Complete list of trades between WWE brands

wwelogo21.jpegMoving to the Raw roster:
Gail Kim
Alicia Fox
Jack Swagger
Evan Bourne
Mark Henry

Moving to the SmackDown roster:
Matt Hardy
The Hart Dynasty – David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd, and Natalya

Moving to the ECW roster:
Shelton Benjamin
William Regal
Brie & Nikki Bella

Moving Shelton Benjamin and William Regal to ECW is an interesting move and will succeed in freshening the ECW program. Benjamin has a chance to prove he’s a Main event by feuding with none other than Capt. charisma himself. Will William Regal be heel or face? We think William will take over Finlay’s role as the veteran schooling the new talent. This will give Regal a bigger role and more air time, which we like. Goldust on ECW is fine- Dusty has demonstrated he’s a funny guy in a segment- he and Hornswaggle had us in stitched with their impresion of ‘a few good men’, but Dusty in shape can also do a great match. Dusty will be stepping into the formidably large spot now vacated by Mark Henry.

The Hart Dynasty will probably continue their feuding with Finlay. Natalya will not only be acting as the voice of the new Hary Dynasy, she’ll also be wrestling with Women’s Champion McCool. That adds up to a lot of exposure on Smackdown. Matt Hardy will be a welcome addition to the Smackdown program, but what’s the best fit?

Raw wins in this trade up. Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne will be welcome fresh faces for the top talent to feud against. Gail Kim and Alicia Fox were the standout talent over at Smackdown, in spite of booking seemingly design to consign any Diva not named McCool to oblivion. Gail Kim’s risky style- when it works- is the big spot for every match she’s in and Alicia can take bumps and works hard to make each match work. The Diva division on RAW has had a much needed injection of talent into their program. Mark Henry will be another big guy on RAW- not sure what they have planned, there.

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