Monday’s Raw Results

wm25.jpg– From the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo.

– Raw begins with no opening video or pyro, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair is in the ring. He says on behalf of Roddy Piper, Jimmy Snuka & Ricky Steamboat, he accepts the challenge of Chris Jericho to a 3-on-1 handicap match at WrestleMania. He says it will be his honor to raise the legends hands after they defeat Jericho and shut his mouth forever. Jericho is backstage in the production truck, we can see footage of Piper, Steamboat and Snuka in their prime on the monitors behind him. Jericho walks to the ring talking of how hw will dismantle the legends at WrestleMania and prove once and for all Mickey Rourke and “The Wrestler” portray washed up has-beens. In the ring Flair says what he’s really looking forward to at Mania is inviting Rourke in the ring after the legends have defeated him. Jericho punches Flair, he falls to the mat and is busted open, Jericho continues the assault on Flair for another 10 minutes, ripping Flair’s shirt off of his body, pulling his shoes off and throwing them into the crowd, smashing Flair in the head with a TV camera and finally taking the watch Shawn Michaels bought Flair, placing it on the steel steps and stomping it to pieces.

(1) Extreme Rules Match – Jeff Hardy vs. Dolph Ziggler
Hardy makes short work of Ziggler, a trash can and steel chair are introduced into the match, Hardy delivers two Twist of Fates, one on the trash can, one on the chair. Hardy then finishes Ziggler off with a Swanton Bomb. After the match, Hardy gets on the mic and says that wasn’t extreme, but what Matt will feel at Mania, will be.

– Via satellite, John Cena reads Vickie Guerrero a get-well poem. We are shown graphics of what Vickie/Edge’s kid would look like, and what Vickie/Show’s kid would look like. He says after WrestleMania, the champ will be here.

– WrestleMania Re-Call: WrestleMania 21 Goes Hollywood. Cena and Batista become World Champions. Money-in-the-Bank debuts. I’m sure they’ve already shown this Re-Call, never mind.

(2) 8-Man Tag Team Match – Christian, CM Punk, Kofi Kingston & United States Champion MVP vs. Finlay, Mark Henry, Kane & Shelton Benjamin
Flair’s voice is accidentally piped into the arena for a second. The match eventually breaks down with all 8 guys in the ring, finish comes when Christian hits his Trip Switch maneuver on Shelton Benjamin for the win. After the match Finlay gets a ladder and takes out all the other competitors.

– We once again have “12 Rounds” forced down our throats, total overkill.

– Later tonight; WWE Champion Triple H vs. Randy Orton & Ted DiBiase.

– WrestleMania XXV – 13 Days Away.

– We are shown a video package highlighting the Triple H/Randy Orton feud so far.

– Todd Grisham interviews Randy Orton. He says Triple H accused him of being a coward, he asks if a coward would kick Vince and Shane in the head knowing who they are, and if a coward would RKO Stephanie knowing who she was married to? He says tonight he will do something that will completely overshadow the other assaults.

(3) Non-Title – World Champion Edge vs. Big Show
Interim General Manager Vickie Guerrero is back in her wheelchair, Chavo pushes her to ringside. No Steph then tonight after all. Vickie is angry with both Show and Edge after getting dumped on her a$$ several times this past Friday on SmackDown. Before the match starts Cena is back on the tron, he puts Edge over as being an 8-time World Champion and puts Show over as being the largest athlete in the world. He says this is like a bad episode of Sex and the City. He concludes by saying after WrestleMania, they will realize they slept with Vickie for nothing! Big Show has Edge tied up in the ropes and is sizing him up for the knockout punch, Vickie screams at Show not to do it, she makes Chavo get in the ring to stop it, the referee calls for the bell before Chavo even touches anyone. Chavo hits Show in the back, Show backs Chavo up into the corner, Edge goes for the Spear, Show moves and Edge hits Chavo, Show then delivers his knockout punch to Edge! After the match, Show walks up to Vickie, points to Edge lying on the mat, and walks away.

