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bookert.jpgSpike TV had their media conference call today. On it Booker T spoke about rumors connecting him to the Signature Pharmacy scandal while under contract to the WWE. Booker stated that he never ordered anything from Signature, nor had he even used his credit card to by anything on the internet. Booker also stated that the WWW “didn’t protect him” and when asked how his name was on the list when he didn’t order anything he replied “I really can’t answer that question. I believe in conspiracy theories. I believe I was a Scapegoat.” Booker also claimed that when he first heard about WWE’s new wellness program he called Dr. David Black(in charge of the program) but never got a return phone call.
Booker also said he was currently working on a career documentary, and that he and his brother Stevie Ray had some issues but was hopeful about putting them to rest.

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