Will- SHOULD- Kurt be wrestling at TNA’s Hard Justice PPV?

anglemma.jpgIf you haven’t heard that Kurt Angle was arrested Saturday, the day before TNA’s Hard Justice PPV, for allegedly stalking his girlfreind outside a Starbucks who had just put on a restraining order on him, then you must be working double shifts in a hole in the ground.

Kurt’s charges include driving while under a suspension, possession of HGH in syringes and creepy stalking behavior.

What it amounts to is a really, really bad night for Kurt and his- we assume- ex, with the sun dawning and finding one person in a coffee shop and the other circling the neighborhood in a car. Kurt claims he was driving his girlfriend’s car in search of a hotel room and was unaware that his girlfreind was in the Starbucks he happened to be circling. The police kicked him out of his home the night before because of a restraining order given by said girlfreind- who happens to be a Knockout, so Kurt would need to check into a hotel room. Kurt claims he has a subscription for the HGH and by all accounts was able to produce the right form. Kurt’s girlfreind claims Kurt saw her in the restaurant and she was concerned that Kurt was deleting evidence of abuse recorded on her cell phone, which he was in possession of. The media is reporting on the dawn of a really bad night frought with domestic drama-we don’t WANT to know the whole story about what happened to bring about this climatic arrest.

Which bring us to the questions that have to be asked now. Has Kurt’s personal life gotten so completely out of hand that it’s spilling into the media, or was this just a night everyone would sooner put behind them and move on? Can TNA ignore the PR from this incident?

Kurt’s girlfreind is terrified of Kurt and it’s related in reports in a matter of fact fashion that she’d documenting abuse by Kurt. Kurt is showing absolutely no sound judgement in driving around while under a suspension.

Reports and articles have already been written about just how hard Kurt Angle is being worked by TNA. Angle was TNA’s ticket to TV land and TNA couldn’t afford to let Kurt work a sane schedule. Kurt’s inability to back down from a challenge made hime ripe for abuse by TNA. One one side then we have Kurt unable to stop himself and on the other side a company unwilling to stop taking advantage of Kurt’s ego. Even when Kurt injured his neck again. Even when his family came apart at the seams. Even when Kurt dropped huge weight after the neck injury and the strain he put himself under was really beginning to show.

How about now, when Kurt is so stressed out he’s begun acting in a fashion that gets restraining orders put on him? When his girlfreind is documenting abuse on her cell phone? When Kurt finds himself arrested a day before TNA’s biggest PPV of the year?

Kurt’s lawyers managed to get a judge to sit through an arrangement for bail and Kurt left the jail late Saturday evening. Now Kurt’s going to take the red eye down to Orlando to wrestle yet ANOTHER main event, then follow this incident up with three days of tapings for iMPACT. Then Kurt will be free to continue to vent and stomp and storm and scare the crap out of everyone around him as he wrestles with whatever personal demons are dragging on him.

How about TNA, or somebody with a lick of courage, or sense of decency, step in and sideline Kurt and give the man the excuse he needs to get his house in order and recuperate? We’ve talked about interventions before and how they can only happen when the parasites have sucked their lunch dry. In Kurt’s case, it will be his sanity and his health irreparibly destroyed. TNA owes way too much to perhaps the greatest technical wrestler of all time to allow Kurt to tap himself out.

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