Vickie leaves the WWE, Umaga future endeavoured

rawlogo2020.jpgLast week WWE fans were shocked by the unexpected release of Mr. Kennedy and now this week WWE has come to terms with the Samoan bulldozer Umaga. While our source reports Umaga is telling everyone he quit, speculation is that Umaga has had his third strike with the wellness program.

Another surprise from yesterday’s RAW is Vickie’s announced retirement from the WWE. Looks like this isn’t a hoax, folks. Eddie’s widow quit as raw general manager on last nights show.

After her announcement, Edge came out and roasted her, telling her he wants a divorce. Vickie has rave reviews for her on-screen heel persona and marriage to edge, but now Vickie is made good money and wants to spend more time with her daughters. Vickie may make another appearance on Smackdown to tie up loose ends, but word is she’ll be gone by the end of the month.

Reports are that Batista has undergone surgery for his bicep and will be out of action for 4 to 6 months. Batista was taken out by legacy on last night’s Raw and his title has now been vacated. There will be a four-way at next Week’s Raw for the vacant WWE title: Randy Orton versus John Cena versus Triple H versus The Big Show.

Rumours are CM Punk is turning heel. The main event being advertised for the WWE super show on July 24 and the 25th is Big Show and CM Punk versus Rey Mysterio and John Cena.

CM punk will be up against edge for the world heavyweight title next week on raw.

Tommy dreamer will defend the ECW title against Christian.

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