Eight ‘Things’ we liked on this week’s RAW

WWE RAWWe thought we’d point out some of the things that really made the show for us. We know, there are complaints about the changes in the program and WWE has recently admitted they consider this a rebuilding stage for the company and have therefore let the rating do as they will while they reorganize. But here at Wrestling Confidential, we see the cup as half full. There are plenty of little things popping up that are fresh and full of potential. So, to focus on the good, we’ve decided to list eight things we liked about this week’s RAW. We would list them as a top ten list, but that’s just too much thinking.

Santino walking off the ass cramp.

Santino hits all the highs and lows whenever he’s in the ring. Santino’s speedwalking back and forth off the ropes to work out an ass cramp was completely random and hilarious. The moment had to have been improvised as a fan kept yelling, ‘Walk it off’ as Santino sat in the corner waving to the ref for a moment and then, suddenly, Santino was up and speedwalking. We also enjoyed the facial expressions of amazement from Santino that his moves were actually working.

William Regal stomping on Santina’s head

That was a friggin’ awesome way to bury the Santina storyline. One moment the crowd is laughing, the next moment Regal gave Santina a short and brutal introduction to the sole of his boot. So, are we going to see a serious side for Santino now? He’s going to have to get even and there ain’t no comedy when the King of the Ring is representing England.

While the story is almost done, there is no way to wrap this up without Santino explaining himself to Beth Phoenix. We never could figure out why the Glamazon would date a man who loses every match. Santino’s miraculous burst of offense will either give Beth a reason to give Santino one more chance, or the Glamazon is going to dump Santino all together and refocus on the title belt.

Beth doesn’t have a line on the Diva belt right now and frankly, we don’t see her having a real interest in the butterfly belt, so we’re expecting a miracle from Santino. If there’s one person capable of pulling off anything in the ring, it’s Santino.

The other thing we have to look forward to is seeing what Regal gets for interfering with the Miss WrestleMania match. We like Regal with power. He’s so prudent and restrained. What we want to see is Regal get a feud with MVP.

Randy Orton’s creepy slinking into and out of the ring.

Seriously, Randy was channeling a boa constrictor, or something. First he slides into the ring on his belly and waits for a moment to strike at Cena and Batista and then gets noticed and without blinking reverses himself and slides back out of the ring. If there’s ever a ‘No Disqualification’ Jungle match, Randy’s going to be walking around with Batista and Cena’s shrunken heads. The whole effect of Orton’s calculating the perfect moment to strike gave us the willies.

Vickie’s bubbly gushing at winning Miss WrestleMania.

While Vickie may drive some people to dispair, we’ve never been disappointed in her ability to handle herself in front of the WWE audience. Vickie believes in maners (excuse me) and she’s got the Beauty Pageant wave down pat. Jim Ross on commentary MADE this match. Vickie’s bubbly gushing when she was coronated was really…a moment to behold.

Maryse interfering with contender’s match to have Kelly Kelly win

All right, Maryse! You can’t beat Mickie fair, so cheat! Maryse is best booked as a closet champion and we’re glad to see WWE doing the Mickie James/Maryse feud right. We knew Maryse had something special going on when she injured herself at a live show just after winning the belt and refused to be carried from the ring without clutching her title belt tightly to her chest first. Maryse hasn’t disappointed since, being both unbelievably hot and unbelievably arrogant and annoying as a champion. Marse is better than us gawky wrestling fans and she knows it and…we know it too. It’s high school all over again.

Vickie practicing a flogsplash with Chavo.

So decides to give Vickie a crash course in wrestling in the office after announcing a match between Vickie and Santina. The camera starts with a closeup of Chavo’s face and then pans back to show Chavo lying prone and encouraging Vickie to jump off the couch in the office and do a frog splash on him. Vickie’s standing on the couch, shaking her head and admitting this match is a bad idea. Hilarious. We like that Vickie is willing to ham it up and make fun of herself. Good time to note that we thought that Vickie actually won that staredown with Orton.

MVP’s offense

After watching MVP get squashed night after night, it’s great to see MVP doing his thing. MVP’s moveset is fun to watch and we like to watch MVP execute the playmaker. MVP and Hardy have great chemistry in the ring.

Jerry lawler sorting out The Miz

The Miz calling out Cena is beginning to get a little old and his rapping was painful. So we thought Jerry Lawler coming out and giving The Miz some mentoring was bang on what needed to happen next. By the way, congratulations to Jerry for winning his triple handicap match against Austin, Hogan and Bruno Sammartino.

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