Former WWE Diva Gets the Axe & Nattie Neidhart News

Lauren JonesFile this one in the “Does anyone really give a flying fuck” category. In case you haven’t heard yet (because you should have…I mean hell, this is huge news), FOX’s Anchorwoman featuring former WWE Diva Lauren Jones (remember her? nah, we don’t either) has been canceled after one episode. On a related note, apparently all the WWE-Jones mentions in the media stem from all Lauren’s WWE references on the shows that were taped. Reports say she repeatedly brought up her WWE career (she had a cup of coffee with a roadie who sort of looked like Triple H’s slightly less retarded brother or something) which we all know (really?) was very brief.

As previously posted, WWE is looking to bring the Hart Foundation 2.0 consisting of Nattie Neidhart, Harry Smith, and Teddy Hart up to the main roster soon and want Bret Hart to do an introductory angle for the group (hey wait, doesn’t he hate Vince?). It’s believed they will start working WWE house shows sometime this fall. SmackDown writer Michael Hayes wants to bring the group in as heels but that’s expected to be overruled by a number of people within WWE including Stephanie McMahon who feel that the Harts are too famous (as the worlds best known Eh’ holes) to be booed right off the bat (in other words, let’s wait and see just how pompous of an asshole Teddy is before we boo them).

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