Mystery Tag-Team to Main Event at Ring Divas Summerfest 2007

Ring DivasWith the most recent announcement of the main event for RingDivas Sumerfest we are sure that many will speculate about who Alexa Lockhart has chosen to face Team DragonStar. We were able to catch up with Alexa Lockhart to get her thoughts on the recent announcement and the mystery Tag Team.

“The Mystery Tag Team that will face Team DragonStar is perhaps the most dominant tag team in all of womens pro wrestling. I have searched far and wide to put a team together that will serve as the last defense against DragonStar. I don’t mean to be grim but for those who don’t understand, DragonStar’s goal is complete and utter Domination. Empress Sayuri, the leader of DragonStar wants to be in a position to inflict pain and destruction on each and every member of the RingDivas roster.

I have personally witnessed how far she will go to destroy someone. Anyone that loves RingDivas should be fearful of the day when Battle Angels fades away into oblivion only to be replaced by a DragonStar regime with EVERYONE on the roster bowing down to the Empress.

This is her sick way of forcing everyone to enslave themselves to her as the Empress of her sick and twisted kingdom. I will do everything in my power to prevent this.

On Saturday August 25th, at RingDivas: Summerfest 2007, DragonStar WILL BE STOPPED and the fans will be in complete SHOCK when the tag team that faces DragonStar will be revealed!”

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