*SPOILERS* Superstars and Smackdown

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(Credit: Wrestlingobserver.com)

– Chris Jericho defeated John Morrison with the codebreaker

– Cutting Edge with Jeff Hardy. Jeff said he never cleanly lost the title as Matt cost him the title at the Royal Rumble. They argue, Hardy lays out Edge with a twist of fate and swanton

– Fit Finlay defeated Zach Ryder – New look for Ryder, squash style match

– Rey Mysterio interview. He challenges anyone who wants to take the IC title. Chris Jericho wants to take it. It’s on. Jeff Hardy came out and said that if Jericho beats him, he can get back in the title picture. Teddy makes it official. If Jericho wins, it’s a three-way at Judgment Day

– Mike Knox defeated R-Truth

– Michelle McCool defeated Gail Kim

– Edge complains to Teddy Long, who announces Edge vs. Punk for the title tonight

– Morrison defeated Charlie Haas. Shelton Benjamin was in Haas’ corner

– C.M. Punk defeated Edge via count out when he just walks out. Post-match saw Umaga lay out Punk

– Umaga vs. Punk announced for the next PPV. Mysterio vs. Jericho probable but not announced

– Eve Torres defeated Layla in arm wrestling

– Great Khali defeated Dolph Ziggler via DQ for a chair shot

– Jeff Hardy defeated Jericho, ruining his shot at being in the title match. Clean win with a swanton.

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