. He really did an excellent job on commentary throughout, but was invaluable here providing perspective on Lesnar. He noted that Lesnar’s last match in pro wrestling was against him at MSG. He took a small shot at WWE without going overboard. He also said he gets asked a lot about fighting Lesnar, but he said he’s 40 years old and it’s not going to happen. He said had he chosen a difference career path 10 or 15 years ago, no one could have kept him out of MMA, but it’s a young man’s sport – at least if you’re just starting. Kim has a 2-5 MMA record, but was a 1996 Olympic silver medalist in judo. His two MMA wins were by submission. Lesnar was introduced with his NCAA and WWE title credentials noted, an interesting choice. In the staredown, they went nose to forehead and had a little laugh. Lesnar seemed loose, but that was probably a side-effect of being very nervous. Glazier predicted that Kim is being fed to a shark.

ROUND ONE: Lesnar moved right in, avoiding an pre-match hand slap offer from Kim. He tackled him to the mat and within a minute had shifted to a full mount. He just smothered Kim and threw a barrage of punches from very tight in. Kim surprisingly tapped out before seemed to take much punishment, which means (a) he no heart or (b) Lesnar’s power completely intimidated him and the punches were extremely powerful even from very tight in. Goldberg said Brock is in his element in there. Goldberg added: “He tapped out from repeated punches from a guy who just so happens to be a former professional wrestler. All you naysayers, take that.” Kim was standing a minute after the fight and appeared relatively fine. The replays showed his head was bouncing hard off of Lesnar’s stiff punches.

RESULT: Lesnar via tapout at 1:09.

STAR RATING (*+): A historical fight for a number of reasons, including Lesnar’s potential future in MMA, but not much to it.

POST-FIGHT: Glazier interviewed Lesnar, asking him how it was different from other competition he’s been in. Lesnar said his base is wrestling. He thanked his trainers by name who were in the ring with him. Fireworks shot off and Lesnar let out a smile. The fireworks were so loud, he couldn’t hear Glazier’s question. Glazier loudly asked if it was fun and if he want to continue. Lesnar said absolutely. He said he was disappointed he couldn’t fight “the big-headed guy.” He said he has no idea what’s next. “We’ll see what promoter wants to step up and hand out some money and let’s get some heavyweight titles on the line.” If Lesnar always seemed a little bit miserable in WWE, he seemed to feel totally at home in that MMA atmosphere.

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