Trish Stratus Update: Future Plans, WWE Return, Cribs, & More

Trish has posted their final part in a three-part interview with Trish Stratus. Here are some highlights from that interview which can be read on

– Stratus will be featured on MTV Cribs in the near future. She and her husband will be featured in 2 Magazine, and she’ll be presenting at the Gemini Awards — Canada’s version of the Emmys.

– Trish is currently planning to open a yoga studio in North Toronto this winter called “Stratusphere Yoga.” It will offer three different disciplines of yoga under one roof.

– Trish will join other celebrities in a Tri4Dignity triathlon race in the Turks & Caicos Islands on Dec. 1. The former Women’s Champion’s leg of the triathlon is the 13-mile half-marathon road course. The event raises money for Dignitas International, an international medical humanitarian organization.

– When asked about her WWE return, Trish said “[The fans] all want to know about a comeback and when’s it going to be. I don’t know. I left with such a fantastic farewell, that I don’t ever want to spoil that. It was so sweet.”

Trish says she still keeps in touch with some of the Divas and watches the occasional RAW and checks out But she warned the other Divas, “If someone started talking (expletive deleted) about me and calling me out, you know, I’d have to come back.”

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