Smackdown results for this Friday

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Dark Match

1. Sheamus beat Jimmy Wang Yang.

Edge came out saying he is the face of Smackdown and all that. Teddy Long said that Edge won, though Matt Hardy helped him. Long made a rematch between Edge and Jeff at Extreme Rules. Jeff comes out and cut a promo. He proposed a match tonight against Edge where the winner named the stipulations for their pay-per-view match. Jeff went into the crowd asking their opinions and they, of course, said yes. Teddy Long made the match.

Ricky Ortiz cut an on screen promo running down the Reds and the Bengals. He said we should “Rally up”

1. Cryme Tyme and John Morrison beat Ricky Ortiz, Charlie Hass and Shelton Benjamin in a six-man tag. Fun match

2. Michelle McCool beat Gail Kim to become No. 1 contender to the WWE Women’s Title.

Layla vs. Eve was announced for next week.

Rey Mysterio cut a backstage promo about being the Intercontinental Champion. He named people of Hispanic heritage like Eddie Guerrero, Pedro Morales, and Tito Santana. He said Santana was a great IC champion.

3. C.M. Punk beat Chris Jericho by an apparent DQ. The match ended with Punk giving Jericho the GTS and Jericho falling outside the ring. Umaga ran in and attacked Punk. The ref called for the bell. Umaga tied up Punk with a strap, grabbed a mic, and actually spoke. He said that the Extreme Rules match between him and Punk would be a Samoan Strap match.

Ricky Ortiz and Maria were backstage. Jeff Hardy walked by and said when he wins the match, he would name a match that Edge would not be happy with.

Edge was in Long’s office complaining. Jericho showed up and said something to Edge (couldn’t hear). Edge said, “It’s Champ, dude.” Jericho sneered as Edge left. Jericho told Long he wanted a match at Extreme Rules against Mysterio. Long obliged, saying Rey was in there wanting a match. Long announced Rey vs. Jericho in a no holds barred match.

4. Dolph Ziggler beat R Truth. Great Khali came out after the match. Truth attacked Ziggler, who rolled out and ran off.

5. Jeff Hardy defeated Edge in a non-title match. The winner was able to pick the stipulation for their pay-per-view match. This was a very good match. Lots of near falls. Hardy attempted a couple of Twists of Fate, but no dice. The finish came when Edge attempted that Edgecution off the top. Jeff blocked it and hit Edge with the Swanton for the pin and the win. Jeff said the match at Extreme rules will be a Ladder Match. Edge looks shocked.

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