*Spoilers* ECW and Smackdown

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from Travis Banks in Austin, TX:

Wrestlemania 25 recap video is kicking things off, they are taping ECW first.

Dark match:

– MVP over Dolph Ziggler with the overdrive.

Tribute to the troops video.

Josh Matthews and Matt Striker are commentating ECW.


Theodore Long is now GM of Smackdown, Tiffany is new GM for ECW. She announces a chase for the title between Mark Henry, Christian, Finlay and Tommy Dreamer.

– Evan Bourne and the Colons defeated The Miz, John Morrison and Tyson Kid with an ssp on Kidd. Good long match.

hall of fame video and the same mania video from earlier.

– Finlay def. Mark Henry in a fatal 4 way match also involving Christian and Tommy Dreamer. Mark Henry can no longer challenge for the ECW title at Backlash.


– Wrestlemania video as they change the ring.

– Jim Ross and Todd Grisham are the announcers.

I would say the building is about 99% full.

John Cena will be on the Cutting Edge tonight.

Matt Hardy Promo. He wants an apology from Jeff. Jeff tried to attack but Matt flees so Teddy Long books a stretcher match between the two tonight.

– The Big Show defeated Kofi Kingston with a knockout punch. Not much of a squash as you might think.

Santino out to issue an open challenge. The Great Khali accepts doesn’t want to fight, he wants to kiss Santina! Santino says no and Khali easily heats him.

– Gail Kim defeated Michelle McCool with a roll up.

– Cutting Edge is next.

– Cutting Edge is basically Edge saying Cena ruined his life and he hates him. Cena tells Edge to end it right now but Edge leaves. Good promo and lots of heat.

The Colons vs. Legacy for the tag team titles is next.

– The Legacy defeated The Colons in a non-title match. Randy Orton comes out for a 3 on 2 beatdown. Orton cuts a promo about how Batista, Shane, and Triple will turn on each other.

– Matt Hardy defeated Jeff Hardy in a stretcher match after Jeff missed a swanton and landed on the stretcher. Matt then ran Jeff back to the ring from the ramp.


– John Cena defeated Edge.

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