WrestleMania 25 Card and predictions

wm25.jpgJim Ross is saying in his latest blog that he, Michael Cole, & Jerry Lawler will be announcing WrestleMania. A senior WWE manager has reportedly predicted a million PPV buys for WWE. If JR had said so we’d treat that prediction like gold. As is, we’ll see if WWE can pull that number off in this economy.

WWE Championship:
Triple H defeats Randy Orton to retain.
– we’re wondering how Randy gets to keep his job after this match is over and he can’t hide behind his lawyers any more.

World Heavyweight Championship: Triple Threat:
Edge defeats John Cena and Big Show to win the World Heavyweight Title
– Edge is rumoured to need a slower pace to deal with some nagging injuries. Big show just isn’t going to be champion. Thing is, Edge could win and Christian could win, leading into an Edge versus Christion matchup for the championship. Is it more wishful thinking than likely? Well, we’ll take denial over reality on this one.

The Streak versus The Showstopper:
The Undertaker defeats Shawn Michaels
– If anyone could defeat the Demon of Death Valley, it’s Mr. WrestleMania. Thing is, there will never be another steak in WrestleMania’s history like this one. Undertaker’s streak will never end.

Extreme Rules:
Jeff Hardy defeats Matt Hardy
– While the feud is a little hard to buy into, the match itself is going to be pretty entertaining.

Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match:
Christian defeats CM Punk, Kane, Finlay, Mark Henry, Kofi Kingston, MVP, & Shelton Benjamin
– Christian will either win this and go into a program against Edge, or he will be put through the ringers like MVP until Edge is ready to face him for a title matchup. Edge and Christian’s momentum are firmly in step with each other.

Unified WWE Tag Team Championship: Lumberjack Match:
The Miz & John Morrison def. Primo & Carlito to become Unified WWE Tag Team Champions
– The Miz and Morrision are simply the bigger tag team.

3-on-1 Handicap Match:
The Legends def. Chris Jericho

The stipulation added to this match on RAW makes this one a little bit more interesting. Ric Flair will be backing The Legends and handlers or no handlers, Mickey Rourke is almost guaranteed to get involved, Piper, Snuka and Steamboat will win, no question. It’ll come down to Ricky with a little help from Rourke to make it happen.

Intercontinental Championship:
Rey Mysterio defeats John “Bradshaw” Layfield (c) to win the Intercontinental Title

-John Layfield is the Giant going against wiley ‘David’ Mysterio.

25-Diva Battle Royal:
Winner: Trish Stratus

– There’s been a tonne of speculation about who’s going to be at this match. If Trish turns up, the match is going to her. The other biggest choice would be having Gail Kim win and recieve a big push. Thing is, the last time Gail walked into the WWE and took a title, the fans turned on her. That history shouldn’t repeat itself.

– Santino will try to sneak in dressed as Candice Michelle. Candice and Mae Young will intercept the party crasher and kick his man-booty. This gives Mae Young something to do and we don’t have to cringe at the site of Mae being thrown over the top rope to certain hip replacement.

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