RAW after Backlash 04.27.09


– From the Arena at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport, Conn.

– We open straight in the arena with General Manager Vickie Guerrero stood in the ring. The heat is LOUD. She says how proud she is of her husband, Edge, for defeating John Cena last night and once again becoming World Champion. She then introduces the NEW WWE Champion Randy Orton, Orton makes his way to the ring accompanied by Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes. He climbs 3 corners and holds the championship up high. Orton says the McMahon family is in mourning. He says after 5 years, he finally defeated Triple H. He goes on to tell the fans they will all amount to nothing. He says he has destroyed the McMahon family, we are shown a video package of Orton taking out Vince, Shane, Stephanie and finally Triple H last night to become WWE Champion. Vickie tells Orton how proud she is he is on her show, Raw. She goes on to say Orton will defend the championship at Judgment Day against the winner of tonight’s main event, Big Show vs. Batista! Orton says all the guys in the back will respect him or they will end up like Triple H. MVP makes his way to the stage. He says he is the US Champion and doesn’t answer to anybody, DiBiase & Rhodes warn MVP to stay away, MVP refuses, Orton has a word with Vickie and she makes a second main event match of MVP vs. Randy Orton.

– Raw welcomes: Triple H, MVP & The Brain Kendrick.

(1) The Brian Kendrick vs. Kofi Kingston
Fast paced match, maybe Kendrick will get a better push on Raw. Kingston picks up the win after Trouble in Paradise.

– Backstage Vickie Guerrero thanks Big Show for what he did last night, she says she knows he didn’t do it for her or Edge but appreciates his “professionalism”. Show thanks her for putting him in the #1 contenders match, he leans in for a kiss, but she leans away, he tells her it’s gonna get lonely on Monday nights. She says for the sake of Raw, she wants things to be strictly professional.

(2) 8-Diva Tag Team Match – Santina Marella, Kelly Kelly, Brie Bella & Mickie James vs. Divas Champion Maryse, Beth Phoenix, Rosa Mendes & Jillian
Santina lets out a high pitched screech after Beth chops him on his chest! Brie goes under the ring, both Bella’s heads pop out, Rosa looks confused, Hornswoggle then pops through in between them, he chases Rosa around the ring, he then goes back under the ring, Maryse & Phoenix try to follow but Horny sprays them with a fire extinguisher. All the distraction allows Santina to roll up Jillian for the win. After the match, Hornswoggle gets a nasty view of up Santina’s skirt, he then faints.

– Raw welcomes: Mr. Kennedy, the Bella Twins & Matt Hardy.

(3) Matt Hardy vs. Goldust
Before the match, Matt calls his brother heartless. He says he had no choice but to quit last night after he suffered a broken hand. He says tonight he is being forced to wrestle, but it is under protest. Hardy hits Goldust in the head with his cast for the win in a short match.

– Up next; WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. United States Champion MVP.

(4) Non-Title – WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. United States Champion MVP
Cole notes Triple H will be out of action for sometime. Good match here between these two, fans seem really into it. Good to see MVP getting some good exposure on the red team. Finish comes with a run-in from Shane McMahon, Shane has a kendo stick and hits Orton with it until it splits. Shane then climbs to the top rope and drops a diving elbow. Rhodes & DiBiase run to the ring with steel chairs, Shane escapes through the crowd and taunts Orton from the top of the arena. Orton is furious.

– We are shown stills from last night’s Last Man Standing Match, King notes Cena was Chokeslammed into a 7000 watt searchlight by Big Show. Cole notes Cena is also out of action for an unknown period of time.

– Raw welcomes: Big Show, Maryse, Chavo Guerrero & The Miz.

– The Miz makes his way to the ring. He runs down his accolades and says he is the single most important draft pick Raw received. He says he is here to make a name for himself, he challenges John Cena to match here tonight. Cena’s music hits, but due to his injuries, obviously there was no sign of him. Miz asks if he has to belittle Cena? He says Cena always says “you can’t see me” Miz says that’s true, he can’t see Cena…because his movies aren’t in theatres long enough!! Still no Cena, Miz orders Lilian declare him the winner via forfeit. But because it wasn’t an official match in the first place, Lilian doesn’t. Miz grabs the mic off Lilian and declares himself the winner.

– We are shown highlights of the WWE’s latest European tour.

(5) Non-Title – Unified Tag Team Champions Primo & Carlito vs. Chavo Guerrero & Jamie Noble
King notes even though Carlito & Primo are officially Raw superstars, they aren’t exclusive to Raw as they can also defend the titles on ECW & SmackDown. Relatively short match, Carlito picks up the win with a Back Stabber on Jamie Noble.

– Backstage Josh Matthews asks Batista if he feels responsible for Triple H losing the WWE Championship last night. Batista says he feels for Triple H, he says he knows what he’s going through. He says he’s going to beat Big Show tonight, and then at Judgment Day, he’s gonna hurt Orton, just like Orton hurt him, Triple H and Triple H’s family. He says he will take what matters most to Orton away from him…the WWE Championship.

– Vickie Guerrero announces Randy Orton vs. Shane McMahon for next weeks Raw.

(6) #1 Contenders match for the WWE Championship – Big Show vs. Batista
Batista gets a huge pop. Quite slow match, some boring chants. Batista manages a Spinebuster on Show. Show hits the Chokeslam on Batista. John Cena appears on the entrance way, Cena doesn’t do or say anything. The distraction draws Big Show out of the ring long enough for the referee to count him out! Show runs back to the ring but is too late, he then turns into a Spear from Batista. Cena smiles and Show is furious as Raw goes off air.

(source: gerweck.net)

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