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WWE RAWStory By: Steve Carrier
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From Charlotte, NC.

– The show opens up with a recap of Jericho’s return from last week.

(1) Triple H & Jeff Hardy vs Snitsky & Umaga.
Hardy match last week because he wants a shot at the IC Title. Lawler also said that Snitsky is undefeated in the WWE which is far from the truth. Hardy leaped off the ring apron on to Umaga and Snitsky but was caught. Triple H jumped off the apron sending all four crashing down to the floor. Snitsky and Umaga isolated Jeff in the ring. Hardy finally makes the hot tag to Triple H who comes in and cleans house. On the oustside Triple H knocked Snitsky in to the front row. Triple H gave Umaga the Pedigree and Hardy followed that up with the Swanton for the win.

– William Regal comes out and announces Jeff Hardy vs Triple H for Armageddon.

– A limo is shown pulling up outside and out steps Ric Flair.

– Ric Flair makes his way to the ring to make what Lawler calls “A Major announcement”. Flair stood in the ring teary eyed and said that his wrestling career can’t go on forever. He said one day he will have to retire which led to boos from the crowd. Flair said his big announcement is that he will never retire, he loves this buissness and he is going no where. “No Chance” plays as out walks Mr. McMahon. Vince says it’s great that Ric never wants to retire but his career will only go on if he continues to win. So the next time he loses a match his career is over. Vince said good luck Ric and I hope you don”t die anytime soon. Randy Orton’s music hit and the WWE Champion made his way to the ring. Orton says he came out to thank Ric for being a friend to him and all the advice he has given him. He also wants to thank him in advance as tonight he is going to end Flair’s career on Raw.

(2) Hardcore Holly, Cody Rhodes, Super Crazy & Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch & The Highlanders.
The crowd is totally dead for this one. Holly nails the Alabama Slam on Robbie for the win.

– Backstage Todd Grisham interviewed Jeff Hardy. He said it will be an honor to face The Game at Armageddon but he hopes the match doesn’t get in the way of their friendship. Triple H walked in and said they aren’t friends and that at Armageddon he’s stepping in the ring with The Game.

– Highlights are shown of the HBK / Kennedy brawl from last week’s Raw. Backstage Kennedy help up a copy of Shawn’s new DVD and ripped into him. Bringing up the fact that Shawn lost his smile and has turned on every tag team partner he has ever had. He said you get to see Shawn at his best on the DVD as his wines and politics his way to the top. As they cut away you could hear the director of the segment yell clear.

– Backstage Flair is shown chatting with Arn Anderson and Barry Windham.

– Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring dressed in wrestling gear. He demanded that Orton give him a title shot. Santino Morella made his way to the ring and called him “KYJ”. He challenged Jericho to a match and he accepted. Santino then jumped over the announce table on to Jerry Lawler and nailed him with a number of punches.

(3) Chris Jericho vs Santino Morella.
Jericho dominates tha match and nailes Santino with his new finisher The Code Breaker where he drops his opponents face down across his own knee.

(4) Mr. Kennedy vs Brian Kendrick. Kennedy squashes Kendrick and wins with a Flat Liner.

– Kennedy takes the Mic and announces that he will be taking on HBK at Armageddon.

– Backstage Vince gave Hornswoggle another peptalk and booked Finlay vs Great Khali for Armageddon. Carlito tried to attack Hornswoggle but he painted a door on the wall and left through it. Carlito tried to go through the door but hit the wall instead and fell over. Ron Simmons walked in an said “DAMN”.

(5) Mickie James vs Melina for a shot at the Women’s Title.
Mickie James wins with a DDT.

(6) Ric Flair vs Randy Orton.
If Flair loses he must retire. Nice back and forth match. On the floor Orton nails Flair with a suplex. Flair botches taking an RKO. Jericho distracts the referee and Flair nails Orton with a low blow for the win.

– Jericho stares down Orton as Raw goes off the air.

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