RingDivas News: Alexa Returns, RD to Offer HD Video, & More

Ring DivasRingDivas First Wrestling Company to Release HD Title

Always ahead of the game and striving to provide our customers with the best product all around RingDivas INC. is proud to announce that Girls of War our latest Heroine Destruction title featuring TNA Superstar SoCal Valerie will be be available in HD DVD, DVD, VHS and Download formats!!!

Thats right, High Definition format that will give our customers the clearest video that any wrestling company has been able to offer. Every drop of sweat, every hair follicle every bruise will be clearly visible in HD DVD.

“We are always looking to get better.” said Alexa Lockhart. President of Media and Talent Relations. We not only strive to enhance our talent and our story lines but we also strive to improve the packaging and delivery of our content. What better way to do so then to be the first wrestling company to offer High Definition content?

“We feel strongly about the HD DVD market and we know our customers will appreciate the monetary investment that it takes to offer our titles in a High Definition format.”

– Alexa Lockhart President of Media and Talent Relations.

Alexa Returns to Action During Cyberstorm 2007

Many fans were happy to see Alexa Lockhart returning to action in the latest Pay Per Download event. Although she only appeared to participate in commentary for one match, it was good to see that she was on the road to recovery and back in the swing of things.

FREE VIDEO: Girls Of War Previews in CyberStorm

Thats right! Lucky fans that purchased the latest Pay Per Download event got a chance to get a sneak peak at the soon to be released Girls Of War “Heroine Destruction Film” starring TNA Superstar SoCal Val! Be the first to check out the intense action & excitement in Girls of War!

All New DVD Quality 640×480 Downloads

Thats right. We are always trying to improve our product and we at RingDivas are happy to announce that all newly released downloads will be 640×480 DVD quality downloads. Better lighting, better camera angles, and better quality is what you can come to expect from RingDivas.com!

HDDVD Girls of War to be Release by RingDivas.com

RingDivas INC. are happy to announce that our first title to be released on HD DVD will be Girls of War.

*Please Note – A high definition DVD player and supported high definition television is needed to watch HDDVDs. If you do not own a high definition DVD player or a TV please purchase the DVD version of the title.

Get your copy of CyberStorm 2007 today & see what all the hype is about!!

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