*Spoilers Alert* Smackdown Taping for July 24, 2009

extremerules.jpegWrestling confidential as the results for Tuesday’s Smackdown taping. We like to keep the results off the main page for those of you who like to be surprised. For everyone else, click on more to view.

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I just got back from the Smackdown tapings in Richmond VA and figured I would send spoilers.

Dark match to kick the night off was: Drew McIntyre beating Jimmy Wang Yang.

Superstars match was: Kane vs. John Morrison in a fairly decent match that saw Morrison win by DQ when Kane was on the outside and Morrison jumped from the top rope and Kane threw a chair into Morrison causing the DQ. After the match Kane was going to hit Morrison again with the chair in the ring when The Great Khali came out. As Khali was heading to the ring Morrison hits Kane in the back with a chair and leaves Kane for Khali. Khali tried to drag Kane outside the ring but Kane kicked Khali away and headed out thru the crowd.

Smackdown opens up with Jeff Hardy cutting a promo stating that he would win on Sunday and as for his opponent for tonight was Chris Jericho. Hardy says that while Jericho is looking for a partner for Sunday that he should focus on Hardy tonight, which leads us to:

Jeff Hardy beating Chris Jericho with a Swanton Bomb in a really fun match.

There was a backstage segment after the match with Melina and Michelle McCool but I was not able to catch it since my view of the tron was blocked.

Next match saw The Great Khali beating Mike Knox. Halfway through the match Kane comes out and stands on the stage. After the match Kane walked down the aisle got on the apron put one foot over the rope and then decided to walk away from the ring (I sure hope that this is better than their Wrestlemania 23 match).

Dolph Ziggler, accompanied to the ring by Maria, takes the mic and says that he’s not much for long introductions but after Sunday we will be saying, “Dolph Ziggler Intercontinental Champion”. This leads to:

Dolph Ziggler beating Finlay by count out when they were both outside the ring and Dolph hit his jumping side Russian leg sweep on the floor and got back in before the count of 10.

CM Punk comes to the ring for a promo stating that he was offering the WWE universe a challenge and that challenge was to give up all the vices and to live a straight edge life style like he does. This brings Jeff Hardy out. Hardy says that people make mistakes but look at what your doing. Punk then stops Hardy and says that he’s going to do the one thing Jeff shoulda done years ago and that’s just say no. Punk then said he was going to walk out of the ring, away from the fight, and just say no. Hardy waited until Punk left and said that he (Punk) says that I’m the crazy one.

Backstage segment with Khali and Jericho in which Ranjin Singh said that the Great Khali says that he would be honored to be one half of the unified tag champs but not with Jericho.

Eve accompanied by Cryme Time vs. Natalya accompanied by The Hart Dynasty. Eve wins with a moonsault.

R-Truth beats Charlie Haas. During the match after Truth hit Haas with a clothesline in the corner. Truth did one of his flips and it looked like he may have landed wrong on his leg as he couldn’t get up and when he did he was limping but he continued the match and won so I don’t if its serious or not.

J.R. and Todd Grisham run down the PPV on Sunday.

Main event of Smackdown saw Rey Mysterio vs C.M. Punk in another fun match. Dolph Ziggler comes down during the mid way point to observe then as Rey was attempting a 619. Ziggler got on the apron and Rey knocked him off. Rey went for a spring board cross body Punk caught him in the GTS set up. Rey battled out of it set Punk up for the 619 hits it hits a splash and as the ref got to 2, Ziggler came in and attacked Rey, causing the DQ. Rey bounced back and set Ziggler up for the 619. As Rey was coming across, Punk runs into Mysterio blocking the 619 from being done. Ziggler gets up and hits his finisher on Mysterio as Punk is walking up the aisle. Ziggler picks up Rey and hits it again as Punk got to the top of the stage Hardy runs out to help Rey and in doing so bumps Punk outta the way. Hardy chases off Ziggler, but Punk heads back to the ring and hits Hardy with the GTS.

Dark match number 2 saw Punk beat Hardy in a quick cage match after Hardy missed a Swanton Bomb.

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