Diva News: Update on Family Feud/WWE and Amy “Lita” Dumas Interview

Former WWE Diva & Possible New TNA Knockout LitaWWE’s Family Feud specials featuring Superstars vs. Divas will air on November 5th through the 9th. Videos have surfaced online of Batista, King Booker, Jonathan Coachman, Kennedy and Ric Flair taking on Queen Sharmell, Michelle McCool, Brooke, Layla El and Maria. In one clip, Maria basically gives away an answer with one of those “Maria moments.”

Amy “Lita” Dumas and her boyfriend/bandmate Shane Morton are profiled in a new article on stompandstammer.com. Dumas talks about getting into the wrestling business and the controversial storyline with Matt Hardy and Edge. The former WWE Women’s Champion says she made enough money with WWE that she doesn’t have to work another day if she doesn’t want to. She is currently focusing on her band, The Luchagors and running her own animal rescue group, ADORE (Amy Dumas Operation Rescue & Education).

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