Bob “Hardcore” Holly blames Mr. Kennedy for his release, new WWE videogame?

bobholly.jpegBob “Hardcore” Holly is blaming Mr. Kennedy for his release from WWE. According to Holly, Mr. Kennedy ratted him out to management when he stole some painkillers from Mr. Kennedy’s bag. Holly was immediately taken off the road, sent to a rehabilitation facility, and ultimately released. Holly has said if he ever crosses paths with Mr. Kennedy again, he will kick his ass.

Holly’s issues with pain killers is well known and it seems he’s the last one to realise he might have a problem. Here’s hoping Holly comes around and takes responsibility for the consequences of his own actions.

THQ execs have apparently leaked the developement of a new WWE wrestling title during their quarterly earnings call. Wrestling games are a profitable part of THQ’s operation. We don’t know much about the title other than its name, WWE Online.

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