SPOILERS – Saturday Night’s Main Event


*Welcome to the SNME spoilers from the Air Canada Centre. Doors said open 6:45 but 6:30 and doors open and half the arena is full. No tarped off areas.

*The SNME set is already out, basically a combination of the Raw set with SNME logo centered towards the lower end of the middle.

*On the top of the stage is a motorcycle, and there are NBC logos all over the arena. There is only one announce table at ringside.

*This crowd is really hot, and only half the arena is full, people are already clapping and the Ric Flair “Wooo!” chants are in full force.

*WWE opening voice over and snme logo lights up on the set.

*Wrestlemania retro video of this year that showed at the end of the PPV is on the Titantron. Live, a huge negative pop for WWE champion John Cena.

Dark Match:

*The SNME logo and set is on and Raw announcer John Roberts is in the ring talking up the crowd. ECW referee in the ring as Chuck Palumbo does his biker intro. Tyson Duxx of Border City Wrestling is his opponent. Chuck looks way bigger than the last time he was on TV, not as lean. The local fans are chanting for Duxx. Some boring chants. Palumbo hits a sequence of a over the head release german suplex, followed by a running big boot, then finally a Dominator into a reverse stunner for the win.

*Michael Cole comes out to smackdown music for SNME announcing followed by Jerry Lawler.

*We see a HHH recovery video for his new quad injury. The crowd cheers for the HHH video and SNME is about to start so “Get your signs up” prompting. About two thirds of the arena is full right now.

*No pyro yet as Ashley Massaro comes down to ringside and takes a seat.


Pyro goes off, set lights up, a bit different than normal.

WWE champion John Cena vs. Great Khali

Cena out to a major chorus of boos. Cena looks a bit bothered. Worse reaction than Unforgiven. Ashley is the ring announcer. They play a history package on Cena vs. Khali and Khali comes out during it, so he goes to the back to redo his intro. The SNME set actually looks very neat lit up, better than I previously said. The crowd is split between cena and khali. Crowd is super hot. And is filling in… So far, Cena had a bit of early offence but Khali powers out of the STFU and the FU at different times. The crowd turns on Khali as he controls the match with a lot of power moves. Cena can’t hold Khali for the FU. Khali hits chop to head and double chokeslam for the win. Khali defeats Cena. Ashley goes to the back, as Khali cuts a promo that gets translated to say that Khali can beat Cena anywhere and will do so at One Night Stand.

*Cena gets booed to the back and there are chants of “You can’t wrestle.”

*Next is ECW champion Vince Mcmahon vs Bobby Lashley in an arm wrestling match.

*Kristal Marshall comes out to announce as they setup the ring.

ECW champion Vince McMahon vs. Bobby Lashley – Arm Wrestling

Announced as the “Doctor of Hardcore”, Vince is out first. We see a history package on Lashley vs. Vince dating back to the shaved head at Wrestlemania. Out comes Lashley to some pyro that explodes on him at the top of the ramp. The crowd is now about 95 percent full. Vince holds the ECW belt up in front of Lashley. Vince gets the “You screwed Bret” chant and won’t lock up with Lashley. he keeps stalling, stopping, locking up, stopping. He gets the mic but it won’t work. Vince gets a new mic and brings out Mark Henry to face Lashley and they start brawling. They go for a bit, big Lashley chant. As Lashley gets advantage, Henry slugs him, and they brawl. Henry bear hugs Lashley into corner but Lashley explodes out with the spear. Vince comes in and nails a chair to back of Lashley. Vince and Henry celebrate up the ramp.

Lashley and Kristal go to back.

WWE World champion Edge promo with Maria where he says he isn’t the tallest, biggest or strangest, but he is the greatest. Big pop for Edge as he’s in his hometown.

The Crowd is full. Torrie willson out to ring announce.

Batista & Chris Benoit vs. WWE United States champion MVP & WWE World champion Edge

Out comes Batista to mixed reaction. His partner, announced from Atlanta, Georgia, is Chris Benoit to a major pop. They bring out MVP’s inflatable set. Out comes MVP. And they strike MVP’s inflatable set in less than 30 seconds. Biggest pop and firework show of all time at the Air Canada Center for Edge who gets a major hometown reaction…. Just amazing how pro-Edge the crowd is. He poses on top of corner.

Edge and MVP compare titles at ringside. MVP and Benoit start. MVP gets to rope to escape the crossface. He tags in Edge to a massive pop. Takes some Benoit suplexes for a 2. All offense from Benoit, so he tags in Batista. Edge tags out. Batista dominates MVP with power moves for a two count, then tags in Benoit. Benoit with chops to MVP then hits three suplexes. Benoit misses flying headbutt. Edge in with a reverse backbreaker and gets a two. In comes MVP, who gets a two with some bodyslams. Edge back in and Benoit now in a headlock. Benoit powers out, hits an enziguiri on Edge. MVP comes in but Benoit is able to tag out. Batista power moves and running clothesline on MVP and as edge goes to make the aave, Batista scares him off. Edge grabs his belt and goes up ramp. A spinebuster on MVP, followed by flying headbutt by Benoit for the pin. Batista and Benoit win.

Candice Michelle comes out to announce.

We see Finlay and Hornswoggle, as well as Boogeyman and Little Boogey walk in the back. They both come out to their own intros…

Finlay & Hornswoggle vs. Boogeyman & Little Boogey

Finlay and Boogey start off. Boogey has control with all power moves. The crowd is split. Little Boogy in and 2 Banzai Drops on Finlay. Lil Boogy hits a DDT and eats worms. Hornswoggle, who is hiding under the ring, tags in. The minis are about to wrestle but Finlay drop kicks lil Boogy. Hornswoggle and Finlay dance in ring. Finish comes when Boogeyman goes after Hornswoggle. Ffinlay gives a big boot to Little Boogy for Finlay to get the win.

*We now have a super long WWE 24/7 promo.

They put a new mat on the ring for the next match, and out comes Extreme Expose to the ring.

During the dance we cut backstage and The Boogies are running after Hornswoggle. Ffinlay lays out Boogey. Hornswoggle and Little Boogey come to the ring. They put Exxpose on their shoulders and Expose gives us a chicken fight. It is a draw, and Little Boogey runs Hornswoggle to the back.

Michelle McCool comes to ring announce.

Kane & Eugene (dressed as Superman) & Doink the Clown vs. Kevin Thorn & Viscera & Umaga.

Doink does the point to face, getting cheered, then points to heel, causing the fans to boo. Doink and Thorn started. Thorn beats down Doink. Eugene and Umaga in. Umaga powers over Eugene and tags in Viscera. Viscera hits the sidewalk slam on Eugene. He beats down Eugene in the corner. Thorn tags in. Umaga and Thorn beat down Eugene, controlling him with power moves. Thorn grabs a chinlock. Eugene gets Umaga to the outside and tags in Kane. Kane beats up Viscera and Thorn. Kane nails a top rope clothesline on Thorn. Umaga destroys Kane, Doink and Eugene. In comes Viscera, to give the love train to Kane. Kane gets out of the way, then hits the chokeslam on gets the pin as Umaga beats up Eugene and Doink.


Now time to change ring and set for RAW. This is a major, major change. They are building the Raw set and dismantling SNME set.

While they change the set, which is an amazing change, they show us a video that has never been on TV. It must be for corporate purposes.

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