Full Recap of ROH’s second week on HDnet

Wrestling confidential has the results for ROH’s second week on HDnet. Just click on more to check it out.

– This week’s show kicks off with a recap of last week’s main event between Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black.

– Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak are in studio and talk about tonight’s main event as Nigel McGuinness takes on Jay Briscoe.

– We get a backstage promo by Larry Sweeney with Eddie Edwards for his match with Kevin Steen.

– Kevin Steen cuts a promo backstage and talks about his match with Eddie Edwards.

(1) Eddie Edwards (w/ Larry Sweeney) vs Kevin Steen. The crowd already seems more into things than they did last week. A “Mr. Wrestling” chant breaks out for Steen. Kevin hits Eddie with a front flip leg drop. I like how well the official can be heard laying down the law. It adds alot of realism to the match. Edwards is in complete control right now. Sweeney hits Steen from the outside while Edwards has the referee distracted. Steen takes back over following a low blow. Steen nails Eddie in the corner with the Cannon Ball for a near fall. Ok match so far. The pace could be a little faster. Steen goes for a Swanton but Edwards gets the knees up. Sweeney calls Steen Canadian Bacon on the floor. Kevin Steen nails the Package Piledriver on Edwards for the pin.

– Kyle Durden interviews Nigel McGuinness backstage. He talks about being champion and his main event match with Jay Briscoe. He calls Jay a hillbilly and wanker and says he heard he likes to have fun with farm animals.

– Daizee Haze cuts a promo backstage. She says she might be small but dynamite comes in small packages and if you play with fire you are going to get burned.

– Sara Del Rey cuts a promo backstage along with Larry Sweeney.

(2) Sara Del Rey (w/ Larry Sweeney) vs Daizee Haze. Crowd is dead for this. Del Rey is dominating. Boring chant breaks out. Daizee trys to make a come back but it doesn’t last long. Forget what I said earlier about the crowd. They are dead as can be for this. Not much to this really. Del Rey nails the Royal Butterfly on Haze for the win.

– The Briscoes are interviewed backstage. This is a really funny promo. These guys are total hicks. Mark keeps smiling and showing his missing teeth. What a promo that was.

(3) Alex Payne vs Claudio Castagnoli. Claudio is dominating this one. Payne is making a minor comeback. Claudio puts Payne away with the Ricola Bomb.

– We see the tale of the tape for the main event.

(4) Jay Briscoe vs ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinnes in a non-title match. Jay not coming out to Skynyrd is lame. The crowd is actually alive for this one. Nigel flips the fans off. Mostly back and forth mat holds thus far. Nigel goes to work on the arm of Briscoe. Jay starts to make a come back and nails Nigel with a huge spinebuster for a near fall. Briscoe hits a DVD for a near fall. Jawbreaker Lariet by McGuinness on Jay Briscoe and this one is over. A pretty good match overall.

– Bryan Danielson vs Austin Aries is announced for next week’s show

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