Quick Note: Ashley Massaro Booted Off Survivor

WWE Diva Ashley MassaroOn tonight’s episode of Survivor: China on CBS, WWE Diva Ashley was eliminated after a noble fight, and an unfortunate conflict with fellow tribe mate.

On day four at the Zhan Hu tribe’s camp, tensions arose as Self-appointed leader, Dave, bossed around his fellow castaways, who were hungry and forcing them to build a fire pit before eating rice. “We got the flint last night at Tribal Council, and we haven’t even attempted to make a fire, and we’re starving,” Ashley explained. “It just seems like we take the longest route possible to make something happen. I’m losing faith rapidly.” Ashley urged Dave to get a fire started before the rain started to fall, but Dave refused, antagonizing Ashley. “How many fires have you lit, sweetheart?” he asked her. “I don’t want to fight with Ashley. If she wants a fight I can give her a fight. The rest of the team is great. Ashley…” Dave secretly said, shaking his head. After her departure, Ashley left a few thoughts, including some wise words for the Zhan Hu tribe leader, Dave. “I think I got voted out because of a personal conflict with our leader, and Dave is going to show them the reason that he shouldn’t be in control. And I guarantee you I’ll see him on the flip side way sooner than he imagines,” Ashley warned. “Dave – if I had one word to describe him, he’d be a tool. Because that is the perfect word for him, he’s a tool.”

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