Rowdy Roddy Pipper on The Wrestler

piper.jpgSlam Wrestling interviewed “Rowdy” Roddy Piper on “The Wrestler.” He said he told Mickey Rourke after watching the movie that his Randy the Ram character hit home: “What stood out to me as a wrestler was that at no time did that character ever get physical outside the ring. And that’s very typical; most of us are pretty soft outside of the ring. But even more so than that, the thing that probably grabbed me the hardest was the way it ended. All my brothers are dead, man. So, at the end, it caught me because it just went to black, and that’s how it happens in our world. Look at Curt Hennig — he was the picture of health. And boom! Black. Not fade to black, just black. I’ve been to so many funerals.” He said he wondered why nobody on the outside has caught on and tried to do something more to prevent wrestler deaths. He said the life of a wrestler is brutal, especially the travel. He talked about a trip in 1991 where he did an afternoon and evening show in England, then flew to Connecticut to do five hours of voice overs for TV, then flew to Alaska, wrestled there, flew back to Seattle, rented a car and drove 160 miles home. “It’s tough to make that route without a shot of whiskey,” he said. He also brought up that there should be a union in wrestling, like everyone does after they retire. “The WWE have done some wonderful things for wrestlers. But we can’t keep on dying. The wrestlers give their hearts — they give the best part of their lives. So as the success goes on, why aren’t they being taken care of?”

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