(4) Rey Mysterio vs. William Regal w/ Layla & Intercontinental Champion JBL
Regal and Layla arrive in JBL’s limo. JBL is on commentary. Mysterio defeats Regal in a short match. Lawler asks JBL if he can elaborate on what he intends to do at Mania to make history, JBL refuses. After the match JBL sarcastically claps Mysterio, and receives a kick in the face for his troubles!

– We are shown the footage form last weeks Raw which saw Shawn Michaels catch Undertaker on the entrance ramp with Sweet Chin Music.

– Up next; The Undertaker.

– The lights go out and Undertaker appears in the ring. Blue lights fill the arena. Undertaker says Shawn Michaels obsession with being Mr. WrestleMania and obsession with defeating Undertaker has affected Michaels ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Undertaker says the reality is that Michaels will fall like all the others. Taker is cut off by HBK’s music, on the tron we can see Michaels in a grave yard, he says he’s always one step ahead of his opponents, that’s why he’s come to the Undertaker’s turf. In an awesome promo Michaels goes through all the opponents Taker has defeated at WrestleMania. There is a fresh grave dug, Shawn says the grave is not for him, but for The Streak. The tombstone of the grave reads 16-1. Michaels kicks the tombstone into the grave and buries it. We cut back to the arena and Undertaker is furious, Michaels has once again got the upper hand. Undertaker rolls his eyes back in anger.

(5) Santino Marella w/ Beth Phoenix & Rosa Mendes vs. Mickie James w/ Melina & Kelly Kelly
Santino says last week he was attacked by Mickie James, he says he went to Vickie Guerrero and demanded to be put in the 25-Diva Battle Royal at WrestleMania, he was told if he defeated Mickie with one arm tied behind his back, he’s in the match. He says he’s man enough to be crowned Miss WrestleMania! Mickie ties both arms behind Santino’s back, comedy match, Santino tries to go to the top, but is in avertedly knocked off by Phoenix, Mickie hits a Roundhouse Kick for the victory!

– The final inductee into the Hall of Fame Class of 2009 will be announced tomorrow night on ECW.

– “12 Rounds” is again shoved down our throats.

– We are taken back to the assault on Ric Flair by Chris Jericho earlier tonight. Jerry Lawler says Flair probably won’t be here next week, but he will, Lawler then calls Jericho out for a match next week on Raw.

(6) Non-Title Handicap Match – Randy Orton & Ted DiBiase vs. WWE Champion Triple H
the match never officially gets underway, they fight on the outside and Triple H goes under the ring for his sledgehammer, Cody Rhodes is waiting for him underneath, he has handcuffs, all 3 men beat on Triple H and put him back in the ring, they handcuff him to the top rope, he fights them off for a while but Legacy overpower him, Orton gets the sledgehammer and a mic, he says there’s only one person who can save him now, and she had better be fast, a few minutes later Stephanie McMahon runs to the ring, Triple H yells at her to stay back, she gets up on the ring apron and pleads with Orton not to hurt Triple H, he walks towards her and she starts to climb off the ring, she turns around to see DiBiase and Rhodes stood behind her, Orton grabs her hair from inside the ring and drags her back up on the apron, he pulsl her through the 1st and 2nd ropes with her legs elevated, Triple H yells at Orton to leave her alone, Orton drops Steph with a sick DDT. Triple H is distraught, he is still cuffed to the rope and can’t get to her. Orton then gets Triple H’s anger flowing by lowering himself to the mat and kissing Steph on the lips. Hunter is furious
and gets to his feet, Orton still has the sledgehammer, he drills Hunter in the head with it, Steph is still out cold on the mat and Hunter is slumped in the corner, Orton looks over his handiwork and leaves the ring with the sledgehammer rested on his shoulder as Raw comes to a close.

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