Ring Divas News: The ?CyberStorm? Has Passed?Who Was Left Standing?

Empress Sayuri vs. Amy LoveFans, we are just a few hours removed for the event that had promised to change the face of RingDivas, and more importantly of women’s wrestling, forever…Battle Angels: CyberStorm 2007. So, while several questions remain to be answered, the main thing on everyone’s mind right now is, “Did Battle Angels: CyberStorm 2007 make good on it’s promises”? You’re damn right it did…and went way beyond that!

Battle Angels: CyberStorm 2007 is by far the hardest hitting PPV that RingDivas/Battle Angels has ever presented. From the opening bout to the main event, these lovely gladiators layed it all on the line in the pursuit of the ultimate victory. Some succeeded…some failed…but everyone showed that they are more than just “a pretty face”…these divas can fight!

Battle Angels: CyberStorm 2007 features several great matches, including Jessicka Havoc vs. Lexi Lane in a wild brawl that leaves one unlucky lady beaten and battered in the middle of the ring…Angelina vs. Vanessa Kraven where the returing Amazonian Kraven shows why she is considered one of the best, if not most violent, women in the sport today…and TNA Knockout SoCal Val vs. The Grand Yubari where the beautiful TNA Knockout goes one-on-one with the deadly submission specialist in a battle of that will leave you begging for more. And fans, don’t forget the main event…Empress Sayuri vs. Amy Love in a match to unify the RingDivas World Championship and the FightGirl Championship! Oh yeah…you have to know that whenever Sayuri and her DragonStar team mates are involved in a match, things are going to get interesting…and this match is no exception. I just got through watching it, and instead of spoiling it for all of you, just let me say that the ending has got to be seen to be believed…and even then you might not believe it!

And fans, if that isn’t enough…Battle Angels: CyberStorm 2007 also features a sneak peek at the upcoming RD Studios movie, Girls of War, featuring SoCal Val and Crystal Johnson. This preview is hot!

So, whether you are a fan of hard hitting women’s wrestling or just like to watch super sexy, scantily clad women roll around with each other…do yourself a favor and pick up a copy (or download) of Battle Angels: CyberStorm 2007 today!!

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