RingDivas News: Summer Fest Results, Mystery Tag Team Revealed, and More

Ring Divas Summer FestSchoolGurl Amber vs. Jagged – SchoolGurl and resident rich chick Amber Van Buren from the Van Buren family goes one-on-one with male competitor Jagged in this intergender mixed matchup. Watch as Jagged completely destroys Amber which a huge array of unbelievable submission manuevers!!!

SoCal Val vs. Nicole Franklin – TNA Superstar SoCal Valerie goes one-on-one with the debuting Battle Angels Superstar Nicole Franklin. The newest addition to the roster Nicole Franklin has quickly taken the title as the most muscular and possibly the most dominant diva in Battle Angels. Watch as Nicole destroys SoCal Val!!!

Crystal vs. Jessicka Havoc – Jessicka Havoc continues her dominate path of destruction as she takes on her new victim. Watch as “The German Giant” steam roles through RingDivas #1 athlete Crystal Johnson!!!

DragonStar vs. Twin Towers of Destruction – After being forced to save the promotion from the threat of complete and utter domination by DragonStar Alexa Lockhart pulled out a trump card in the form of the “Twin Towers of Destruction”. Armed with the task of stopping DragonStars takeover dead in its tracks, former World Champion Vanessa Kraven and “The German Giant” Jessicka Havoc team-up to take on DragonStar.

Download the matches individually above, or click here to get the entire Battle Angels SummerFest 2007 DVD

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